Davide Di Sarò is a Director, VFX Designer, Animator, Artist and Musician based in Canada. He received a nomination for the Juno award 2010 Canada’s best music video and for the MTV music video award 2007. Co-founder of WeWereMonkeys studio in Montreal, now he works between Toronto and Nagoya with his new Japanese film production company Humanbornn.

Nick Montfort is associate professor of digital media at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Montfort has collaborated on the blog Grand Text Auto, the sticker novel Implementation, and 2002: A Palindrome Story. He writes poems, text generators, and interactive fiction such as Book and Volume and Ad Verbum. Most recently, he and Ian Bogost wrote Racing the Beam: The Atari Video Computer System (MIT Press, 2009). Montfort also wrote Twisty Little Passages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction (MIT Press, 2003) and co-edited The Electronic Literature Collection Volume 1 (ELO, 2006) and The New Media Reader (MIT Press, 2003).

Brian House is a media artist whose work traverses alternative geographies, experimental music, and a critical data practice. He is interested in the contingent qualities of information and how we experience time in network culture. By constructing embodied, participatory systems, he seeks to negotiate between algorithms and the rhythms of everyday life. Currently, Brian teaches in the Digital + Media program at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Previously, he was a member of the New York Times Research and Development Lab, where his work was recognized by TIME in their "50 Best Inventions of 2011" issue. Brian has also led technology at the award-winning design studio Local Projects, developed courses at Parsons Design & Technology program and Columbia's Graduate School of Architecture, and was an artist-in-residence at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center.

Jacek Smolicki, Stockholm based new media artist and designer holds his MFA degrees from Design Faculty at the Art Academy in Krakow, Interdisciplinary Studies at Konstfack University of Art, Craft and Design in Stockholm and Sound Art from Academy of Dramatic Arts in Stockholm. In his practical and theoretical work Smolicki focuses on studying the use of new media tools, locative technology and database in archival and documentary practices. For last several years he has been developing a number of ongoing practices of archiving and documenting 'the self ' in relation to 'the public'. His works include recording and mapping occasional and permanent soundscapes as well as acoustic spaces created by street musicians, analysis of urban choreography and his own behavioral patterns recorded by the wearable GPS device, reauthorization of public situations through reflective and metaphorical interpretation, creative writing inspired by the weekly ritual of searching for objects lost in the public space. From September 2013 Smolicki will be enrolled in the PhD programme ¨Living Archives¨ at the Malmö University.

Mark Johnson came to the University of York as an undergraduate in 2008 to study Politics & Sociology, graduating in Summer 2011. As of Autumn 2011, he is working on a full-time PhD in Sociology, using Actor-Network Theory to study the UK Space Agency and the way it recruits diverse actors into space programs, and negotiates the difficulties of those programs. As well as academia, he has a strong interests in computer programming (developing an increasingly-complex ASCII roguelike/4x game in his spare time), linguistics and literature, and he is (nearly) a vegan.

Morris Villarroel is professor in Animal Production at the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid. He links a detailed handwritten journal to quantitative analysis and visualization.

Danielle Roberts is a media artist based in the Netherlands. She has recently produced an eight years thick calender visualizing mood and stress data, along with photos, micro diary entries, and poetry. Along with this calender, Roberts has produced several other projects visualizing invisible everyday elements like silence, breathing and pollution. These elements are often captured as well as displayed in nicely customized suits designed, produce as well as worn by Danielle.

Maria Paz is an artist, composer and designer born in Bogota, Colombia (1981). Exotikdot is her artistic pseudonym as well as the name of her solo-electronics band. She grew up and lived in the capital until the age of 19, when she moved to Europe seeking for an artistic education. She studied burlesque theater in Paris, obtained a BA and MA at the Sculpture School of ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels, was a guest student at the Media Arts School of the Royal Danish Academy of Arts in Copenhagen, and obtained an MFA in Experience Design at Konstfack in Stockholm. Her nomadic lifestyle as well as her interdisciplinary approach has deeply influenced her work as an artist. She has been performing and participating in several collective and solo exhibitions and festivals in Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden and Japan.