This work makes use all the images that were casually taken with old time friends in special periods of Frigo's life. As of January 2018 the images are 26.000 and are organized in folders representing each month. Occasionally Frigo retrieves the images related to an old acquaintance and creates a slide-show animation utilizing a song characteristic of that moment in time both to “animate” the images and to provide a time framework based on the length of the song. While currently the songs are downloaded from the Internet, Frigo intends to sing them himself in a karaoke like fashion. The selected images are cropped to fit the 16:9 movie format. A zoom and/or a pan effect is also applied to show details of the images. Cross-fade transitions are also occasionally made, particularly to shift from one image to another, utilizing similar objects in the pictures such as the face of a person, scaled to the same dimensions. The resulting videos are saved in .mpg format using a MPEG2 (DVD Standard) encoder with a resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels (HD 720 p) and a frame rate of 24.00 fps.

Frigo's compilation of photos about his father met after 25 years in Canada

In this respect, this part of the project can be considered as a cemetery in which old and forgotten material has been revived and where Frigo can pay an occasional visit and can cry over memories he would not cry for otherwise. It is like a little sanctuary kept by ancient people to commemorate their dear dead ones in their household as described by Marco Polo in his trip to China. The combination of images and particularly the music, create the right atmosphere for this in-depth commemoration. This is of particular significance for Frigo who had many intense relationships throughout his life and have often to give them up in order to move a new phase in which the accomplishment of his project has taken him into.

Pictures of Frigo from his birth in 1979 to his parents divorce in 1984 are rare and were later scanned and sent to Frigo by his father with whom he has lost contact for over twenty four years. From 1984 to 1996 Frigo's stepfather had been photographing him and his twin sister while being on holidays or in special occasions like weddings and birthdays. This has resulted in some hundred booklets filled with photos which Frigo has scanned. From 1996 when he moved oversea to attend a year of high school in Wisconsin, Frigo has started taking his own pictures, this until 2000, when he got access to his first digital camera. From the commencement of his photographic project in 2004 however, Frigo has experienced moments in which he did not take any other pictures than those he was taking of his right hand. This has however changed in 2005 with the birth of his son.