Since the beginning of his project Firgo has felt the need to create compact places in which to show-case each work. In this respect Frigo has first used small gallery spaces and then his bedroom and later an abbandoned barn to create such a viewing. Ultimatey Frigo has designed a self contained geometry inspired by the flower of life to allow the viewing of every work. This viewing acts as a Rosetta Stone of time in which the different media languages depicting it are brought together by the viewer in a new syncretic form, similar to Lev Manovich's reading of Dziga Verotv's film "Man with a Movie Camera" as analyzed in a reception study (read more in Frigo's Life-stowing book).

Viewing at Project Mirai Gallery, Stockholm in 2008 Viewing at friends apartment in Boston in 2011 Viewing of one year of the project built in an abandoned barn in the alps One of the first attempt to perform a year of data in an abandoned barn in the alps Sketch for the ultimate project viewing