To date, every time Frigo is in a new circumstance, like a different place and or with different people and or with a different weather or event while accomplishing one of his 36 works, he position his camera, likely on a tripod and films. About 5 to 20 seconds clips are shot constantly changing perspectives. Generally, a film has no less than three clips and could be very long. Clips are later trimmed, put together and exported to a 16:9 high definition .mpg format.

Improvised positioning of camera for filming

The making of the films has other dimensions going beyond the mere documentation of a documenting practice. Watching carefully through the films, viewers can detect a narrative, the story of a man giving up a life and finding a new life filled with love and other events. It describes the alternation of seasons, a tragicomedy made of sad and happy moments as human life is. Generally, it represent a struggle to get away with the everyday dogma and find poetry again as well as Frigo's ultimate attempt to deposit his project back to nature.