Welcome to a 36 years life-stowing experiment! For further information or clarifications don't hesitate to contact me at . You can now click any link to start navigating or keep reading the below instructions and the concept behind it. The Website is best viewed on a computer using Google Chrome. On the top-left corner are 18 on-going project I started in 2004 when I was 24. I will continue them until 2040. I will be 60 years old then and the architecture on which the project is based (23 VIRTUAL) will be completed. Project 01 to 06 are an on-going depiction of myself. Projects 07-12 are an on-going depictions of my surrounding. Project 13-18 are on-going depiction of the weather. 9 of these projects use graphic media and 9 audio-visual, making the experiment not only a documentation of 36 years of reality depicted from several point of view but also a documentation of the media characterizing this period of time. The latter concept was developed thinking of a Rosetta Stone, meaning that each media language representing the same reality can be interpreted by future audience through comparison without the aid of meta-data. On the bottom-right corner you will be able to navigate the various month productions (432 months in 36 years!). As I also plan to live around the world throughout this time, on the bottom-left corner there is a stylized map of the world and random month productions of each of the 18 projects can also be selected geographically. On the top-right corner are 18 different outcomes of my project including Exhibits, a Journal and this Website but also Editions where I discuss the concept behind it. Generally speaking the project has anticipated contemporary phenomena such as social media, life-logging, the quantified self movement etc. Differently from these tendencies this project is conducted manually meaning that I am the executor of the capturing, organizing and retrieving algorithm. My effort exemplifies how to live today according to nature. The final outcome of the project, the architecture on which it is based, can be visited in the Tretto highland 100 kms from Venice, IT.