31_01#01 First Aiptek 1.3SD Pen camera got in January 2004 from Brian House, an American classmate and changed after another American friend, Jason Waite, told me to pimp it up to make it more attractive to museums curators. The camera has a main switch to turn it on and off and a costumized switch to take pictures.

31_01#02 Second Aiptek 1.3SD Pen camera used. This camera was redesigned a Japanese friend Yoshi Akai in 2006. The camera was lost in a Swedish forest in the summer of 2007 while the documenting subject was carrying his sleepy two years old child and was found by a local in the autumn. The missing day was thus retrieved.


31_01#04 Spare Aiptek 1.3SD camera replaced on the way by bus from New York to Boston having the button of the previous camera broke down. This camera was used between May 2013 to May 2014. Several stickers where added to it, also while traveling like the English flag sticker found on a box of English strawberries bought after an amazing walk to the beautiful town of Kenilworth. Some additional velcro was added to have a better grip on the camera also when taking out of the pouch. In May 2014, while in the Netherlands, the camera button also stop working correctly. It was used anyway for a few weeks but at last the camera was replaced after twelve new refurbished cameras were bought on-line, leaving the documenting subject with a total of 24 functioning cameras and 26 years to go.

31_02#01 This Nokia E63 was bought in Shanghai, Xujiahui technology center in the autmn of 2009. Originally a fake version of it was bought which did not allow any text typing and latter this authentic version was bought at a Nokia official reseller. The phone was bought to type down the dreams in the metro to work, avoiding to write them on the computer at home where the documenting subject's wife was. The latter had prohibithed him to write down his dreams and he bought the phone to write them in secret, likely in the bathroom after he quit his job. As he divorced, the documenting subject started using the mobile to annotate many other aspects of reality like keeping track of metereological conditions, annotating clouds and ideas but also related projects and other meta data.


31_10#001 Videocamera bought in April 2010 a small Hong Kong shop after spending a whole day filming Indonesian immigrants at Victoria park and trying to fix the broken screen of my previous camera which was of the same model but much heavier and easy to seat on being that on a pouch in a pierce hanging on my side.

31_10#002 Videocamera bought used in the winter of 2012 in Sweden as a back up to my other cameras and immediatelly switching to this was despite its weight and having to put lower resolution and at last also using it to take pictures and particularly zoom photographs on provoking things seen in society. The camera provided a better possibility to film public spaces at night but still had a white balance issue making public spaces too bright in sunny days and also not really able to instantly focus to the vanishing point making often the first second of the videos appear out of the focus. The camera was replaced with a smartphone in August 2014.

31_12#01 This dictaphone was used in the first years of the project, mostly recording in sweden while walking long distances in the country, particularly on an old and stright railroad with many different weathers.

31_12#02 This dictaphone provided an easier connection to the computer and was bought in a little gadget shop in sweden after having forgotten the previous one in a country house but then always carrying it around the world in china and america without really much using it, not even returning to sweden, being the possibilities to be alone far less.