In 2000 Frigo undertook a 4500 miles road trip from Canada to Costa Rica wearing a poncho filled with his journals. He planned to write a book with the many ideas and reflections written in them but grew frustrated about all the editing. Waiting for a bus to begin his journey back to Canada he conceived a digital system to record his life and the reality around him without the need for post-editing. The use of off-the-shelf digital equipment was first adopted by Frigo in 2003 after years spent trying to device a wearable computer for the purpose. When Frigo finally begun his project at the age of 24, social media, life-logging and quantified self wearable devices were not around and he just opted to document life manually without the use of any automation.

Frigo wearing a poncho filled with journals in 2000 after a three months road trip
One of Frigo's prototypes from 2002 to record his life using gloves with a camera, a mic and a screen
Video showing a month of the project in 2013 (17.6 MB)
Frigo wearing his equipment in 2016


Officially from 2004 then Frigo embarked the ambitious project to compile 36 manual records of the reality experienced by a human being of the new millennium. The project will end in 2040 when he will be 60. By then he also intends to live in different parts of the world. So far he has already lived in North America, Europe, East Asia and South Asia, impersonating the life of common people there. Starting with tracking everything his right (dominant) hand uses, he has slowly added on different works.

Frigo's main idea was inspired by Lev Manovich reading of Dziga Vertov's 1929 advantgarde film "Man with a Movie Camera". If Vertov filmed from all possible angles and his wife Elizaveta Svilova edited using all possible effects to create a complete picture of reality, Frigo also attempts to provide a moltitude of angles using different tools. The result is a Rosetta Stone of time which is up to viewers to actively compare and interpret. At present, he is engaged in 36 different works, 18 of which are defined as Inputs and 18 of which are defined as Outputs.

The 18 Inputs of Frigo's projects can be divided into three sextets. The first sextet is called "The Inner Self" and comprises a record of his activities, his dreams, the songs he hears, the quality of the air he breaths, the fables he improvises and his heart-beat. The second sextet is called "The Other Self" and comprises a record of his new acquaintances, the trash he finds on the side-walk, the public places where he sits, the drawings of his ideas and his thoughts. The last sextet is called "The Utter Self" and comprises a record of his abstract paintings, his movements, his emotions, the weather, the shapes he recognizes in clouds and the intensity of the wind.

The Outputs, work 19 to 36, are 18 works that Frigo creates to provide contextual information on the project. They comprise of accounts, reflections, essays, illustrations, a video-game, pictures, relics, exhibitions, a journal, oldies, viewings, lectures, an archive, editions, publications, documentaries,a museum and this website.

The 18 Inputs of the project, work 01 to 18 are compiled in month productions. As there are 432 months in 36 years the total month productions will correspond to 7.776. Half of these month productions are graphical and presented in various formats all summing up to 0,27 square meters, e.g. 900x300 mm, 600x450 mm, 1200x225 mm, 750x360 mm etc. The other half are audio-visual files of the duration of 12 minutes. In general, each of the six sextets of the project comprises three works using graphical media and three works using audio-visual media.

Each work is described using 48 characters (see diagram in first figure below) and starting with a unique alphabet letter not in used by any other work. In the 18 Outputs however, each work starts with an alphabet letter repeated in every sextet. These letters are respectively A, E, J, O, V and W. Every morning Frigo makes a one hour long digital update of his project going chronologically through each work. During the day he is active to document his life and the reality around him taking up different documenting modalities based on whether he is at home or traveling or at work or in his mountain cabin. Every evening he makes a one hour long analogue update painting, drawing and writing.

Phrasing Marshal McLuhan Frigo believes that his project acts as a Noah's like ark manually stowing the potential of a life underthreat by these later automated technologies. You can now keep reading about the 36 works comprising the project. This project is a manual and effortful attempt to seize a life endagered by the increasing power of effortless, automated coorporations. In this respect it is fully independent and self-funded. It has no link to any cultural nor academic nor governamental institution. Also there are no social media/wikipedia pages linked to this project nor its author.