CREDITLESS No credits for the project are taken and it is only disseminated intimately to people acidentally met. Presentations are made informally and in official context presentations of related people's work is made. No logo is imposed.

ANTROPOLOGICAL As our lives becomes more filled with technical procedures still some basic natural procedures are necessary. This project shows this evolution with the increasing number of technical devices utilized over the years yet still some necessary utensils needed to survive biologically as when drinkign or eating.

HEALTHY The archival practice tries to promote health suggesting the documenting subject to be both active mentally and physically but also with due rest.

LOOPING Usually the documenting subject starts dreaming of a situation that is re-evoked again at the end of a dream such being with somebody, have a problem with someone else and solve it with the aid of the first somebody.

SCATERED As media and society makes daily life more complicated, more separations occurs in the natural realm. Thus, despite keeping a certain anonimity, a maintaining a certain universality avoiding specific names, the project has many a character with many a prefix such as my biological father, my stepfather, my former father-in-law, my ex wife but also my parents' old house and my apartment in the States.

SUSPENDED While in the documenting of the surrounding the documenting subject is much engaged and alive, in the documenting of himself he is most suspended and detached like when typing down his dreams on his mobile in the metro, yet a typing the further connects him with himself while other people use their mobile to disconnect from themselves, connecting to fiction.

REINTEGRATING While the social life splits us in many fragmented existences, the archival project can be seen as an common denominator that re-integrates them into one.

STRONGHOLD As nature is more and more threaten by technology, the mental is the last natural realm to explore, the only fort left to secure our humanism. The evolution of art can show how this natural realm has been increasingly diminishing in the last decade, from the caustrophobic rooms of the pittura metafisica, to body art and finally to a menatl art fully embracing the technical medium and demostrating in a last effort how it can actually be used to augment us rather than substitute our faculties (it is the social mentality that hinder this process).

RECOMPOSING As technology driven society fragments our life, that very digital technology is the medium we can utilize to mend it, and be ubiquitosly constructive in every of the many fragmented and unrelated circumstances we are driven into.

REGENERATING Just a totalitaristic approach is able to regenerate the rousorces that the counter capitalistic approach totally consumes to the last drop. The Archive is in fact a great reservoir in times in which other reservoir are being consumed. It is a counter tendency which has this in mind and may in itself also consume parts of its reservoir just then to enlarge it in the disappointment following the reception of this consumption.

BROAD The longevity of the project and the documenting subject active engagement to conduct it, gives it the possibility to come across many reflections and cultural forms both produced by him or consumed by him. In this sense the knowledge created is wide and various in comparison to that officialy created that is narrow and specific.

ACCOMPANYING While the common tendency with media is to substitue humans, the Archive uses it as a musical instrument, a new type of instrument accompyning the human voice of the documenting subject, who becomes more of a folkmusic street musician. While in the older instruments though the accompaniments were made simulataneously, here they are made parallely and it is the listener who ought to overlap them.

ENANCHING While there is much arguing whether media is an extension of humans outwards, this life-project demonstrates that it can equally extend human faculties inwards, and thus integrate rather than disperse ourselves.

REAPPROPRIATING As the mass media imposes on us a content which we cannot reply, the Website can be seen as a way of replying by way of reproducing and subjectifying the imposed content, a media content we have the illusion of delecting more and more ourselves but in reality is strongly selected by a main-stream that an exclusive commercial interest.

LIGHT This type of immaterial practice of archiving reality in time may actually seem to become a heavy burden but it actually creates much lightness in an existence aiming not to seek wordly accumulation and social titles but only this spiritual cultivation.

RECYCLING While the mainstream imposes us its ready-mades, this project is a systematic attempt to reintegrating them into a personal sphere.

PARTISAN As istitutions erect their strong establishment to which one has to adhere in order not be emancipated, this project intends to act a solitary guerillia war and provide a model of self-suistenability for other people to sabotage such capitalistic take of power consuming them and their surroundings.

MULTICULTURAL In the multiculturalism created by the technical medium this project intends to give the many victims of this diaspora a model for a new tradition to heal their alieniation and emanciption with the unfamiliar reality and regain themselves.

DISCONCERNED The project has no interest in how prestigious a place is versus another, the Exhibit could happen anywhere preferebly in places where the architecture is more suitable to host the project and closer to the ideal architecture visualized in the Virtual part of the project.

COMPACT Only the essential things are kept and what is kept is sorted in the most minimal fashion like a few items in a small box to be sent as a testament to the future, the after death.

CONCLUSIVE While pretentious academics don't dare to come to any conclusionn not to compromise their post, the documenting subject, having nothing to loose attempt to reach specific conclusion although he is always open to revise them based on the feedbacks he continuosly gets from reality.

HORIZONTAL As modern humans, lacking any gravity, are left without any horizon of meaning, the exhibited artifacts provides a new one that can serve to them as a model to imitate or simply get inspired from.

PLAIN The centralized horizon line filmed in many a natural landscape helps providing a sense of placid immersion into the middle vanishing point.

MORALIZING The formulation of thoughts is an actual process of morilization to help the documenting subject to overcome the everyday problemtaics befalling on him.

TRIUMPHING The various exhibited artifacts can be also seen as a captured bounty from distant lands, goods brought in triumph like a Roman general after a foreign victory.

ORGANIZED The archival practice requires much of an organizational apparatus to efficently order and process the inputed samples of reality.

SACRIFICIAL In a time in which all architecture is dedicated to host our functional surplus, the Virtual building indicates a useless countertendecy, a sort of a sacrifice of part of this surplus as in ancient time shepherds did with their flock picking a few for mere sacrifice, a sign of respect, fear and spiritual devotion.

GENEROUS As the work is seldomly exhibithed, the ouputs are often given as presents to friends with whom a certain affinity and esteem is shared, yet it is not divulgated to the general public particularly not in their corrupted platforms of social communication.

FLEXIBLE The archival practice is based on the documenting subject's willing himself, it is not the time based demanding performances where for instance things are done based on the mechanical time like a picture every hour, it instead reflects the psychological tempo of the documenting subject who is set to achieve the work in a larger time frame and thus can fully manage it himself, taking rests or working more intensively as he feels like.

NOVEL Theses films try to render the variety of situation in which the documenting carries on his practices. In this respect the filming of redundant or too similar situations are avoided. While the components making up the scene changes, the actual plot remains the same.

PEDAGOGIC Much of the work practiced by the documenting-subject leads to much teaching and guiding of younger pupils. The work in itself become then only a pretext while the actuall teaching vary in a range that is not the specilized and mediated one of modern pedagoges but it is in fact universal and learned through experience.

SPARTAN The Exhibit only shows the progress of this life-project. Aware of this temporality, the actual presentation is rather rough and resources are not invested in details not to mention that the documenting subject is always on the move to look for anf/or retrieve a promise land where the very final Exhibit can be made, possibly matching the building idealized in the Virtual section of this Website.

PLATONIC The reconstruction of the shapes detected into clouds is based on an archive of elements which are later composed with one another to render such shapes. This archive of elements is somewhat resembling Plato's world of ideas, the perfect models residing in the sky, the clouds.

DISCONNECTED While the documenting subject often bridges with his practice different realities, he actually remains rather disconnected from all the hyper connection coming about with telecomunication. In this respect he is able to maintain his integrity and concentrate in an otherwise distracting and phagocitatying network which he really only tries to utilize as a medium now that it is very much in the verge of becoming the actual message, a network about networks and a colonized knowledge about knowledge.

HUMAN Despite the fact that technology is actually replacing human in its activities, the photographing of all the object used is an attempt to maintain the human dimension by maintaining technology as a medium, this represented by the use of our hand which really is what makes us humans and distinguish us from all other creatures and ultimately gives us intelligence.

NEW-AGE The presented material has some resemblance to some new-age movement with all its diagramatic and spiritual content yet also connecting to some massonic and occult trends like that of the ars mnemonica practices in the reinassance.

ADAPTIVE The exhibition makes use of the provided space and adopts to the already imposed architectural elements it provides, thus without forcing any brutal changes and unnatural alterations.

EVENTFUL These fables extremizes the action that is often charges contemporary fiction. Rather than making a very uneventful work as it is often the case in more eliteriane cultural productions, the main protagonists of the fables are constantly undertaking an action which leads them to other actions without any interruptions.

INFORMAL A rather informal approach is taken in the extreme micro faiths of the many micro societies making up todays humanity. The documenting subject then welcomes their believe and complies to their claims yet is main focus and believe gets always out in the universal

LIGHT In all its undertaking a general principle of avoiding obstrusion is taken by the documenting subject. In this sense a light approach is always promoted to allow not only space for himself but also for others.

ON-THE-EDGE Rather than attempting to be at the center the building is meant to stand on the very edge of the sublime nature and the human corruption to which it functions as a reminder to alt such wordly ambitions.

STABLE The representation of the daily emotional states would tend to be stable but has to deal with external phenomena with which it has to get in a process of stabilization. An experience of destibilization also contributes to mainting in the long run the emotional stability of the documenting subject. Both elements of stabilization and destabilization are provided by the other parts of this project.

HOMOGENIZED The solarization applied to each scanned decal, acts as a filter homogenizing the otherwise incongrous visuals, picked in different places and times.

CONSTRUCTIVE It is though time that this project makes small progresses while slowly achieving a monumental result which cannot be achieved otherwise (e.g. the technical acceleration in fact may quickly achieve as much as quicly demolish results).

INTOLLERANT While the documenting subject is very much welcoming any natural manifestation, throughout the project the reader of this Journal can detect a certain intollerance for humans' passive utilization of technology and rather bitter comments of the documenting subject of all those near him who get absorbed into a passive media consumption which often interfers with his active media practices.

SOLAR The documenting subject has a tendency to be positive in his thinking despite the gloomynes of the nordic weathers where he has often lived which often got him into equally gloomy thoughts.

RISKY As the Journal often mentions people with whom the documenting subject deals with on a regular base (e.g. a girlfriend or a room-mate but also colleagues), he has to be always attentive not to be caught writing anything compromising and keep this part of the project hidden from them.

CABALISTIC The general structuure of this project has intuitively come to resemble those adopted by other sects giving meanings to numbers and forms.

PROPHETIC The constrains and morals provided by the old prophets have to be refreshed to constrain the media driven contamination. This Journal accounts on such an attempt.

EXPLORATIVE The filming of public spaces gives the documenting subject a mission to explore out of the safe indoor environments, seeking for interesting vanishing points and really mapping out extensively the places he explores also with the other parts of the project.

FLATTENED The found object are mostly already flat but are otherwise flattened to fit inside the collecting pouch. They are later also flattened digitally in the scanning process yet here some three dimensionality of previous folding and so forth is visible.

DO-IT-YOURSELF The documenting subject chooses to attempt a self-sufficient production making mostly use of the surplus going to waste from the market controlled economy.

ENVIROMENTAL The actual picking of discarde objects from the sidewalk can be seen as an environmental practive like that of old retired and possibly emancipated elders taking up the duty of also picking trash and keeping the environment clean.

DEVOTED This archival practice can be also seen as some kind of a religious ritual, a devotion that do not lead to any fanatism but consolidates the otherwise empty everyday existence.

MENDED Due to the constant yet never abusive usage, the technical equipment utilized is quite mended over time to both fix certain difects it has, protect it with a second and temporary skin and to make it less apperant no to attract any thieves.

PERVERTED While dreams tend to be pure and elevated, much pervention is introduced to the subconscious via the pretentious media of for instance coorporations aiming to sell their products and control the market. While the documenting subject is careful not to actively consume it, a passive consumption is unavaoidable with the more and more pervasiveness of media technology.

INTERPRETATIVE While the archival productions can be compared and interpreted by the public, the documenting subject is able to interpret each of them based on their reaction, like based on what they like and what they don't like (e.g. art curators and other vane people enjoy the drawings while dislinking the photo project which is in turn enjoyed by scientist but not really by humanist untill they are told about the final architecture which is really disliked by architect etc.).

SEEKING While humans with their technology construct again their babilonic towers, the documenting subject procceds in the planning of his Noah-like ark as a way to counter rescue the former ambition and possibly transmits this seed and cargo of potentials to a future time and a promised land, a mountain which the documenting subject has yet to find.

PROGRESSIVE Rather than developing a plan to document reality all in one, the documenting subject has started with one single focus from which he has later built up, adding new perspectives going along with the first one. These new perspectives have gradually amplified this focus from the self to its most utter surroundings.

PIONEERINGWhile the mass follow one another in the most conventional streams created for them by commercial and political coorporations, the documenting subject attempts to open up and explore new paths, documenting silently his discoveries not to reduce them in new main streams.

MASOCHIST In the total comodity of today's technically comforted society, this project have a level of heaviness which allows the documenting subject to have the right gravity to reflect about our human condition.

PROMPT The documenting subject is rather prompt to fulfil is task, no last minute work but always well prepared in advance with enough time to process it thouroughly.

GENUINE As humans' imagination is becoming more and more manieristic and disconnected with nature, processing representations of representations, the drawing of ideas attempts to mainatin an actual link to reality itself and from it get inspirations, avoiding any active consumption of already fiction disconnected to any reality as it is more the case.

SUBVERSIVE As chairs and benches in public spaces are most conventionally located for people to rest and for decoration without much consideration of the view as in traditional Chinese gardens, the documenting subject often seats in positions and places like garbage bins that are not really meant for seating but provide an interesting perspective point.

DIGNITOUS Despite the many pervertions wide spread by an apperantly wealthy society through their mass media, the documenting subject tries to maintain his integrity and dignity also when the very society puts him in highly frustrating situations where the only escape seems to embrace such pervertions.

SELF-SUFFICIENT The documenting subject tries when possible to avoid all the publi and private transports and rather walk. This is also the case for elevators and escalators which are avoided making him surpass the conforted crowd, a crowd blocking the most agiles, a crowd getting overweight and risking much heart attck in their total pasiveness.

SELF-STANDING The filming of the project utilizes a light small tripod when traveling. Despite the possibility of placing it on different platform and thus change the filming angle, the tripod is mostly place on the ground as no one is left attending it.

SELF-ACTING The documenting subject acts as both the camera-man and the actual actor and editor, playing three roles in ones and thus having to be much aware of how the clips are shot in relation to all the parts he covers.

METAPHYSIC The quasi surreal surroundins and the sculpture like creatures of the three dimensional shape represent a dream like scenario, a metaphysical world which in the transfiguration of clouds reconnect to the clouds scene in the sky as the very sky was the inner volt of our brain, the projection of our subconscious.

NON-POSSESIVE While much knowledge is consulted when the possibility is given, only its message is conserved. The documenting subject thus do no acquire any books or other cultural productions, he only consumes it and make the most of them on the spot, his possesion is thus immaterial, it results into a mapping of ideas and correspondences that make up his cosmo of influences.

NATURAL Several clouds are produced artificially by for instance industry. Those are more volutile and the documenting subject concentrates exclusively on the one provided by nature alone.

DEVOTED In certain cases, in front of a magnificent perspective view and lacking anywhere to seat, the documenting subject bent down on his knees like in front of an altar. Having his butt seated on his shoes he then films such landscape.

SPIRITUAL As modern architecture is conceived rationally for rational outcomes this Virtual architecture has been conceived almost mystically, building intuitively on dimensions dictated by nature itself, the nature of the data collected consistently overtime, like an ant mound thus naturaly rendered.

FLAUNER While the older flauner used to get lost in the network of his city, the modern flauner is lost in a larger network of many a city to which is catapulted to by the relativized distance of air flight connection.

ARMED As a suicide bomber the documenring subject goes around with many of devices under his coat yet rather then exploiding his angryness with a bomb he implodes it. A constructive approach to handle social emancipation and frustration for those of noble spirit who finds their way obstacolated by a leveling and repressing society.

DISCONTINUOS While the archival practice is on-going and has to be continuosly respected, the meta part of the project occurs more informally and and can be interrupted or resume any time in accordance with the documenting subject's own sensitivity.

DISINGAGED Due to its great engagement ti his life-project the documenting subject cannot maintain any formala engagement with any other project or person. Rather tha latter are utilized as new VIEWING to the project until they last.

ENDURANT The documenting subject has a driving endurance which is yet administrated so that he tries not to force any boundaries but slowly overcomes them with patient and a progressive natural progress as that of an useless plant which slowly increase its size and is just later accredited for its magnificent results which are based on the poetic of time.

AGITATOR In a time of much politic correctness and peaceful passivity, the writings are also meant to provoke and agiate the audience, awakening them from their sophisticated comfort into an actual reality at constant threat from humans' babilonic ambitions.

ICONOGRAPHIC The drawings make use of ideas that have come in our subconscious. Certain of them might have come in recent generations such as the telephone and the computer while others, even though starting to be popular, may not quite yet enter the documenting subject subconscious also because all the new cosmo of devices and so forth is rather intagible, more soft than hardware and thus harder to represent.

MARTYDOM Many of the described personages are like saints who have sacrificed their lives to communicate a message, a communication that might have been corrupted and distorted by its ever more deaf recipient, the civilized man.

PRETENDING While the films are all shot on location actually doing what he supposed to do, the documenting subject has to at times renact certain parts like that of awakening which couldn't be shot otherwise as he is both the actor but also the camera man.

EARLY The documenting subject is not only punctual in delivering his outputs but often he comes earlier and he is thus often mistrust until later when is early coming is understood.

PHYSICAL Despite other parts of this project being rather mental as this reflective part, the archival practice is actually to be considered an activity in an otherwise rather passive non-existence. To carry on this activity the documenting subject is not required to do any sudden and great physical effort but very much being constantly acrive, marching and industrially working in a full self-dictated discipline.

PURE In principle the documenting subject attempts to keep pure, removing all the signs of dirt in his spirit , purifying himself when exposed to too much corruption by reactivating as a locomotive his natural spirit.

PROLIFIC The archival system deviced by the documenting subject himself comes not out of a lack of ideas but on the contary is a result of an over proliferation which, in our constrainless world, requires constrains. It is a way of managing such a natural proliferation rather than muting it as it is often the case.

SELF-CONFIDENT In a world of much threatens and disorders mostly caused by mass media, the Journal is meant to provide a self-confidence which is able to resist all the continuous undermaning enact by an homogenizing society.

MOUNTANIOUS The documenting subjet, not rally bothering about elegance, is quite pragmatic. This is quite represented by his outfit that is meant for all weather and is rather for outdoor activities as if any tiem he could climb up a mountain in any weather.

EFFICIENT Despite the recurrent indifference and inefficiency carried about by the increased speed of telecommunication, the documenting subject mainatin a loeer post and yet is able toefficently manage with all his social relationships, and his peronal stimuluses. The approach is always to take one thing at the time and give it the right time.

SEVERE The essays are often a mean for the documenting subject to accuse by informing the reader of the state of the arts which often comes out of the very frustration he experiences when having to deal with the wordly power or just simply by putting himself in the shoes of exploited minorities.

LIMINAL Allot of this individual production is made by the documenting subject in the many moments of transitions between official events.

RESPONSIBLE As the project has to be conducted over three decades, the documenting subject needs to rather prudent in his daily undertaking also because he is not really covered and he is rather self-suistaining himself. An injury might then compromise different parts of the project depemdent to the injured part.

RECENTERED As the central perspective is now given to machines, like car on a street, and humans are left outside of it, the filming of public spaces is an attempt to regain such centarlity although many of the resulting videos have a decintrilized perspective as it is too risky at times to stand on the machines' way.

SILENT A silent contemplation of the resulting proliferation of a life content is thought of. The Virtual architecture is then like a cathedral to get more connected with the inner and outer and utter Self.

RISKY The fact that the documenting subject has this life-goal, obviously involves a great risk in which, for his very pracrice, he might end up poor and homeless.

NOSTALGIC The actual architectural structure and materials are inspired from a passed architecture inherited through the pre-industrial era. It makes a stand against modern architecture which is far less spiritual and longlasting, as in itself the Virtual architecture is not the result of an artificial acceleration but is build with tiem, brick after brick as in the former architectures.

IRONIC Rather then lamentig the tragic events of modern life, the drawings of ideas attempts to make fun of them as another mean to get over them.

SOLITARY Also due to the ampunt of constant work the documenting subject has to undertake and the ampunt of concentration required for some more mentall part of his project, he is mostly operating in a pleasent and engaged state of solitude, a flexible one which allows many esceptions but is anyhow recurrently sought.

REVEALING In a time when much processes are kept hidden by the big producers and the individual just get the final result, this archival project is a way to revail and get aquainyed with the process of surviving and the very process of life.

MULTIMODALThe architectural and Virtual presentation of the Aechive is multimodal and allows the reader to compare and interpret such pure media specific languages.

CAPTURED While history has in the past spared many regions as that of natural shelters like an island or a highland, its presnt media distribution does not spare anyone. On the contrary everyone is drawn in the center of the historical event.

METHODOLOGIC Rather than reading and memorizing the content of the great masters crystillezed by society, a method is necessary to regenerate new masters in accordance with the potential of media.

OFFLINE While ambitious coorporations are building babilonic towers to take control of nature but in reality taking only control of themselves and creating much forgetfullness, this project is an example of creating a Noah ark to rescue the potential of humanity which the former ambitions threatens.

CURATORIAL The meta part of the project selects and organizes the flow of human production impressing the documenting subject.

PANTHEIST Despite all the rave the documenting subject inahles from the adult world, he is still like a child getting impressed of life and wanting it to surround him until it grows adult as well.

STILL-LIFE The virtual sculptures are like objects of a still-life painting.

CLASSIC Despite the revolution we conduct to develop a new style more suitable to represent the time we live in, somewhat of a classi base is always necessary to draw upon and inspire new forms of classicism.

REMEMBERANT The document subject, under his photographic routine has thus to keep remembering to remember in a time when there is otherwise little worth remembering.

PROVOCATIVE Several ideas may provoka a certain indignation to a total outrage for certain fanatic groups to be found for instance among feminists and muslims. This might indignation might be dissipated with the fact that such provocations are not sought out but they belong to a flow of ideas, an authentic stream of immagination which also inckudes such instances.

DIDATTIC The films are highly didatic material to understand the kind of process behind this life long documentation.

PERSECUTED While the people surrounding the documenting subject maostly use media as a distraction from reality, the fact that he uses it to get more immersed with it, and his discipline to do so makes him unwanted, a disturbing element and lastly perssecuted.

AESTETHIC The time and place of the shooting are also decided according to the aesthetic appeal of a particular situation, adding up to the palette of other situations and thus also aware of not repeating time and space coordinates that are too close.

SOLID Despite all the temporarity in which the Virtual architecture has been created, the final attempt is to construct a solid architecture that can actually last over time. Such conceivemnt is not possible for those who are instead consolidated in their bourgheise existences.

OVALIZED As photos taken in an amusement park where the heads are inserted into holes with other painted characters or as actual packages containing eggs, the portraiting of new acquintances stores its portraits.

MESURABLE The output of the project, the resukting columns stand like rulers, with which existence can be measured through the faces of new acquaintances who can e see temporary mirrors of the very documenting subject.

AWARE Being always exposed to the world and its people or just to friends who are also quite international, the documenting subject is much aware of all the cultural, political and economical situations of many a countries. This is partly why he has grown so indignant any predominant power and its undertaking.

BLASPHEME The content of the ideas is often blaspheme. The documenting subject, diferring from reinassance artists representing religious motifs, represents the very blasphemity he filters through society. These motifs are however transcend like the pictures of hell in the holly context of a church.

CRAFTED In a time in which much humanity has been automated, the drawing of ideas project is an attempt to maintain a level of craftmanship and mastership as much as the caligraphy practice of an old Chinese.

UNLINKED While providing different reading keys this project do not create any direct links among them, thus providing a possibility for newer and different possible interpretations.

SAVING Rather than boasting this project can be seen like a collecting and preserving of forest berries for a winter to come when the jams will be of use.

CENTER The positioning of the paper do not try tp go either left nor right. The expressed opinions thus do not embrace any political tendency but that of being a real moderate. This might also imply provocations which are later contradicted.

STYLED The essay writings are not academic formal vomiting but do have style and aesthetic considerations, including a sensitive crescendo which the academic vivisection and constant justification prohibits.

NOMADIC The situation of the documenting subject is a most temporary one, he sticks to a place until the circumstances are beneficial to then move on.

INREALIZABLE As the Exhibit part of the Virtual building project attempts to achieve the perfection of the Virtual part, the economic, social and political constrains of the physical world prevents it, making only samples possible to be exhibithed.

SUBLIME While the exhibiton deals more with the actual samples of each part of the project the Virtual building present the natural setting where it can be built. Being the context rather sublime and given the strict regulation monitoring society, the realization might only be left within a Virtual realm as a paradisiac kingdome not influenced by humans commercial speculation as it is the case of many an ancient monument (e.g. The pyramids preceded by much urban speculation).

NARRATIVE Each video is not only captured chronological but the very passage from one clip to another tells also a story, likely that of a journey.

RADICAL In a time in which humans are really much governed by the technical progress this archival practice is also a way to step out by setting up a radical agenda, a self-imposition forcing the documenting subject out of the social automitization, having him to exist again by means of providing him a constant way to asses his reality.

HOMY Despite the nomadic and temporary existence of the doocumenting subject, he tends to create a very homy and cosy environment where he settle. The exterior then might look very rough but the interiror nicely decorated.

COOL Despite the situations that comes out also as a result of his rather deterministic approach, the documenting subject manages not to get affect by panic and keep cool in his practice.

SACRIFICE The Journal project can be seen as a balanced way of sacrificing oneself, keeping away from the estreme wordly attachment of the bourghiese and the total detachment of the fanatics both results of our technology amplified willing.

OFFSTREAM The documenting subject is sufficiently aquainted with the different norms developed by different societies but rather than getting comforted in one of them, he matures his own by ways of disconfort.

PROVIDENTIAL Despite the little warranties that the documenting subject has, in his faith for providence everything in the end works out.

RENEWABLE The final building is not meant to be a longlasting monument but aims to promote renewable approaches, particularly also in the material utilized like wood and what the local nature can offer.

EXPRESSIONISTIC The drawing, like in folk art, carry allot of human expression probably not as refines as the one of professional artist but far more impressive and immaginative.

ABSORBING The building is a result of a life spent absorbing architectural and landscape elements from different cultures

ELEVATING with the many anxieties given by society, this archival practice is a way is a way to transcend them and sonstitute a ground from a level of real thinking of less wordly concerns.

DANGEROUS As the documenting subject is alone documenting himself, some shooting might be problematic and to a certain extent dangerous when he is for instance shooting while doing other things requiring concentration such as driving.

INTERMITTENT The Journal project can be also seen as an Odyssey where the hero comes home but in reality his return is rather intermittent with several short trips home to make up a large journey. It is then a going back and return that increasingly near the final destination.

PRIORITIZED Despite the fact that several other project are run as output and reflection of the archive, the latter is prioritized.

COMPARATIVE The daily strings of pictures can be analyzed by for instance comparing strings of different seasons or the same seasons but different years. This comparison will certainly highlight how life changes and or certain cycles comes to repeat themselves but in different circumstances ( cultivating).

GENDERDIZEDThe fables not only alternates all sort of animals but also all sorts of genders which much represents the gender crisis of today's society.

IMPROVISED The fables are improvised in a sort of subconscious stream revealing much of the documenting subject psychological state.

SOUNDSCAPING The meta part of the project consists mostly of silent films where the accompanying sound is that belonging to the very landscape were they were shot, whether urban or natural.

VISIBLE While all digital archives tend to disappear, like those collected through time by a person, this building is an attempt to keep them out and visible this also by adopting a format which result into a more readable documentation.

ROUGH Despite all the social etiquettes the documenting subject avoid to be any elegant and keep a rather rough look yet all the timepreventing it to grow too wild.

AGREABLE At social occasions the documenting subject becomes most social and charming with the people surrounding him. He can easily entertain any new aquaintance, particularly when face to face, and can at last convince him or her to be photographed.

ELITERIAN While many other parts of the projects can be easily made popular, the filming of the process, being based on an everyday poetic can only catch the sensibility of few rather than that of the masses used to much super eventful fiction.

PRODUCTIVE The rules and constrains of the project set up the parameters to get the documenting subject in a production that is not over eccesive nor absent but continuois and regular.

OBSERVANT Visitors of the place will have to take their shoes off as in a mosque. This among other procedures are not only designed to increase the longevity of the work but also to increase the respect of the visitors towards the Virtual building.

SPEEDY The drawings are executes in a rather speedy fashion wihtout any hesitation nor correction to be made.

INDIFFERENT The documenting subject develops his own knowledge apart from the dominant knowledge erected by society. He is in this way rather indifferent to defend or try to establish his findings but just keeps up his research within his providence inspired framework.

INTIMATE The documenting subject seek for an intimate dialogue in everything whether with himself, the otherss or a landscape. In this respect he often runs away from situations which do not allow such intimancy, such as a commercial profession.

POETIC Like a stronghold suspended on a cliff, the Virtual building keeps up a poetic struglgle against the commercial flood promoted by an unhuman capitalism. It stands at the border of the livable like a symbol of resistence.

SHEPERING Rather than a sedentary farmer, the documenting subject is like a shepherd with his thirtysix sheeps he regularly takes care of, sometime getting attacked by the sedentary ones.

VISUAL The Virtual building inherits from a solar and rather visual culture which do not seem to fit the colder and more puritan iconoclasts of the deep North. It is rather at the edge.

INSUPPORTABLE The quasi psychological activities of the documenting subject creates in the long run a feeling of intollerance form the people closer to him. At first they might be amused, at second they can get used to it but at last they may get much displeased knowing that part of the content produced involves some reflections about it. This particularly the case of a girlfriend who might get rather jealous.

PREPARED The drawings are never improvised but always prepared in pencile before the final is traced.

RITUALISTIC Like a morning religious ritual the documenting subject is confronted with the updating of the Archive. This ritual is a strong insight in himself and the surrounding while other forms of established rituals in society might have just lost their grip in such realities.

VARIOUS As the graph of a statistic, the various stripes of daily sequences of photos can be read according to their lengths and colours.

STRUGGLE In the constant progress, the photographing of objects can be seen as an attempt to maintain a craftmanship which is anyhow made obsolete by constantly new coming tools.

AMATORIAL The knowledge extracted from this life-project is merely informal and informally it should also be consumed, away from any Academic imposition, consumed by devoted people in thei precarious realities.

ABSTENING Rather than stand and consume the flow of knowledges more or less imposed by machinisic society, the documenting subject let himself in the flow with occasionally pauses before entering a new flow.

METAPHORIC The drawing of ideas is a result of association often inspired by absurd social behaviors. By observing these behaviors the documenting subject comes out with similar things that assocites it to it highlight ironically such absurdity.

REGULAR The documenting subject attempts to keep his body and soul in motion yet by following a pace that is possibly not altered by the technical acceleration. The technical acceleration in this respect is just the VIEWING and not the medium in which one can get caught into by for instance only being in airplanes and cities resembling airports but never getting out into a human exploration.

FRESH As a Diogene the documenting subject content himself of little but also seek the freshness of a surrounding and the sun which are often sealed out by contempary society with their intelligent but in reality stupid artificial environments.

ECOFERIENDLY In his light existence the documenting subject avoids any wastes, making actually use of other people's wastes and getting along with what remains of their consumption yet ultimately investing for his own self-suistainability.

SUISTAINABLE As all humans are drawn into capital making machines, the documenting subject maintains his own machine, which connects him to himself rather than disconnecting him yet he places him at risk to be absorbed by the big machines and thus has to keep hidden.

TO-THE-LIMIT The documenting subject always manage to make it with the minimum sufficient to accomplish a task. In this respect, if he owns too much he also increases his limits, this goes not only for money but physical and virtual space, generally capacity to which its potntial can be expanded.

PHOTOGRAPHIC The stillnes of the vidoes makes them quasi photographic capturing the emptiness rather than the dynamic of a place.

PERFORMATIVE When traveling or home among the family members, the documenting subject becomes like a performer amusing with his drawing tecnicque particularly kids or other spontaneous people.

ETHNOGRAPHIC The meta part of the project observes the documenting subject in his practice as some sort of self-ethnography over a life-time. This meta project is particularly relevant in a time in which qualitative technology are being completely reaplaced by the hidden suirvelliance of a media covering its commercial purposes by being more social.

DIVINE The Virtual is indeed an inspired attempt to constitute the divine by means of technical aids which are all transcended both trough time and their placement into a remote nature possibly only Virtual as in a painting.

FIRST-PERSON The documenting subject is always trying to be present in each of the shooting also when he is only experiencing a situation which might affect his practice.

NEO-REALISTIC The films are small accounts of simple everyday situatioms and resemble in the documentary style of neo-realist movies in their lack of great events and extraordinary actions.

RECUPERATING As crafts are quickly surpassed and soon in crisis, this project provides the framework to recultivate them such as going back to drawing, paintings and filming.

RESPONSIBLE As our natural ressponsibilities gets artificilized by society, the Journal is an attempt to naturalize an artificial responsibility to which only the documenting subject is in charge of.

PRECISE The center of the video-camera is carefully pointed on the vanishing point.

CONNECTED The composition even if comprising of several elements is always inteconnected as a sculpture.

QUICK The capturing and editing of the resulting films are quicly executed, providing an overall aesthetic that is based on the molteplicity of events representing the documenting subject's practice.

REVEALINGThe Journal of the project often reflects about the people surrounding the documenting subject and the ever changing relationshion with them also based on their facilitating or not the project. In this respect when the relation is in crisis the willing of the documennting subject expressed through this Journal might manifest this even more drastically and indignate the person in question if he or more likely she comes across the resulting writings.

DIVORCING In a society where now not only marriages but also friendship and all sorts of relationships are formalized through media in order to provide the bourgeoises a formal sense of security, the documenting subject cuts out of all these contract based systems and rather seek a deep exchange when the situation arises, despite the fact that the other person might also have the philisteus tendency of having but not being, and intesively experience such relation.

DISTOPIANThe dream of a country place in nature is no more, at least within the artificially contaminated context where people are concentrated in order to survive. The documenting subject has thus to readjust his natural inclination and aspire only metaphysically to his ideals of a final ultimate architecture. Any other attempt would either lead him to a miserable isolation or political terrorism.

READAPTABLE The documenting subject is neither too civilized nor too wild and is ready to at all times take the resemblance of a boheme and let his beard grow a bit or that of a civilized man. In this way he can bridge between different classes.

INTUITIVE Often the documenting subject has to relay on his intuition alone to orient himself and explore unkown spaces. This is even more emphasized when fully responsible while having a guide would on the contrary disorient him and leave him unable to reconstruct the undertaken trajectories.

LOWDespite the attempt to have an elevated overview, the videos of public places are taken while seating and often in non elevated environments such as urban contexts where the documanting subject is confined.

CONTRDICTING In the myruad of perspectives the reflections about this life enterprise are made, contradictions may arise. This is particularly indicative of a philosophy which do not seek a one absolute truth, but an absolute of many pseudo truths giving a sense of it.

GENUINE While most of cultural productions today are for the sake of the production they address, the drawings tries to be genuine avoiding any form of manierism. In this respect the documenting subject avoids the over-consumption characteristic of our mediated time and balance it off with production.

EXTENSIVE The project thus not only include a documentation of the pretentious centers but often takes the documenting subject to the peripheries, were locals are more likely to concentrate.

ENERGETIC In the apathy characterizing our contemporary living, the documenting subject injects his energy wherever and whenever the circumstances allows it, circumstances which he seeks to create with time by testing the ground ahead.

TRAINED As a Paganini the documenting subject tries not to miss a day to practice his drawing although, differently than Paganini, he does not have a classical eductation but he is more of an autoditact.

PROACTIVE Rather than utlizing media as a tool for retroactive consumption this project pushes the boundaries of proactive capturing. The result is never a result but a work in progress wishing to provide active stimulus in the audience rather than se back nostalgia as charcteristic of media.

SEASONING This life enterprise is fascinated with the lasting exposure to time and the poetic effect it can render along with a monumentality hich is not the result of a media accelerated action but rather thr contrary.

EFFICENTThe documenting subject is like a machine when it comes to update every morning the Archive. Such an efficiency is necessary to then have time to live the rest of the day.

DEPENDENT While other parts of the project are completely independent and can be carried in complete self-autonomy, the Exhibits strongly relay on others whether institutions to host them or people to host the documenting subject while producing (e.g. In a more affordable and industrialized country).

INDOOR Despite the rather urban dimension in which the documenting subject acts, the Exhibits are all meant to happen inddor and under a roof, creating a new contemplative dimension to bring the audience into.

VALIDATING On top of all the validations humans have to make for the common security, the documenting subject adds phtotographing as some sort of existential validation

CHRONOLOGICAL All new entries are placed chronologically and keep their solidity only in this temporal order rather than any artificially imposed which will sooner or later be contested.

EXILEDThe most familiar state for the documenting subject is that of exile, and so his best friends and places.

PRUDENTDue to the amount of equipment carried around the waist, the documenting subject ought to keep a natural pace when for instance walking but generally also in life with his Archive practice keeping him more reflective.

LOVEFULThe quality of this project is assured by the willing of the documenting subject to take care of every of his sheep, having often to go back and rescue a single one.

CLEARThe photographing of object is also a seek for light in dark domestic environment particularly with the documenting subject's own shadow.

BRANDLES As any production gets branded the documenting subject has rather a strong reluctance to take any credits for his work which is rather consisting of potentials than final products stealing the viewer's imagination.

SUSTAINED While on one end the input of the project is guaranteed by a rich country in which the documenting subject survives without overwhelming struggle, the output can only occurr among the poor and humble who are willing to share and contribute to its execution.

INTERWOVEN The Website becomes a Website in a way that it creates links among the work itself and other works of this and other times and spaces.

SLOWED The publishing of a part of the project such as through an Exhibit, always slow down the actual Archive practice. Thus any retrospection becomes some sort of a break from the proactive work.

RELAXED As this project might give an overall impression of a extreme, it is actually a liberation from the maniacalism characterizing the life of the bourgheise. It frees the documenting subject from all that wordly attention exhausting the spirit and turns mania into pure passion and dedication towards something more elevated, love of existing.

NOBLE The exhibitions are sought ideally in noble places, castles, palaces and temples as noble is the intent of the project. This distanting from the modern museums and their styled architectures shifting away from a contemplative harmony that only symmetry and pure geometry can provide.

PATRONAGED The documenting subject is well aware that good taste can only come out of a noble patronage without which matured talents are reduced to misery and often end up in political contestation.

IN-THE-CLOUDS Despite dedicating much attention to reality, the documenting subject is often absorbed in writing and thinking and fantasizing for instance when walking in the public and not only alone at home.

PRECARIOUS The filming of the process often occurs in precarious situations making use of the urban infrastracture to position the camera, often in rather dirty surfaces in which the documenting subject has to fix an equally precarious positioning using for instance the camera lens cover or his mobile phone to lift the optic. Such a result might produce a shooting from below as in the dynamic documentation of Russian constructivists.

GLOOMY Despite the fact that the documenting subject always seek an elevation towards the sun, he is aware that such a sun, the light so well depicted by painters, overexposed the capturing devices such as his video camera. In this respect the best movies are often shot in a rather offuscateds and silvery light.

RICH As at first sight the documenting subject, as any other individual, might look plane and uninteresting, just the richness provided by the everyday instances he films to document his practice reveals how prolific life can be.

FRAGMENTED After attempting to mainatin a physical unity, the documenting subject, seeking his spiritual integrity ends up to a rather fragmented physical dimension which he has to patch up by keeping ubiquitous and actively connect these places in person.

PROVOCATIVE Many estreme fanatics such as the traditional religious ones like Islamic fundamentalists but also codern ones like radical femminists, will find the documenting subject's drawings most provocative and unacceptable, this despite the fact that they are the prodcut of a flow that is rather non-intentional.

PLAYFUL The Archive can be also considered as a game in which the documenting subject resort after a traumatic chilldhood being separeted from his father and later from, his father land. It is possibly the usual refugee of outsiders and the work to which they so eagerly dedicate to but also the work of those who represses wordly pleasures and find in the spiritual ones a substitute as mandalas for buddhists monks.

PYCHOANALITIC Without the aid of a psychologist, the overall system adopted brings conscious the unconscious. It is then a way to self analize the psyche and maintaing a certain equilibrium via a mastering of it.

RETIRED The documenting subject is careful to get out with his work that is actually still in progress and might get affected by a premature publishing.

CHILDISH The drawing of ideas are much in the mood of a childish kind of fantasizing which the documenting subject has had for instance with his child while for instance playing with him or with hi artists friends, also very spontaneous and childish.

SIMPLE Any unecessary element added to a drawing of ideas complicates it. By adhering to the original sketch in pencil, the one line drawing of the ink pen simplifies it to an essential representation of such an idea also found in Chinese traditional art and even more suggested by the fact that the drawings are not painted.

HOLLY Every time the documenting subject puts himself to perform one of his practices, a special moment arises. The speciality of such moment is probably made holly by the fact that such a performance will add on a work which is meant beyond the spatial and temporal boundaries, working as the very testament decoding life before death.

MYTHOLOGICAL In a very rationilized reality which anyway the documenting subject tries to live poetically, the construct he makes by altering hi rational meaning creates a world that suddenly potentially populated of manymythical like creatures, intuitive associations sabotaging that very dry rationality using in itself a rather scientific method of regeneration.

PROACTIVE Even the retroactive parts of the project has treated as proactive construction in which new dimensions are created in the same fashion as the old, in a constant repetive mode genrating always changing variations.

SERIOUS As social members takes their social roles much serious and their inner aspirations much lightly, the documenting subject has still a tendency to scorn such adult games yet takes much seriously his childish game, the fruit of his intuition shaped by a journey through fate.

CAMUFLAGED While the documenting subject is not really telematically connected as other humans beings, he thus himself make use of such technologies but to communicate with his innerself. In this respect he might look just as normal from an outside observation of his habit of for instance typing on his phone, yet the phone is kept offline and he is writes his own reflections keeping thus active and not submissive to media.

RENATURILIAZED As culture redundantly reproposing identical productions in different time and space, such as musical hits, human subconscious enters a black circuit. By annotating and recomposing these artificial identicals, an evolutionary state is regained. In this case it will be the actual performer of the resultin notations to provide a human dimension to these melodies, enabling to get out of his passive role of main-stream listener.

OUTSIDER The documenting subject's is distantiating himself from society and social relationships, from which he deeps himself in to then redistantiate. The same goes with his own introspective parts of his practice. In the latter he dips himself in himself to the redistantiate once again when for instance getting closer to society.

VIRTUAL The first priority of this life enterprise is the Virtual execution. In order to accomplish it the documenting subject has to garauntee the means for his survival and thus cannot liberally invest in more material outputs such as the Exhibit part of his project unless the means for survival are in abundance and the social circumstances allows it.

PRAYING Some of the more tedious work required by some parts of this project, like the scanning of the drawings, can be seen as some kind of religious pray in which the docunenting subject performs the same ritual over and over as also a worker of a factory.

FUNERAL The actual title of the project and all its intent are strong connotetions to its mortal faith which from almost the beginning has already embeded its end.

POLITICAL The illustrations produced for the Origins section of the project reveals the political consciousnes rising in the documenting subject after having experienced the evil side of humanity, particularly living in exile among other races in a time in which the last witnesses of human atrocities are dying out and the new generation seems to prepare for new atrocities.

REFRACTIVE The projects the documenting subject has intuitively embarked has somewhat determined his life. For instance the fact that he got into illustrating his Origins brought closer once again with his homeland and also brought him to discover signs of the ancient civilizations living there.

PATRIARCHAL This intuitive feeling of roaming to a different country and there suceed even if only virtually to fond a temple, is somewhat distinguishing the story of the documenting subject who has been later forced to leave such country in a sort of persecution against such patriarchism.

SURVIVING Parts of the projects shows the attempt of the documenting subject to survive society generated harms such as the bad polution he sometime cannot escape but has to minimize the direct exposure by finding alternatives side roads.

SILENT In his active observation and concentration, the docu,enting subject despises any noise and at all times seeks for silance particularly avoiding artificial and redundant noises which can drive him nut, yet much appreciating thw discovering of natural ones.

DISAPPRECIATED While the documenting subject has imposed on himself a foorm of enavement which supposevely ties him with his inner self, humans in eneral get more enslaved by society. In their enslavement they cannot appreciate and prise any of the documenting subject outcomes but rather seek to compensate their frustration with highly amplified media alterations, distortions and accelerations.

TIGHT Everything the documenting subject owns of value, namely the tools to accomplish his life project and its backup, are on him and thus he can be rather loose and uncerful of all his rather unvaluable sedentary properties but very csreful of himself in his nomadic being.

IMPRESSIVE The barbaric content of the illustrations of the Origins can be rather banal for adults but have certainly a great impact on kids that are quickly drawn into the visual narrative of the historical scenes.

AUGMENTING As a human may only reacall a couple of hundreds of faces, after which his subconscious starts merging them, the photographing of new aquainatnces open up and keeps open this panorama, providing a vivid phtographic memory also to the documenting subject's consciousness.

MASTERING The whole project can be seen as an attempt from the documenting subject to be able to master with time a large variety of styles and media. In this respect we may view him as an artist in the Eastern traditional sense, in his daily mastering of those arts, in his constant willing to keep them perfected rathe than in a more Western like manner of bringing one art to exuberance and consume it.

GENERATING Rather than a system for representation, this quite structural project can be seen as a system for proactive generation of content where the old is forgotten to leave way to the ever growing evolution.

EXEMPLAR This project may also only function as a mere example showing the possibility of forming one self even in a time in which humans possibility of dissipation has highly increased with the pervasivemess of media.

READY-MADE The documenting subject tries to take things as they are and as they were given to him without imposing and or forces any drastic changes, or setting into processes which are against the nature of the context in which they are thought.

RENEWED The documenting subject writes for instances one dream but does not stop to it and analyze it. He thus forget about it and rather move forward, allowing himself to live on without the burden of historu and allowing the reader to read his flows of content however they like, generating new possibilitied in them as well rather than locking them down with an analysis.

UNSPLIT While the social life requires every member to split between professional and private life, the documenting subject bridges such a split with his everyday practices becoming also the subject of his profession.

PROPHETIC The extracts taken fro other texts are most likely sharp comments on our present human condition and that to come, morals, passgaes worth remembering to reflect upon our condition.

SELECTIVE Rather than accumulating, the documenting subject can be seen as a Noah's selecting the animals to bring in his Ark or an Etruscan selecting the tools to bring his grave, as them the documenting subject is also preparing for such an ultimate journey.

TRADITIONAL As the old traditions and conventions have been partially wiped, this project can be also seen as an attempt to re-establish a tradition which is more suited to our multimedia environment, or at least an approach to its creation which may never consolidates as such media keeps evolving.

RESISTANT The whole effort of the documenting subject has been that of attempting to reactivate his human faculties turned passive by a pervasiveness of mass media. In this respect he has adopted a set of every day disciplines adoppting that very media becoming an active producers also when he is forced to consume as visible in the last six parts of the meta part of the project. Despite the effort of inculcating this method to his son and students, results has yet to be seen whether they will also embrace such an rehumanizing and superhumanizing approach or the project will have to come to an end in order to demostrate its exemplary relevance.

OFFENSIVE The position taken by the documenting subject is not neutral nor fanatic. As visible in his essays, he thus move certain offensives and certain prejudices placing the reader in a certain state of agitation, being sharp yet without cuting.

COMPLETE The Virtual architecture aimed by this project reproduces all the elements and phenomena of the outer world. In this respect it is an inner world attempting to stage the outer world in all its completness, both in its actors furnished with actions voices and faces, and its background with its scenography and audio visual effects.

COMPERA8LE Not only the month productions of the Archive are comparable among each of the generated flows, but also strings of elements within the same flow as it is also the case of the row-footages of the Website part of the project.

RESTLESS As the sun and or something beautiful reveals himself to the documenting subject, he becomes restless of any kind of captivation and escape to for instance film a frozen landscape in a bright day or an abandoned industrial site. It is a strong call to beauty, to a fullfilment of an aesthetic , a noble instinct of seizing those precious moments which also hits his sensibility has something of the past, a going back to his childhood in the context of his native landscape, a mortal attraction.

PRIVATED Certain parts of this project can be seen as substitutes to what the documenting subject has been privated of such as the Journal is certainly a replacement of the daily account he used to write to his biological father before the latter got out of control with his alcholism. In the same fashion the dream diary could be somewhat replacing the spiritual association to his twin sister.

HARDCORE As most artistic venues shines of an aphrodisiac and soft vanity, this project persues the potential beyond the any of such vanity contentment, producing a thourough body of work which constitutes in this respect a whole world of its own, independent and possibly more coherent than the official one.

IDEALISTIC As social members are drawns to consume their nature, the documenting subject shows the possibility suitable for our technology driven time, of mystifing it, mystification being the only way to preserve nature from such consumption.

GENIAL As society gets further educated with instructions to be creative the fables do not respect any such method of creative composition but rather it is a constant shooting of what these methods will never allow to achieve, namely what only talent can manifest, authentic strokes of geniality.

FREE Not fully belonging to any society, the documenting subject frees himself from all the taboos and conentions they pose, unafraid for instance to discuss in his essays subjects that are not considered of a certain elevation or has being excluded from consideration. The same goes when creating and dealing with the mundane everyday when everyone else is shifting the focus to politics.

EXPERIMENTAL The whole project can be seen as a long term experiment evolving over time. It's main proof is the possibility of still being able to exist despite the increazing decentrilization of humans undertaken by scientific proofs.

HISTORIFYING The documenting subject is certainly histrifying but we the only difference that his historification begins from scratch without any consideration of the previous achievements of history which would only impeed any such undertaking, an inspiring rather antiquting kind of historifying.

REGENERATING Paradoxically, as the capacity to archive and capture human memory increases exponentially, life risks to become more burocratic and ininteresting. In addition the very memoirs human creates might end up forgotten into an unretrievable and obsolete format. The Virtual part of this project attempts to go over this paradox by composing his memoir in a rigorous and thus more interpretable syntax and a spatial presentation to be able to allow new associations of the resulting syntaxes.

INTERWOVEN The various layers in the paintings are interwoven among themselves coming in the background and foreground. In this sense the reproduction of these painting in woven fabric is most suitable.

ADJUSRtABLE The vanishing point of a place is not only given by the space itself and its fixed componenets, but also by those components that temporaly inhabitates it, such as people thotugh whicjh the documenting subject has to relocate the vanishing point into a new temporal one.

WELLDISPOSED The rather disciplined schedule the documenting sunlbject has to mantain regularly and mostly at the beginning and at the end of the day, has to fin him well disposed to get on a new working section. As the desire to fulfil his vision pacifies, the disposition comws from mere habit in which the documenting subject, like a farmer is trained.

AWARE In the analysis of his month productions the documenting subject bring forward an awarness of the circumstances and conditions in which each of them was created. Those month productions requiring longer time to be executed like the drawings and the 3d shape of clouds, will rpovide an account of a time that is even up to a year back thus in this sense interlacing with accounts provided almost coinciding with that period, as those requiring little or no post-production.

REFRESHED As the abstraction of a tradition kept alive by artificial institutions is rejected, the documenting subject as any other subject may only restore himself by constructing a new a more authentic tradition starting from his own self.

COMBINED The old dicotomy charcterizing Southern art being narrative and Northern art being descriptive is erased in this project being both at the same time.

DILIGENT As a monk transcribing the truth of the holy scriptures, the documenting subject meticulosly transcribe the sections of other essays he finds particularly enlighting in respect to part of hi life prectice or more generally to the whole of his enterprise.

EMBEDDED As the first forms of religious art, the products of this project are not meant as signle pieces to be viewed singularly, but rather as part of a bigger architecture. Potentially they can indeed be like the later kind of bourgeois art and be disimbeded but it is not what they are meant for.

PREDICTING In the long run and based on the data recorded for instance concerning the weather, the documenting subject becomes even able to predict the upcoming data. While in detail this data change from day to day, overwhole the patterns can follow a similar trend.

SANTIFYING The collection of the lives of artists and their work as meta part of this project, becomes like an updated book on saints. It is in this sense comparable with works such as that of narrative paintings in Italy at the beginning of the Reinassance.

POLARIZED In all the polarizations artificially created to distinguish and label humans and their outcomes against oneanother, the documenting subject avoid such an easy affection generating much hate and rather opt to make distinctions between what is conceived under a wordly ambition and what is conceived under a spiritual one and in this sense polarizing between that and those who istitutionalize and that and those who, more like nomads, live precariously to bring forward a delicate poetic without the sealed comfort of these institutions.

RESISTANT The documenting subject not only resists enduring his practice but in this sense his very practice is a resistance towards the increase of surplus commodities but in particular towards a media absorbing rather than enhancing human intellectual capabilities.

PROGRESSIVE The overall project has been growing progressively, starting from a very basic ''knowing of thyself'' fro which the documenting subject has been naturally expanding.

SCHEMATIC While social member are required to be schematic in their careera and irremdiably dissolute in their private lives, the documenting suject as a more schematic private life suitable to fit his quite improvised and unpredictable way of surviving.

REVERSED In some instances of the project like in those presenting related cultural productions, media are utilized contrary to what they are meant having photos moving and shooting still films.

MORTORIUM As the small commamorations of the dear deads in ancient Roman and Chinese houses, the meta part of the project also dedicates one part to the past dears who were of strong influence to documenting subject and mostly accompanied him to a certain point of his spiritual journey.

DIFFERENTIATED When pondering new part of the projects the main idea is to repeat the same patterns but with variations, thus no using the same medium in the same way.

COPYING As a monke re-writing day after day the holly scriptures, the documenting subject also meticulosly take copy of reality, his existence as the ultimate unquestionable mistery he is left with.

LIMBO The documenting subject viscillates from a stae of totaly hollyness to a state of evilness which his absorbed in his attempt to puritu from the pervasive surrounding to which he responds by erecting such a meta representation, the homogenization and seasoning this assimilation has undergone.

ASEXUAL The meditative state which the project brings, have the documenting subject to become most ascetic and reverse his sexuality instead in certain outcomes of the projects that deals more with the subconscious, and generally immagination such as dreams, ideas and clouds which are again also stimuluses collected from the actual surroundings.

COMPOSED The various parts of the project can be seen compositions. Whike those created proactively in the Archive have to be brought together to create an orchestra effect, the meta parts of the project, are already completed compositions to be consumed isolated.

INTERNATIONAL The various part of a project, despite being conceived by the mono prespective of the documenting subject, offers a rather broad panorama of international occurences which he has exposed himself to in his physical and mental investigation.

TRAUMATIZED The ilusstrations of the documenting subject's origins reflects a chain of traumas which repeats themselves over history and which repercussion may be still found at the bottom of his subconscious which also the interpreter of such distant events.

DIRTY The paintings of the Archive are more like scenographies sketched in different layers that despite being of one dominant color reatin the dirt of the other colours when the genral design was quickly conceived. In this respect the latter part of the process is more of a time consuming definiton of this layers in a single chromature.

NARRATING While the proactive parts of the project wants the documenting subject to get in life experiences, the retroactive parts are somewhat a distantiation from life, a more traditional form of telling stories that has already happened or could happen but are not happening, or in someway their tragic content is unfolding but the very telling subdue their progress.

UNACESSIBLE While much of the content is made publicly accessible , this project is actually a subtraction from the public realm, a cargo of potnetials awaiting to be liberated in a new and purified realm.

READY-MADE As it becomes harder for the documenting subject as any other creator to access the industrial production, the hacking of ready made products becomes fundamental to elaborate the oucomes of his lie project.

BARBARIAN In order to fullfill his project, the documenting subjest steps over all sort of rights and forms of knowledge conoliztion which hinder genuine creativity and would make his undertaking impossible.

RENOBILITIZing Generally the project, and most particularly its meta reflective part can be seen as a giving back a good quality to content worth remembering and that has fragmented in the bad quality caused by mass consumption and distributin.

MAD The recording of thoughts, liberates the documentig subject from his deeper thinking, bringing, in his prophecies, a sanity to the intricated psychological complexes the silent coondition of social emancipations, creates.

FASHIONABLE The Exhibit of the project is a sort of surplus which, like fashion, only occurs if there are extra means. In this respect, no exhibitons might occur in a state of economic recession but the years of surplus will be waited.

UNSTABLE While the project itself may be criticized for its stability, one may take in account the necessity for it due to the continuous changes and revolutions in the very life of the documenting subject, the material filtered through such stable framework. In the more usual case of a stable content then (e.g. the life of a bourghoise) the opposite would have been necessary, a loose framework.

SOLAR The documenting subject, despite living in quite gloomy and nordic environments, maintains his solar and genuine approach in rendering the various parts of his project. Rarely he migh however get into more morbid thinking characteristic of these Northern shores.

PURE All that is brought in from the outside is somewhat purified and taken in a more ordered and aestetically appealing fashion. It is then the content that is clean and not the illusion of a standardized template utilized by media corporations.

SELECTIVE The whole project can be seen as a way to select out from the avalanche of information dragging humanity, what can be potentially useful and worth remembering from this overload.

ANIMATING Like a choreography the slideshows of the metaparts of the project dance to the sound of the music accompany it. Archived images that would have otherwise die forgotten.

COLOSSAL Such an attempt to codify reality under multiple perspectives is rather ambitous yet it lays its fundament in slow continuous construction through time without any accelerated shortcuts.

MULTIDISCIPLINARY As disciplines seems to be enforced to constrain any geniality, the documenting subject makes full use of today potential to utilize many a discipline and thus providing clashing perspectives which wants the reader himself to actively interpret and analyze.

BATTLING At every new stage in which the life project is amplified with a new layer, the documenting subject has to face a new battle to master it. Such control is soon taken, yet the documeenting subject is not completely victorious as he also might compromise his health which will take time to only partially recuperate.

COMPOSED The amplification of the project is no stroke of genius but follows the patterns already established by the previous set of laws. An unusual part of the project can then be just the result of a component that required to be there to compensate the others, as a blue color in a predominantly yellow and red composition.

TIME-KILLING Many of the more subconscious driven projects are more the results of a boredome caused by having to wait for social circumstances. Immagination in this respect comes as a way to go beyond such demorilizing occasions.

COMPACT While appearing rather spatious and monumental, this project can be rather seen as a design for the most compact testimony to be communicated and or brought to the afterlife. The same goes for the documenting subject way of living in a most essentail and yet independent manner whithout any surplus and very much economy driven stocism with regular edonistics experiences.

REAL Although the physicalization of the project might never be realized, its Virtual condition seems more real that the fake outcome one is to peceive in the real world, such as that of modern architecture which on this respect can be seen as more real in the environment where it was executed, again the Virtual.

TELLING From a very silent begining, the documenting subject have increasingly added project that have been more verbal and musical, like the evolution of child learning to speak and express himself or the very evolution of language from gerogriphics, through writing and into multimedia forms.

REVERSING As noble attempts become popular, this project and particuarly some instances of the meta part, can be seen as a reversing tendency in which what has been turned vulgar is brought to nobility once again, in a new form.

NATURAL The documenting subject tends to construct out of what is already given without pushing to construct out of things he do not have. In this respect, the resulting construction is rather a reutilization of what is provided by the environment, something normal in a natural context and considered abnormal in an artificial one.

INTERPRETATIVE The photographing started as a way to document fro a day, the things that had affect the dreams of the previous night or might have affected those of the following. In this respect much was catalogued from reality in order to link that to the subconscious.

DARING: If on one side it is the documenting subject who has dared to go beyond his naturally preset limits, artificial footing has brought him at the same footing with immigrants who left their countries not for the sake of a spiritual undertaking but only tempted by consumism.

EMANCIPATED As emanciptaion seems to be at the base for a spiritual sensibility, the documenting subject seems to have a natural tendency to self-induce it, ideally by isolating himself into a natural and sublime, but ultimately ending at the margins of society.

NORDIC As the use of technology is more suitable in extreme conditions where humans requires it to survive, ths documenting subject is based in a nordic environment where contemporay technology seems more fitted.

EDITED Alowly the documenting subject has moved from a fixed system which does not required any post editing, to master a more flexible system with some retroactive editing. This micro-editing is however treated again as small outcomes of the fragmented history he is creating.

HUMBLE This project avoids any wordly ambition, an ambition which will throw it into chaos like that of a babel tower. In this respect it pursues more the accomplishment of a Noah like ark, conceived in the hidden, collecting the potential rather than exhausted outcomes.

IMMERSIVE Rather then philosophizing about other people, the documenting subject, as with his own work, immerse himself in the work of others by actively reanalyzing. This analyses then arises from a reworking of the works.

BREAKING The documenting subject is careful not to indulge over excesses typical of his specilized age thus he avoids to be too labor oriented or too intellectual trying rather too healthly balance his work, which in reality is also an excuse not too specilize on a specilization but rather on life itself, thus the universal.

DISCREPANT All the temporal and spatial information are disconnected creating a black out for the suirvelliance type of system wanting to track individuals to maintain power over them. The autobiographical data is ratheronly interpretable by the single human alone and his intimate and sensitive relation to it.

MINDED The documenting subject is aware that prejudice are like a jungle and in this respect he does not choose to leave in the darkness of it but neither in the total open.

FRAMED Despite aknowledging that self-imposed frames boast creativity, the documenting subject is aware of the diminishment affecting the individual when constrained by external frames imposed artificially which do not match his natural cosmos of meanings.

EMPHATIC The documenting subject not only register reality with a future audience in mind but also his fututre self when he for instace, will have to render the clouds or drawing he annotates.

DESIGNED The documenting subject bases all his work on a master design as if this design was given to him from the almighty, and he is only there to execute it.

BREAKING The frame imposed by the social and cultural establishments are no longer suitable for a practice which expands any of the limits set by them. In this respect the document subject avoid any reframe under these conventional paragmises which can only diminish the potential of such expanded undetaking.

SHORT In expressing himself, whether through text, audio, image or video, the documenting subject attempts to be brief despite all the social context wanting to be pedantically long in expression and brief in the motivation where is actually where he enjoys being long and more profound.

CONTAINED The only passion the documenting subject truly manifest is that related to his esistential survival. Everything unrelated is first approached with the same passion but later discarded as soon as it collides with the former and or is followed by a didillusion which again enforces his dedication to his survival drive.

LOVEFUL The documenting subject has a strong inclination to love and take care of what is need and yet he is confronted with a technology driven intermittency which dictates when he should and should not do so. This intermittancy is at the base of his virtual undertaking which makes up all this fragments of love into a continuoum.

SINGLE The documenting subject ends up operating in several environments but their outcome is always tending to be presented in one signle room rather than sevral. It is for in stance the case with the Virtual building, a one large room in same ways representing his soul, the silence within hhimself, his spirit.

ALTERNATED The documenting subject equally alternates moments in which he says, for instance his thoughts, and moments in which he just listens to, for istance, the voice of the wind.

FIX The documenting subject attempts to collect systematycally every moment of truth, a truth worth to be remembered. It is in this anxiety that he has developed a system of total recording which sets him at easy, as the passing truth can then be capture if not by one part of the systemm by another, as nets of different matrixes capture a passing fish in a river.

ENCYCLOPAEDIC The approach of the project is never to repeat the itself in each part but with variation. In this respect also the material utilized in the exhbith are different, ranging from wood, to glass, metal, plastic and ceramic

GATHERING The project is also an ark gathering the disapearing crafts which humans are progressively abandoning in their becoming technical.

AUTHORITYPHOBIC This project is conceived independently and rather hidden due also to a certain fear of any authority who the documenting subject seeks to avoid at all times, doing things without their permission and dependence.p

RESIGNIFYING As the contemporary individual gets surrounded by signifiers that are imposed on us to persuade him into the different brands of the capitalist economy, an effort can be made to reappropriate oneself of these impositions to resignify the signifiers to the very existence of the individual. In this way of thinking, the individual should be able to control his life rather than be controlled.

REIMMERSED The practice of documentation becomes a way to reestablish an interest towards nature from which we have distantiated by becoming the very consumers of that very documenting media provided by coorporations.

READJUSTING The sequence of raw footages filming the documenting subject while doing his work can be seen as representing moments of transitions in which he has to adapt to have the various parts of his project to adapt to new circumstances.

DARING The documenting and in particular the filming makes the documenting subject dare to push to the uexplored and go beyond the conventional familiar.

DETACHED The documenting subject, although expwriencing the same allienation of progress, being born in a remote yet charming and ancient nature, has always a hope to get back to it, away from the hopelessness characterizing intellectuals lacking a natural background.

PSYCHOGEOGRAPHIC The documenting subject makes use of his intuition to move about both physical and virtual spaces. The path taken is dictated by circumstances and may defere if taken a different time, but a certain style of choices, a characteristic tactic is discernable.

AZZIMO While most of the projects part are let fermented, in the constant transitions the documenting subject experiences in his life in exile, the time for a full fermentation is only possible while on the move.

GROUNDED While intellectual practices go astray, not having any ground in the real, this project is a firm point of departure from a real, to which the dodumenting subject ought to return in order to keep it up.

ORDERED The project might be also an attempt to bing the confusion to order, a confusion dominating a surrounding which the documenting subjetc is in no power to take care of, as its natural inclination would suggest him.

POOR The documenting subject does not mind to sacrifice hie excess and content himsel with the essential, which is at the base of his constructions. This essentailization provides him the framework from which he is motivated to build on, the destruction of which may occur if this again leads to eccess.

UNPERFECT Althought the a aim of the project is towards a total perfection,this perfection is never willingly reach as that lwads to ultimate death or worst the revange of the gods upset of a mortal attempt to compete with their perfect immortality.

POPULAR The classiv formation that rhe documenting subject is attempting to impress on himself, is constantly undermine by the popular culture. In this respect he does not block this process but attempts to make use of it to rehabilitate a classical composition through the ready mades this low culture dictated by a fragmentary technology provides.

ABSENT Whike the tendency with new technologies is a constant presence and immediate ephemeral communication, the type of project the documenting subject undertakes wants him instead rathher absent. The type of communication here then is a more solid one meant to be read at distance.

MARGINAL The production of this life project can be seen as not only running at the margins of mainstream culture but also at the margin of the very life of the documenting subject producing mostly in the early morniing and evenings and leaving the core of the day to life itself. This also makes it differ from most intellectual and cultural enterprises which, focusing on the main, inevitably tends to become meta discourses, abstractions unable to focus but on the very state of being out of focus.

PAUSED often according to the various circumstances in life, parts of the projstcs are paused and other are resumed providing a balanced in and out perspective on these various parts.

COMPULSIVE The compulsiveness representing these life practices can be only seen as a reflection of the redundant repetitions implicit of technology. While the later are redundant and disorient the individual in reproducing themselves identically over time and space, the repetition of the former varies slightly and thus regain a natural process throguh time.

CONTRAST In many instances the parts of the project contrast themselves between their being trasitional approach in documenting the same circumstances or new ones. In some instancenslces this contrast is present within the part itslef like in the record of newer songs recognized from the radio and the older ones the documenting subject himself spontaneously whistle or sing based on his emotions. The latter constitute a ground of selected songs which is slowly altered by the former.

REBEL The documenting subject tends to subdue out of formalities and go rather on with his practice, breaking the indoor and passive comodity of intellectuals ans rather go out to the world for his solitary production, and possibly more truthful representation as the framework was not given but self crafted along the way. It is then a more truthful and authentic approach only within the circumstances he has been operating.

BREAK-OFF Often the documenting subject attemts to break the social ties that so much hiinders him from the execution of his self-formation. In this respect some parts of the project can be understood as tactics to survive an inevitable socializing, making use of it also as part of the formation that is being by it undermined.

MANAGED As natural resources the documenting subject manages the putcomes of his project, aware os when it is time to take care of them, distribute them or let them rest.

ABSTAINING The documenting subject attempts with his practice to abstain from any social practice od deformation and rather insists for an invidually tailored practice of self formation.

POTENTIAL The fact that this project is focused on potential is accentuated by for instance the collection of portraits which often represents people which are still not completely defined, then mostly young but also old ones who have kept themselves open and flexible in their becoming despite the suspicion that society have towards them.

DUSCOVERING The project documents not only ebery dsy life but the very process of discovering and learning that rhe documenting subject with his curiosity and surprise undertakes.

UNCONVENTIONAL Also within the conventional choices the documenting subject has to take to conform to the main stream, he is able to take uncoventional routes and thus explore the unconventional within the conventional.

SENSITIVE The choices taken by the documenting subject are often dictated by acertain sensibility towards nature, as his willing to be outdoor exploring the surrounding in a sunyy day or indoor exploring himself in arainy day.

EXPERIENCED The documenting subject enterprise is based on not knowledge alone but first on experiencing in first person and with all his senses.

UNCONFORTABLE In all the references points that the documenting subjects creates around him, the element of disconforts becomes that to keep with them all, being them so far apart.

STRUCTURED The structure applied by the documenting subject is meant to capture something still organic and volatile. This structural attempt then differs from the most common structural attempt applied in already captured context such as the net of a fisherman in a wild river representing the former and the net of a giant boat in a defined sea where a controlled society of standardized fishes dwell. The latter metaphor represents the ambitious structural approaches from which this more poetic approach disassociates.

POLITICAL Ultimately,the documenting subject does manage to provide, as a final moral, a message commenting on our being human in today circumstance. Such a message may to a certain extend be more or less, if not adopted, reflected.

DECISIVE All the documenting subject enterprise is characterized by a rather drastic way to make decisions. As choices needs to be made, he often promptly react, almost instinctively as if in a face to face confrontation with the enemy or on a journey which is anyway determined by providence. Such prompt decison making is however often blocked and confused anytime social interferences come about.

RELAXING While certain parts of the project can be conceived as neurotic, several are actually quite relaxing and works as a meditative break from the stress of contemporary life.

SENSITIVE The documenting subject is most sensitive to the reaction of the people surrounding him concerning his documentation and avoids any eccess with those that might grow irrascible, possibly in the long run avoiding them all together and hang out with those that are more open and playful.

INTERNATIONAL As his financial situation is stabilized, the documenting subject opens up to the world and maintain international relationships mostly even at the private level, becoming as well quite hospitable towards strangers.

PERIODICAL The documenting subject apply himself to different parts of the prject with various intensities as the different work of a farmer in different seasons.

CAPACIATED As intellectual practices are hindered by the monitoring institutions to fully grow, this project is an attempt to grow in its ful capacity without the constant ridimensioning and control of the dictating disciplines, lazy in the comfort of their own discourse.

DIRECTING Based on the poetic the documenting subject undertakes, his life gets directed towards one configurataion more than another.

EXTERIORIZED In his effort to construct a subjective realm, the documenting subject seems to find the exterior surrounding more of a projection of his inner spirituality than viceversa.

LOWKEY The documenting subject rather lives a bit off and low key, and acts in such fashion without exposing himself to higher level, nor desiring them but only experinecing them at times, temporaly.

AESTETIC As all succesful cultural productions seems either to focus on a political message or on mere aestetic purposes without a message, the message of this project is in itself a pursue of an absolute aestetic distancing itself from respectively the brutality and the emptiness of the former. As a light approach of the kind might be considered naive, the project embraces the task in full scale, adopting and asimilating but mostly filtering the ugly chaos into a beautiful order, renaturilizing the brutal artificialization through by taking personal control of the very artifacts for a reproductive consumption.

DETACHING The project can be seen as a process in which the documenting subject continuosly connect and disconnect himslef from some of his arts to connect to other and then to disconnect from them in order to return to the prvious ones.

MEDIOEVAL Not like a medioevalist encapsulating itself in the study of ancient texts alone, but rather as a medioeval humanist, the documenting subject makes use of the systems at his disposal to create and recreate intellectual mecchanisms, lubrificating, adding and borrowing cog wheels to a precarious construction to which he is the motorr alone.

SELECTIVE The documenting subject is quite trained to make quick choices and select when for instance deciding upon what to include or not.

TECHNOLOGICAL While the project makes constant use of tecniques, it avoids accelerating technologies, media that overcome processees. The technology here is rather adopted to unfold the natural process rather than bypass it.

ALPINIST Particular instances of the life project are characterized by an instinct to let go everything in order to reach the sublime, climb above the artificial corruption and behold on the natural splendour. This operation also requires artificial support and then the question becomes how to maintain these two aspects.

ORGANIZED The very organization established to pursue the project facilitates its production even in times in which the documenting subject is out of focus and have other things in lifee to take care of.

LISTENING Certain parts of the project are more explicitly dedicated to listening rather than saying. This even when it is the very documenting subject to speak, this time however not through is consciousness but through is subconscious as for instance in the case of the melodies coming spontaneously to his head.

ARISTOCRATIC The documenting subject feels the need of a niche of cultural aristocrats to guarantee a qualitative direction. With this he aknowledges that this niche should be open to include the outsider and should not blend in any direct political involvement or direct commercial participation.

BELLIC The documenting subject is equipped like a light mountain soldier, a partisan using light artilliery and avoiding all the heavy artilliery and ambititous undertaking of the official army in a battle against institutionalization and death of life itself.

UNEDITABLE The outcome of the project becomes like unchangable documents of time and in this respect holy and authentic scriptures which any change or postediting would undermine.

PRODIGIOUS This project is characterized by a return to the father, a father that, on the contrary, like a son has already escaped the primary father, his link to nature.

INDIAN The documenting subject comes from a still rather indigenous premise surrounded by natural meanings and shocked by progress. In this respect he belongs to a second generation of shocked indians tries to regain an identity wiped out in a previous generation which has turned to drinking and abusing the artificial.

UNTOUCHED The rules of the project are kept untouched and this provides it with a tradition, the enrichment of which has come through an addition and thus not though an edition of such laws, contrary to the common trend of continuous revision and insecurity facilitated by a too verstaile media. In this respect the project engrave on stone also in the most ephemeral of media.

ADISCIPINARIAN In the implicit construction of several disciplines as part of the project, the documenting subject applies moments in which this disciplines are put to question and have to face shift or have to be applied on rel circumstances such as traveling and being exposed to a big forest or a big city. In this respect with can see cycles of comfort in which the discipline is mastered and disconfort in which the discipline is not trained but ought to be applied.

IGNORANT The documenting subject purposely keep within his slf constructed faith without questioning it and really without attempting any knowledge that is too high nor either too low such as all the evil distributed to the masses to consume. Such evil is only gathered sideways and it is seen rather as a supreme natural intervention, a strike directed by providence rather than the devil.

EFFICENT The project is permeated by a positive attitude which relaxes any anxiety by aknowledging that everything will be accomplished when the time will come.

DEEPER As the knwoledge from the ouside make be delivered superficially, this project can be also seen as a method to perceive more profoundly. This is for instance the case of new aquaintances who are met at social gathering and photographed. The meeting might be quite superficial but the editing of their single portrait require a longer time in which the documenting subject can immerse himself in every single hair of the person while extracting manually the background.

ARCHIVING The documenting subject is really attentive not to archive things for the sake of the archive. It rather a form of documenting where the content comes to him and he is able to create a mapping of the ways he has carriedmanaged to second this flow.

ALTRUIST The actual materialization of the project, as for example the physical construction of the Virtual building, is only planned just before the documenting subject's death. In this respect he will not live up to experience any celebration of his life comitment which is entirely left to the new generation to find inspiration from it and bast new passions.

PRODUCTIVE Both dusks and dawns are productive periods for the documenting subject. The mornings however mostly deal with technology as an artificial sun light awaking the self while the evening productions let go to technology and are mostly conducted analogically, also not to disturb the upcoming dreams. This partition may be found in the very life production with its technical exordium and analogye ending.

RESIGNIFYING Much of the theoretical work conducted by the documentic subject consists on revising past productions and review them in the contest in which he empirically operates.

LIVING The whole project can be seens as a constant postponing of the time to die by not indeed finilizing but laways keep elaborating on and rengaging with fresh energy into every micro process.

SELFORIENTED The project makes its best putput when the documenting subject is alone orienting himself in a territory. When this occurs under the guidance of others, he might looses his focus as in the case of trying to recollect a walk where he was not leading but he was lead.

CONNECTING The project can be seen as an attempt to collect through time the pieces of a puzzle, this rather organically, creating several clusters and then connecting them, without any rigid systemitization but rather always keeping in the back of the mind its long term ultimation.

LIGHT Aside for the quality, the documenting subject seek his equipment to be light and not obstrusive or of a hinder to his life. In this respect the quality of the result is often taken in lower consideration.

MARKING The relation the documenting subject establishes between places and people is always rather deep and with a tendency to leave somewhat of a mark. In the case of artificial places the mark is meant to be left on its inhabitants yet with in mind an idyllic trace, an erection of a monument to the spirit in a natural landscape.

RESISTING As the human surrounding gets pervaded with persuasive media, the practice conducted by the documenting subject becomes a discipline to not only resist the betrayal of the self to such media but also provide an alternative which in contrast, offers a deeper rooting withn oneself.

OPENESS As contemporary humans might close themselves to everyday stimulus, by means of this project the documenting subject keeps several valves opens, getting inspired by the surrounding with for instance, his ideas or by other cultural productions etc. In this sense he maintains the element os surprise of a kid and the state of love of a young man.

VACATING The documenting subject works when he is not supposed to and rest when he supposed to work, this in comparison with the usual patterns of his contemporary social workers.

SEASONAL The documenting subject seeks for virgin situations to explore, seeking natural changes over time and distantiating from the contemporary attempt to crystillize the natural evolution.

FAMILIRIZING The project can be seen as a process of familirization with the brutal alienation taken forth by wordly ambitions of human corporations.

NETWORKING Following the drive of executing his project, the documenting subject keeps navigating across a vast network of always changing relationships which might culminate at end of his enterprise but it is anyway doom to fade away with time and be replaced. His project is thus only a radiography of this within a settle time frame, his active part of life.

DIVIDED The documenting subject seems divided between the nature in which he would permanently settle and the artificial he undergoes for the sake of his project which is in a way a search for a ultimate natural settlement but however unsettles his attempts to link to a nature which is probably then not the promised land.

POWERFUL The documenting subject to put a rather constant and diluted vigor in the execution of his project as for instance in the filming of it.

NATIVE The documenting subject interact with the surrounding, even the new surrounding, as a native, an indigenous, a hunter exploring and collecting hints but most of all respecting them, making treasure of them as signs of a providence which he is among the few to still venerate.

HUMAN The project is the result of a mecchanism in which the primary motor is the documenting subject powering with all his physical and metal efforts the mecchanic of the wheel. Is effort can be in this way seen as the remaining of a wind mill which can inspire the immagination of future visitors.

VINTAGE Aside from adding up and reframing his project with new technology, the project attempts to mantain the previous technologies encapsulated within the newer capsules, in this sense also mainting certain out of date style which provides a rather vintage looking effect.

BASIC As for the tools the documenting subject utilizes for his project, he somewhat needs only elementary feature, this despite the tendency dictated by progress to add up million of possibilities in on top of them.

ATLETIC The documenting subject maintains much agility when executing parts of his project for instance when filming himself, or simply drawing or conducting other tasks he has learned to master.

STRESSED As on top of the project many other socila incumbances might befall on the documenting subject, he might feel stressed and as a result have for instance very sexual ideas or songs keeping on playing in the back of his head.

MANAGING The documenting subject revaluating the incomes and outcomes of his project based on the natural and artificial resources to him available, namely his physical and mental conditions and his economical and social ones.

TANGIBLE While the documenting subject seeks light equipment, he seeks something still tangible and with some manuality and heaviness, not too virtual and ephemeral then.

UNSHARED With all the sensible documenting involving other people and places the project, can only be shared with few intimate ones who would not uprise against it and it is mostly ,eant as a trace of the present for the future.

SENSITIVE The documenting subject seems to endorse the ongoing human struggle, the subtle tragedy inherited particularly from his fathers, victims of a technology driven ambitions causing much diaspora amng them, such as during the great conflicts.

SENSITIVIZED By traveling around and being exposed directly to a diversity of cultures the documenting subject opens up his spectrum of sensitive reception and in this respect, broadening his sense of empathy for the single indicviduals extracted from crowds.

NARRATIVE In atime in which anyone represent and very professionally, the issue is again to create meaningful and readable narrative but also an aestetic in which our aestetic being can be contemplated.

POETIC The project can be seen as a rediscovery of poetic in a time which poetic can be seen as the only salvation towards total automation and allhienation. Thei is done not by rejecting automation but by emboding it completely in the human behavior and developing a poetic language slowly, from this base, this embodiment.

PERFORMATIVE The project is not mere representation but involves performative and life affective undertaking by the documenting subject which do not lack a subtle but constant risk particularly due to the persistence in performing the documentation parameters.

ON-THE-ROAD Not only the documenting subject often finds his best alternating times being on the road and reading the world, but also he is most inspired by those who have seen the world on their feet and have a story to tell.

LEVELED The different levels in which the project is conceives also correspond to his level of comitment which ranges from very high when the parts of the project deals with himself, to low when the part of the projects involve others and the discipline cannot be enforced but has to be negotiated as it is the case of the portrait of aquaintances.

CONFIDENTIAL Not only the project has evolved to talk with the heart and be fully confidential but also others seem to open up with the documenting subject as if the project was a pretext.

CHRONOLOGICAL No real categorization is applied to the project but a chronlogy which is not questionable. This also concerns the new parts of the project which has added up in order to map out coherently larger areas of total wrepresentation.

IMPRESSIVE Many parts of the project are based on the construction of visuals which, like ancient memory images impresses the mind. This practice came in fact as a mean to remeber dreams through menatlly created visual compositions.

HOMAGING As it might look that the documenting subject as one who has left his fathers, we might instead reconsider his practice as that of whom is in fact paying often homage to them, by for instance returning to older cultural productions. In a way he has abandoned the father who has betrayed his father. He returning to the original father.

MAXIMIZED While pften the approach seems to be be that of removing, reducing, minimilizing, cleaning, after much struggle the documenting subject has opted to keep the umbrella open to aset multitude of possibilities, not too little nor too many, like the type of vegetables in a garden or the ethnics in a city. In this respect, minimalism even culture could be seen as some sort of removal and uprooting and castrating of a larger emotional empathy, at least in that of communication.

SUFFERED The content provided through this project is the result of a subtle yet constant struggle, a light form of penitence the documenting subject undergoes to have something meaningful to say or to express as in the case of his theoretical writing where he really investigates reality and absorbs the surrounding in order to collect the right charge of inspirations.

RENGAGED The practice adopted by the docunenting subject can be seen as a practice of rengaging with life and all its human aspects after the allhination that came about with media. This occurs through the diruptive utilization of this very media for a total rehuminization.

INHERITED Different parts of the project have been inherited from different circumestances belonging to different cultures in which the documenting subject has been immersed. In this respect, these parts find their highest fullfilment back in these cultures like the portrait of acquaintances started in China with the rounded faces of the locals naturally filling the vertical templated of that part of the project, of the running in America or the solitary walking and recording of thoughts in Sweden.

READY The documenting subject thoguh his project is ready to document and comment on the topics that are actually affecting his present life, a present life which though his ubiquity, can be seen as representative of other humans. In this respect the carrying of the project can be seen as the carrying of a burden, a cross to reesignify a humanity in crisis.

AGITATING The project is conceived as a form of agitation of the social norms and the norms established by traditionals and conservative disciplines yet it is not conceived with such intention but it is ratger an awakening a reinassance of a sleepy humanity with his scholar priests lacking any more sources to inspire new life.

NONLINEAR The fragmented narrative model that this project attempts also really reflects the contemporary life he is conducting, with all its interruptions and new beginnings, micro stories often truncated and recupareted.

REMEMBERING The practice of remembering is not attempted in this case for its own sake but to provide a method of selection from the giancatic moments one could remember and to verify one's own existence at regula intervals, thus also structuring it, providing a meaning to life itself.

NARRATIVE Possible out of all the effort to self depict, what remains the most meaningful narrative is the very attempt of the documenting subject to do so, his biography while undertaking such a task.

SOLAR While the search for a technology to accomplish his willing has brought the documenting subject North, his ultimate accomplishment is under the sun. Only in the proximity if the sun, south yet on top of a mountain, he can find himself elevated to a natural truth.

NATURALIZING The practice of the documenting subject is not diruptive but rather it reacts upon the disruption caused by society. It is, in this respect, an attempt to reinforce a disappearing self, the last bit of authentic nature.

DISTANTIATING The project is often exchanged for an artistic practice in which the documenting subject is immrsed, unable to reflect, yet this very practice is in fact a way to distantiate from the engulfing commodities of consumer society governed by media. In this respect it is a way to govern oneself with a personally crafted media practice and have a critical overview of the enslaved others governed by the social media.

FUGITIVE After the realization of the precariety in which his love can be delivered to a physical and material place, the documenting subject has opted to focus his love onto something virtua, immaterial and if not, spiritual. Thsi makes him a nomad, building his promised land within through the fragments he collects from real lands which he will never be able to take care of without soemone stepping over particularly through the technical amplification of others' presominance.

TECHNOPHOBIST Despite adopting technologu for the sake of the project, mostly to trace onseself, the documenting subject has been rather phobic about using technology in general, always with his phone offline and so on.

COMPLEX Despite attempting to maintain a simple status in his local referwnce points, the complexity rather emerges from the interconnection of such points which the documenting subject tries to keep alive with his physical presence such as the network of meaningful people scattered around which in a way can be seen as also the result of the medium of possibilities such as the internet.

DOGMATIC In a time of immaterial, spiritual crisis, in order to contrast the financial dogmatism thqt generates it, the documenting subject embraces poetic dogmatism to resignify the impoverishment humanity.

NUTSHELLING Instances of the project and in particular the meta part of the project, undergoes a process of selecting the most emblematic parts of a subject captured in various circumstances. This applies to subjects influencing the documenting subject as well as himself.

DICTATING Under the financial dictatorship and governance that new media technology has generated, a counter dictatorship of the self through these very media may be the way to at least regain a certain autonomy.

UNSTRUCTURED Within the super structure of the project, the documenting subject has the great liberty of bring unstructured and thus also manifest himself authentically.

DISCRETE In the presence of others the documenting subject is most sensitive and discrete not to overcome them with his documenti practice but rather letting is emerging in the spontaneous flow of for instance, a daily adventure in a medioval city with his girlfriend.

TRANSCRIBING Several of the parts of this project can be seen as transcriptions from reality and even interpretation of it in one of the languages that are communicable to others.

FAST In all the social life the documenting subject has chosen to maintain, he needs to be fast and efficent to keep up his discipline in the few moments of intervals of solitary freedom, this sort of life offers.

TACTILE Most of the devices and particukarly the camera the documenting subject uses to photograph his activities, are operated with the tactile sense alone without the need of looking at any of the screens that now overwhelm most devices becoming the central platform for operation and thus bringing back fiction.

VOLATILE As the documenting subject attempts to write down a fixed and non changable trace, his very existence becomes more volatile to the point that the only non volatile object becomes his body.

SELECTIVE In the overflow of information the selection process adopted by the documenting subject is based on what he accidentally encounters in his life.

ENSLAVED Rather than be socially enslaved, the documenting subject, with his project, has developed a way to be self enslaved, being at the same time also the master and thus also benefiting from his slavery without the sense of conducting a meaningless life under the annhialating social rules.

CRAFTED The project can be also seen as an attmept to mainatin manual labor at the time labor is becoming industrilizing even at the intellectual level. In this respect it can then be seen as a way to provide an alternative direction.

WORKSHOPING Rather than scholastic, the documenting subject emphasizes a more workshop like fashion of production and communication. In this respect the documenting subject is rather more of a medioeval artist that the later academic/artist.

UNCOMFORTABLE Rather than a comodity this project is a way to explore both the inner and outer domains exposing often the documenting subject with the odd, with which he has to familiarize, bringing him thus out of his state of comfort.

INEXAUSTABLE The documenting subject has to manage his energies in order to be able to keep on with his not too demanding but constant preactice. In this respect the exhaustion demanded by society to its members has to be avoided.

ESTIMATED The capacity of the project has been estimated. The fullfilment of the project is however dependent to life circumstances, it is an attempt to keep up once talent in a minimal everyday fashion demonstrating how imposing even this approach could be despite the fact that some artificial causes might hinder such fulfilment particularly in the ever more pervasive presence of the above mentioned artificial factors.

CONFORTING The more introspective parts of the project such as the Journal and the recorsing of thoughts, act somewhat as the conforting organs of the overall enterprise which may suffer from its struggle to survive in the social environment.

OBSESSED Rather than getting obsessed with the populistic notion of big violence by bad powerful people towards most toher humans, the documenting subject is more obsessed with the small violence affecting the single individual through a technology who, in his mind, is the real governor of society.

FINITE The project has no ambition to be infinite but clearly sets its quantitative and temporal limits.

VIGOROUS As in the painting project, the sketch is done with vigour while the colouring occurs as more of a slow meditative painting over the almost hazardoud scribble. Thus in a way can be conceived the creation of the project or life in general.

PERSEVERANT As the documenting subject undertakes more social disillusions, he keeps silent and continues taking care of his project, cultivating his personal illusion.

AWARE The documenting subject avoids to fully undertake the artificial potential established by political infrastructures but rather fullfill the natural potential one can achieve by pursuing one self and the sort of infrastructures one can justified for his own sake. Just then the documenting subject feels ready to access the former for the sake of the later.

CINFLICTUAL The reality to which of the documenting subject makes a point to be exposed, have him to bbe aware of certain processes and thus also come to conflict with those fake representative of these processes particularly when he is subjected to their assessment.

SYNTHESIZING Rather than attempting to capture all the life streams, the documenting subject attempts to synthetizing these streams resulting in an appealing dynamic probably more interesting and readable to others.

ZOOMED The documenting subject attempts to provide differennt perspectives but never utilizing artificial zooms, rather approaching the perspective himself, moving close to it, creating thus an interesting dynamic but also narrative to accomplish such movements.

UNIVERSAL The docimenting subject focuses on languages that can talk outside of the national frontiers while also learning to master those used by locals but not promoting its full application to avoid close mindness and nationalistic approaches which are at the base of terminating communication over frontiers and at the base of disastrous conflicts.

PLAYFUL the documenting subject has a very playful approach in the making of his work interacting both with others and the envitonmen in the discovering of exciting climaxes.

TRANSITORY The deepest and most interesting moments are seized by the documenting subject in the many moments of transitions connecting the many realities he ought to keep nourishing with his presence.

SECONDING The documenting subject's function seems only that of seconing a nature which is the actual director.

AHEAD With his documenting behavior the documenting subject is always ahead doing things that only with time becomes normal.

REGULATED The project tends to be regulated in order not to overcome the exhaustion out of the infinite possibilities offered by technology. More parts have been added the more the documenting subject has been trained to master his documentation work. An element of common sense also and prioritization for what is most regulated, has been also the key of conduct.

PASSIONATE Certain parts of the project, mostly the meta parts are let grown in passion but are also let go when such passion take over the actual archival parts which has the overall priority.

CULTURIZED While mass media culturally impoverishes, this peronal take on media is a mean to enrich the general cultural heritage of the documenting subject, given all the exposure to which he is subjected for the sake of his project, an exposure mostly in the middle stream of life (nor too main nor too low), where authentic culture lies.

BRAVE The documenting subject is not afraid to die by for instance disengaging from the social apparatus temporarily sustaining him. This independence, on the contrary might give me energy at first and humbleness in the long run.

STRUCTURED The main driven and ambiton of the project is given by the heroic entrprise the documenting subject has sat to accomplish, providing him, at least from the beginning, a feeling of adventure and a duty erased by contemporary society where everything ought to be conformed even the once free virtual space where the project had begun.

SENSIBLE The documenting subject is not obsessed with the fact that his natural language has been suprassed, he accepts that and rather tries to seek in the newly imposed language a new potencies for poetry and reactivation of the oppressed senses.

ZEN The documenting subject takes no offence and undergoes the vicesitudes of humanity as seasonal cycles without any particular illusion but being always rather stoic, accepting rather than becoming indignant.

SUFFERING All the extra weight and procedures the documenting subject imposes on himself are like extra burdens on top of the social burdens, as extra weight from which one day, when old, he can liberates himself from.

CRITICAL Delivering much love and joy the dosumenting subject is often accused and offended or, worst, ignored. In this state of things he turns at time critical but then manages to come back to his positive creastive mood.

LEAVING The documenting subject is always on the verge to leave all the artificial disorder caused by society and shelter himself in the natural order only the single individual, in his hubleness with the ground and consequential connection to the divine, can manage.

REFRAINED The documenting subject sets with his project the natural limits to his action that would otherwise accelerate exponentially with all the possibilities the medium could offer. The projest, in this sense, is a slower unfolding of possibilities.

CHRONOLOGICAL The documenting subject retrieves the past achronologicaly but keep order of his present chronological as it is the only way he would not question, the natural flow rather than other types of artificial organizations.

UNCENSURED Thoughts, feelings, dreams, ideas and all the flows are seized without censorship... this making it a very sensitive material which might indignate people close to the documenting subject. Nonetheless it is authentic avoiding the fakeness that public introspections usually have... tending towards the projection of a vane social mask.

RESENSIBILIZING The willing to pursue his project has brought the documenting subject to undertake allot of resensibilizing activity like farming, having kids, exploring, painting, drawings... activities that the bourgheise upbringing and the ever more technological society would have hinder him to do. In a way these activities are resulting into hindering him to get in the social patterns of acceleration towards destruction or total conformism.

DEMONSTRATIVE Instances of the project can be conceived as demonstrative of the processes of creation. The documenting subject is a demiurg sharing these processes with others, his son for instance, but ought to document them as documentation becomes the primary mean of communication.

USELESS Allot of the documenting subject work might have a direct connection to his survival but does not in fact add any extra value to his material capital but only

EXCITING The documenting subject manages always to agitate life the right bit at the right time, this in order to provide a constant but subtle excitement making his overall existence quite novel and in a way exotic, embracing many a human dimensions, being one and many kinds of humans at the same time.

MORNING As early in the morning, and early in life, the documenting subject has a kick sprint the layout the rest of his day and life which might also live of the heneritance accumulated as such early start.

FRAGMENTED To mantain his stream of thoughts which also much correspond to the contemporaru lifestyle, the documenting subject keeps adding the fragmented to the flow rather than going back and tediously try to rembed them in the already archived flow... this also thinkign of his way of writing theory.

DISCONFORTED The documenting subject has a tendency to leave with the least commodities and surplus, only addapting to the neccessity of others such as his family members and enjoying more unneccesary thing just in alter stage of his life, like a retired soldier.

TRUSTFUL also as a pedagogic mean, the documenting subject entrust full tasks to his discepolouses, like his son or someone he host, this without being afraid and later judging from the result and be severe in accordance.

MOVING The small pains and frustrations caused by a stagnating life have the documenting subject constantly seeking for inner and outer movement.

CARING The documenting subject has a constant inclination to take care of things but he is at last hindered by society or displesed by it and ends up puting his love only in his inner most domain, this project.

DIAGNOSTIC The documenting subject is fast in recognizing certain things, whether strawberries on the side of a forest path or other clues, like a primitive hunter with a strong survival instinct.

CUBIST Rather the one sigular view, the documenting subjct attempts to provide multiple views flattened in the same canvas.

SPECILIZED Even thoughthe project is broad and presents various angles and perspectives, every perspective is centered and not decentered.

INSPIRED The documenting subject has a constant inpiration almost as if it was something other to endown him with strokes of ideas, whether an inner or outer subconscious.

CONTRASTING The various parts of the project has chosen to create certain contrasting aspects between one another, creating a proportioned palette of differences, that renders a more vivid representation of reality as in a bainting with both lighten and shaded textures, with an image and a background.

SIMULATING The documenting subject's practice can be seen also as a way of representing the vocation he could not accomplish in his life due to the social stauration, and in this regard undertake a parallel vocation and accomplish the former based on it. Like wanting to be an architect and end up recording public spaces which in the end will create an architeture.

SOLITARY The best illuminations and the best poetry are seized by the documenting subject when alone, lost in an environment which facilitates mediatation and pathos for one self in comparison with the bigness of the world.

AZHIMO As the immaterial production increases, it feels rather hard to turn this production material and work out its qualitative value.

ARCHITECTING No matter whether on an architectural level or agricultural, or political, the documenting subject seems to have a strong inclination in reorganizing and managaing the resources he is resposible for, probably less with humans to which he is too sensible to impose him anything but rather talks his way through a slow eductaional process (as with his son).

PIONEERING The documenting subject does not follow the general trend but rather a trend he develops with his own intution like the style he has conceived in cutting his hairs, given the fact that he dows it by himself and in this fact he might pioneer backward without the most recent and modern technologies.

MANUAL The documenting subject immerse himself in manual pracgices as a way to also overcome the disattisfaction that all the technology caused tragedies and separations in his life has caused.

COOL The outcomes of the project might include all sort of media which more or less required active interpretation but in general the overall project is a cold media matrix which requires active interpretation to link all the unlinked flow of various languages.

ESSENTIAL The documenting subject is not only concerned with living an essential life avoiding any material surplus, but the same goes for the intellectual surplus and abstraction the industrialization of academia imposes but he anyway tried to avoid.

SITE-SPECIFIC In the stafnation resulting from the institutionalization of museums and the inacessibility to production, the documenting subject still attempts to be sitespecific but this time without such limiting constraints, and instead recreating the space virtually and adopting his work there.

AUTONOMOUS The documenting subject rather does something himself than wait in line for other social members to do it for him.

ELETTRIC The documenting subject utilizes mostly eletrically driven apparatuses which sustains its entire project yet always as a enhancment and never as a substitution of his faculties, like riding an electric bike.

ACTIVE Even in the tasks that wants him most passive like assimilating much notions while, the documenting subject is most active, rediting, and in this sense reactivating for himslef the given work which philantropist, narcisistis and dogmatic people would find blaspheme to manipulate.

REACTING While the documenting subject has been fast in pionwering the unbeatwn ground of the virtual, he has been slow in reacting on its colonization from power institutions and device a counter attack, a troy horse of some sort.

GROUNDED All the practice of the documenting subject can be also conceived as an effort to stay grounded even in a very virtualized environment, actually creating a ground even in such environment.

DEVOTED The documenting subject is devoted to his work, or at least has deviced a practice to which he can be devoted to, in an age in which there is little possibilitied for a continuous dedication.

SAD After a happy begining filled with illusions, a layer of melanchony folds the documenting subject who feels the unecessary gravity and fuss of civilized societies.

SIMPLE The documenting subject has a tendency to avoid complications and just end up complicated by adding on his simplicity once this is mastered.

CRAFTED The documenting subject puts an emphasis on constructing manualy and humbly as the one hope to get out of a crisis partially generated by humans constructing via automation, using technology no longer as a tool but letting it take control.

EXPOSED the documenting subject necessitate to continuosly expose himself to reality in order to keep proliferating with various ideas and combinations and perspectives.

UNETHICAL Despite being subtle and sensitive, the documenting behavior of the documenting subject can be unacceptable particularly withi n closed natural comunities or large artificial comunities.

SERIOUS While cultural institutions search for either too cheasy or too political content to manipuulate, the documenting subject embarks his own autonomous institution, not bothering about suiting these former ones by making his production more trendy.

SPIRITUAL The documenting subject is aware that it is the signle individual committed in his spiritual undertaking that can save the social group from madness via his subtle sacrifice.

EXPERIMENTAL Based on his repetitive discipline the documenting subject pursue his life going on the various vicisitudes, however not sure of the outcome from the very fact that he sticks to his discipline.

CLASSIC The project is an attempt to be a master work in the classical sense despite all the obstacles and fragrementations of our technology driven living.

SIDEWAYS Decisions in the flow and communication of the project are never faced frontaly but always kept on the back of the head allowing decisions to rise with time and thus naturally.

UPGRADED The human qualities of the documenting subject, like the irony he has inherit from his relatives, is upgraded onto the new medium has selected for his system of representation, nainting these qualities the actual message to be communicated.

LABORIOUS The project per se is not so demanding and well diluted but the struggle to communicate it and bring it out is what turns it rather laborious as it ought to be reprocessed in several reading formats.

CONTROREFORMATORY As in a controreformist movement towards a dogmatic puritanism the documenting subject seeks to lead to a spirituality through an overwhelmness of elements which is sought to be harmonious and speaking to each others in the minds of the beholders, without the destruction of meaning brought in by evil human nature.

UNEXPECTED The documenting sunbject comes at a time in which human phenomena had seemed to be exhausted and predicted. In this respect the documenting subject himself with his meta project do not aim to understand his practice but simply articulated, creating a further depth not in the rational but in the irrational.

BORED Allot of the expansions of the project are due to a state of boredome the documenting subject wishes to overcome to add on to his discipline with something even more ambitious.

DISTANT As an exiled the documenting subject endurance great distance from his closest ones and his project becomes also a way to communicate to them without the superficiality of the ready made tools provided by mass media but in a depth of perspectives.

RESOURCEFUL The project contains a variety of content but also containers, technical solutions for the many types of presentations it attempts. It is in this respect also an encyclopedia of various modes of presntation with the corellated mecchanism embeded, an encyclopedia of mecchanics.

STRONG Aside for training his flexibility the documenting subject attempts to strengthen himself, becoming more resistant to endurance and thus training himself while being sedenatary for his time while on the move.

VACINATION The technical embracement of the documenting subject can be seen as an individual vacination against the implament of technlogy onto the social body, causing numbness.

MANUAL As an old Chinese bringing up alone the water from a river, the documenting subject is aware of automitized mecchanisms but keeps his manual. In other words he does not utilixe any technology substituting his manual labor.

TRADITIONAL Despite embracing the new medium of digital technology, the documenting subject has ratger a traditional approach, in that he tries to maintain an approach suggeated to him by the nature of the enterprise his doing.

OPEN While most work is turning commercial and hidden, the documenting subject is completely available and open to be read and even robbed from the content of his work, knowing that it is the actual experience that makes him valuable.

SENSITIVE The individual usage of technology makes the documenting subject more aware rather that numb as the social utilization of it.

RELATING Often the documenting subject refers to an inspiring model, a dead man whose biography he studies yet still developing his biography without really repeating nor projecting himself in any other, only detecting similarities along the way to his unique destiny.

HANDICAPPED In the technical acceleration and total lightness, the documenting subject embed his practice, a weight to his everydayness which sets him constrains but also provide him with directions in that he would know what to choose for based on a balanced fullfilment of the various parts of his practice.

SOLID The artistic practice of the documenting subject makes him solid against all the natural and artificial shifts of the surrounding. In other words, he knows what to do and how to keep up after a revolution, or if fortune leaves him ashore, he would know how to recover and would be appreciated because of his practice and cultivation.

WILLING The documenting subject believes that sociatiese, or better communities can only function when following the artistic or better spiritual willing of each of its individuals. When this is repressed, misery, power struggle and conflict folllows.

RELIEVING As a technician the documenting subject relieve the surrounding reality, translates it into digital information, a mirror but also a therapeutic immersion into it.

UBIQUITOUS The documenting subject renders with his project a rather ubiquitous effect in that his presence and digital traces of it are left througout the navigable world, the environments his human body can access.

SCOUTING The documenting subject soon explores his periphery and is ready to map out a direction, as a hunter or an indian on the war foot.

EDITED The project in general is proportionated and its part repeats rythmically in a crescendo. In this respect the duty of the documenting subject becomes that of editing the information captured fro reality within the set templates.

REPLACED The meta parts of the project becomes in a way a replacement of the archival parts when they cannot be executed because for instance of social captivation, like writing these notes rather than recording thoughts while walking alone.

COMPROMISING The realization of the project can be seen as a constant compromise between the documenting subject's willing to pursue his discipline and the duties he ought to do to survive in society.

WILL The documenting subject puts in the for front his poetic will, the will to pursue his project which in the long run breaks free from all frameworks in which he inevitably gets encapsulated.

INTENSE The documenting subject is like a specialized soldier making heavy use of light artiliery in the pursue of his practice, his existential drive and ultimate will towards his own death.

ADVENTOROUS The project seems to be based on a willing to break free with the monotous social living and experience the liberating spirit of adventure to then get back to the monotony having however reasons to leave again for more micro adventures making up a macro adventure which both the technical burden carried by the documenting subject and that present in the social environment wouldn't otherwise allow.

REFLECTIVE As the systematic documentation of reality is a way to pause it and reflect about it, the documentation of the documentation is an extra layer of reflection which suffice in reflecting about the very act of documenting.

DISATTISFIED The documenting subject has a tendency to be disattisfied with his social living and can only achieve sattisfaction through the practice he has devised.

SOLITARY The best and most poetic moments of the documenting subject are conceived alone when he can fully pursue his willing and proceeds in his inuitive state of gradual elevation onto a sublime stage from which beauty can be contemplated.

EXPOSED In his pursue of the real the documenting subject is constantly exposed to danger, mostly caused by the sedentary humans and the aggressive behaviour that rises from their corporal and spiriitual captivation.

ACCEPT The documenting subject does not reject what faith and destiny brought him but he is most sensitive to the signs and understanding which way ahead is most accessible to fulfill his spirituality.

NARRATIVE The documenting subject utilizes his pretext of describing as an excuse to keep o narrating, a narration that wouldn't otherwise be approved by the technical society.

APOLITICAL The documenting subject does not act based on a reaction against a political regime but rather he acts and carries out his practice simply to have a meaningful duty and a tradition which society has not provided him, this not to become a terrorist.

DISGUSTED The documenting subject can at times be disgusted by society and react against the very stupidity he sees occurring around him while not getting too easily indignated by media.

FORGETFUL The documenting subject easily associate and replace other things such as his aquaintances. He is highly associative, which is a away is process of immagining anc coming up with ideas but might be related to childhood trauma such as the loss of his father and the moving away from his natural background, all of which has been replaced with new father, friends and background continuosly through his life.

MATERIAL In the complete immaterialization of social labor, this project remains the only material labor to which the documenting subject can refer to, get a hold on to without going astray as the rest of his society. In this respect, this project is a physical stand on the abstraction of human duty and its disentegration.

TECHNICAL The documenting subject is driven by a spiritual undertaking and yet he is aware that that can only be achieved by arming himself with technology.

COVERING The documenting subject very intuitively map out and cover the hotspots of the places he visits or the humans he psychologically explores.

CONTAGED As the other group of sensitive individuals belonging to his generation, the documenting subject has also been beaten by the political rage. He deals with it in some parts but without abandoning other more aestethical parts of his project.

UNBLOCKING The documenting subject is aware that certain media and certain media utilization causes a block to the unconscious. In this respect he avoids certain media particularly before sleeping, despite the fact that certain content can be unblocking when it reflect a trip in the unconscious.

PACKING The project can be seen like the coffin that the documenting subject tries to minutiosly pack to fit in all that he wants to bring to the after life. For this he really uses all his genius to figure out new ways of packing in more stuff, manifestations of himself he feels a pitu not to bring along.

ENGAGED The documenting subject has devised a series of practices which keeps him very engaged with his reality both in an immaginative and critical way but in either way constructive.

PROCEDURAL The project is yet another procedures on the side of the many procedures occurring in order to accomplish things today such as the clicking of a computer mouse to click a virtual button to purchase an airplane ticket to go on vacation.

DRIVE The documenting subject feels a urge to conduct his project and particularly when he comes in a new and previously not documented environment. Then he can get rather restless particularly if there are other people around to slow or hinder him.

CRITICAL Various part of the project can be rather directly critical about the social surrounding but also indirectly, only by showing and representing the raw reality.

POETIC A day is conceived as a poem and executed utilizing the different poetic expedients to sense it in several levels of depths and perspectives, creating a musical like dissonance between the various dialettics.

MAINTAINING Knowing that all words and negativity is generated by humans in their artificial attempt to maintain their institution, the documenting subject keeps on maintaining his project like a natural garden, cynic toeards all social enterprises but only respecting those driven by the passion of the single individuals and intimate comunities.

COMMUNICATING The documenting subject sets a big effort in communicating which is at the base of human well being, without which he would deterirate. In this respect he attempts to Exhbith and provide a Website but always there deterirating too, having to deal with those institutional humans imposing a framework and dictating an order.

MEMORABLE The documenting subject only keeps track of what he mentally recalls of all the social production he more or less involuntary has to consume. In this respect he select just what he impresses him and that this the means he uses to overcome the overflow, selecting what carries a meaning to his existential enterprise.

TEACHING Rather than directly teach the others, the documenting subject silently conduct his work and just present it within his selfcrafted framework so that it might serve to a model for a few others.

CONTENTED The documenting subject can adjust to every situation and can stick to it as long as the realization of his project is not hindered.

RENATURALIZED It is by completely embracing the technical essence of the artificial living that we can parafoxically reconnect to nature as the documenting subject showcases with his project which is not so much about mapping but rather about turning the everyday reality gully technical yet within a frame established by himself.

LIMITED Due to his rather demanding self-driven practice, the documenting subject is limited within the social-driven mecchanism and have to stuggle to interplay with it in order to keep his autonomy.

INTERESTING As the actual outcome of the project might result boring and too unreadable for many, the actual effort of the documenting subject to have carried such enterprise, thus his real biography might be the ultimate authentic narrative, what at last would make great sense and be higly communicable.

MOTIVATING The documenting aspect of the project motivates the documenting subject to perform his willing even in the knowledge that it is done for something and one day will disappear. In this respect the documentation and the documentation of the documentation are methods to keep a constructive mood in the otherwise nihilistic deconstruction promoted instead by society through its media.

MULTIDIMENSIONAL As a sculptor the documenting subject, by looking at his project from various pespectives he can come out with new things to do and reasset to ultimately get a well harmonized and self standing sculpture meditated in all the specific points based on all others.

VISIONARY The documenting subject is driven by an initila vision which however enlarges its scopes and meanings over time but may as well fade in the process andonly time and circumstances brings its value back to focus.

WALKING The documenting subject is like a pilgrim who was not given a destination but wonders in the many small labirinths of modernity turning them into the final destination, the cathedral as the ultimation of the Virtual building hosting his project. His wondering in the aimless modernity is also a mission per se to both gather the stages of a linear path while divulging his faith for his spiritual undertaking.

RIGHTLESS The documenting subject does not put full rights protections on gimself not even on his very project, giving it its content out to the public, this in a time in which any sort of rights are hindering cultural development.

ACTIVE Even where he should be passive the documenting subject demonstrates his acttive engagement, by for instance showing the images of the very event in reality that relates to a certain kind of his thinking as in his essays.

HOUSING After much effort to device a clothing to start the project, the documenting subject is now mostly concerned for its housing, shifting from a nomadic to sedentary mode.

SLOW In many instances of the project the documenting subject has a slow approach. This goes also, for instance, in the meta parts of the project where, rather then speed reading through the work of an author, the documenting subject work selects and works through the parts that inspires him the most in relation to his project, this by analyzing the many media in which such an author has manifested himself.

AUTHORITARIAN The documenting subject is, with his project, establishing an authority on himself, having society, with progress, noupdated tradition to offer him, no master to listen and learn from. In this respect he goes much against the vogue against any authority, but rather stresses the option of self-authirity.

APPROSIMATED The documenting subject is open to approximation when needed. Such an improvised approssimation, because of its consistency can also be considered objective, for instance when assigning a value to wethaer conditions rather than utilizing a sensor. In this project he is in fact the sensor.

IMPERFECTIONISTS As the documenting subject attempts an overall perfection, the minor parts constituting such perfection are not renedered perfectly such as this very notes or any other representation he creates. They are all istances of a moment in time and space of a certain perspective.

PERIPHERAL Due to the demanding concentration and attention, the documenting subject maintains a certian distance ti the centers which allows him to expand on his project despite being anyway connected to it via a good electric connection.

FRUSTRATED The documenting subject gets frustrated of the slowness of the social system and tries not to affect his agility by condcucting his own system, his project.

SMELLESS Despite getting involved with much organic matter like the trash he picks and scan, the documenting subject is not representing any smell onto the project which might however get manifested in the realization of his Virtual building in nature.

HARDWORKING All the leisures and last the documenting subjects allowed himself are actually also taken with the final objective of contributing to his project, like socializing or consuming other culture which are later additions to complement the initial parts which were exclusively about work like the phtographic tracking of activities.

ASOCIAL Despite being very social when the occasion occurs, the documenting subject does not stick to the euphoria of any particular group, particularly the political ones, seen the misschief such social enterprises have caused against one another.

STRIKING Rather than sudden harmful strikes against the system, the documenting subject, with his autonomous enterprise conducts a subtle and continous abstantion from it.

SELFIMPRISONED The documenting subject, both in his project and in his living, has somewhat devised his own prison like a Diogene in a barrel to contemplate the truth of the sun, the pursuing of his project, lacking any sun in the Northern arcadia he has ended up, yet contemplating the inward via the blinding of the technical sun, unsuitable for the Southern shore he comes from.

RELAYING Despite being reluctant to social support, the documenting subject has configured a small network of close people he can relay upon and vice versa. These peopke are intimate to him and he does not hesitate to invest on them in a mutual relationship of understanding and respect. At times the small network is reconfigured expecially when a friend close by gets too arrogant because of his social status.

INCORRECT While social communication seems to be hindered from its spontanueity for the compromising political corectness, the documenting subject, little concerned with his social status is open to incorectness and freely express his opinion, yet in a meditative and evolving fashion, in an open process of thinking displayed in his essay writings.

SENSING The documenting subject recovers is human senses numbed by the automated surrounding, right by automating himself, becoming himself the sensor and recovering human emotion and empathy.

LITERATE The documenting subject experiments out of the narrow frame of communication based on writing exclusively and move on elaborating other forms of conceiving himself throu other media he daily seconds and masters.

ARMED Like a cowboy the documenting subject wears his belt with equipment which he uses to more or less directly shoot on society, by having ideas to make an ironic statement of it, photograph certain disturbing instances etc.

NASTY As the social einvoroment keeps disulluding the documenting subject, he keeps on going back to his project, amplfying it and in a way on one hand pointing out the disease and on the other trying to heal it with uncritical compositions, with an overdose insight on the nature of being human, starting and starring himself.

BEHAVIORAL The various instances of the project establish a patterns of daily behaviours the documenting subject has to follow in order to augment himself from this very project.

INTESIVE Fully laid out the project becomes a very intensive execution of various procedures in which the documenting subject can be engaged with according to the circumstances.

SUBSTITUTING As the documenting subject cannot have any domain ti take care of nor society would anyway allow any full control of it, this project can be seen as a virtual substitute, a metaphysical domain in which the documenting subject can govern but mostly put his love and care without much artificial inetrferences.

AESTETHIC All that the documenting subject is willing to accomplish, seems to be done in order to fullfill the framework of his project, the embellish it as that was the canvas of his artistic operation.

HEROIC The documenting subject, as other practicioners is like a hero, where the work becomes an adventure he undertakes.

GATHERING The documenting subject sees tha artificial environment also as a natural environment where to gather is food and eventually also suceeding in getting nourished by it, as the conventional society starts recognizing his effort.

WOMANIZED Rather than an Ulysses who has to be all sorts of adventure to reach home again, the documenting subject is a Penelope weaving the net of his project, reflecting his return that onky this weaving might be able to provide or at least represent.

INSPIRED Like a Noah set to build his ark, the documenting subjecthas this constant urge to keep on the building of his Virtual ark without really knowing the scope, as some sort of a symptom to something to come.

PROVVIDENTIAL Like on a journey the documenting subject accounts of his encounters and possibly looses his energy when these are imposed by others, and the journey gets supervised. In this scenario, he is often to a escape a find his freedom back in the openess, which is however regulated by the rules he has established.

DARING Certain instances of the project are quite exciting in that they have the documenting subject not only to dare within his own private domain but also in that of others, like filming in allien public spaces, or taking spying pictures on others for his essays, or installing illegally his work.

PROOFING The meta part of the project also work of a further proof of the work conducted by the documenting subject for example in the filming of his practice.

LABOURED As a factory worker the documenting subject is trained to process the whole assembly of his project particularly at times in which it undergoes strauctural changes.

PREOCCUPIED The documenting subject is always careful not to loose his sensitive side like consuming too much passive technology or being too socially concerned and thus stop for instance, his childish immagination and dreams.

SACRIFICING The total engulfment of technology in the documenting subject's everuday reality is some what perceived as a folly but could be rather seen as a martydom to broadcast the future of the technical human.

DISAPPEARING The documenting subject has often been very present within a local reality and the suddenly and completely disappeared from it, making the Website publication of hi project rather valuable for those who keep wondering about his reality, although they will ahve to try to interpret his perception of reality and will not get too direct feedback from it.

SYMMETRIC As with technical reproduction symmetry gets devalued, this project is also an attempt to demonstrate a manually produced symmetry in the technical age.

HEREMITIC The documenting subject feels like a hermit distancing himself from society, going far north in the remoteness and the come back to it, to then retreat and reflect over once again at a distance.

SCARED The documenting subject, after arather innovent beginning and getting slowly to confron human societies in order to communicate his undertaking, got increasingly terrorized of them and has thus deviced, like some sort of a plant, a way to be autonomous from it but still within their fabrics.

SELFCONTAINED The project thus include the surrounding that affects him but does not establish a direct connection to it maintanining thus its autonomy as almost a reliquery to be given to a future expert to be anlyzed.

RELATED Also the parts brought in the project from outside are all captured in realtion to the projects like the readings of theoretical essays and its selection.

RELIEVING Themorning update of the project alone has atherapeutic effect on the documenting subject who finds some kind of relaxation in going through all the various parts as a general eith is soldiers or better as a sheperd with his sheep.

FORWARDING The documenting subject archives to move forward while the most do not do so and keep numlike academics lost in the same old books.

PERVERTED The documenting subject is inclined to pure spirituality but get at times perverted by all the frustrating social procedures he tries actively to avoid.

VERTIGO Already when working at his project the documenting subject starts experiencing a sense of height by going into already the archive of data he has gathered as some sort of a wall of a cathedral on which he daily goes to lay a brick.

MASCULINE Possibly not a female could be able to both conceive and conduct this demanding and discipline oriented project.

GENIAL Having little the documenting subject has to really be able to utilize what he has also subverting the conventional functionality of things.

SHAPED Beside having a rigorous willing to pursue hi projec, the documenting subject gets shaped in the way he presents it by the most intimate people around him and particularly by the character of his copanion.

UNSERIOUS The documentig subject, aside from taking very seriously his undertaking and that of individuals inspired by their own willing, he is most unserious regardingany kind of socially established undertaking and easily bail out of it if he is somewhat involved.

BIBLICAL The documenting subjcect like a folk devoted to its God, also experiences the various moments of freedom and slavery and richness in which, for instance, the temple lke outcome of his prolect is embellished until it is time to move again with new waves of poverty and years of mager cows.

CONSTRUCTIVE The doccumenting subject has hastened to contruct the structure to host is project. Rather than like a sedentary dwelling which once finished induces to death, it is more like a nomadic dwelling, the structure of a tent which once finished induces to live and gather more life and experiences.

ADDITIVE From one part of the projects, other are naturally born like the drawings which first served to remember dreams and ten became a project of their own.

SOBER In a time in which integrity is threatened by a constant sharing, the documenting subject delimits tsharing of himself within given languages he develops to communicate universally in both time and space.

REVEALING If the entire project might not reveal much of the documenting subject himself, it might be meaningful in understanding the relation between human and technology with all its paradigmes and shifts affecting the former.

CRAFTED As an individual affected by industrialization, the documenting subject has recovered a level of craftmanship in the new media age before an industrial regime has been applied to this as well. This craftmanship is at the base of his daily sattisfaction or at least an overcoming of the diminished personal achievement characteristic of the technology driven age.

RECONFIGURING The documenting subject, at every new entry has to constantly reconfigure his entire project this also to keep up with the larger capacity available to him both with the increasing of his administrative skills and the actual digital storage offered by the technical progress.

FILLING The documenting subject seems to be obsessed to fill the spaces, or better the canvases he has chosen to manifest his ego while he is most careless of those that are for instance assign to him by society.

ORGANIC The various extensions of the project seems to be like extended organs that the documenting subject puts up in order to handle the new technological extensions of the social environment.

REPORTING Various instances of the project, for instance the essays can be seen as a mass media industry in itself, reporting on various thematics, whether cultural, social or political and economical.

EXPLOSIVE Allot of the thinking of the documenting subject revealed through is project is quite provocative in that he does not apply any of the political correctness dictating social communication but rather venture to express systematically all sides of the ways he perceives his surrounding and himself.

LOW-PROFILE With his quite compromising work, the cumneting subject maintains a rather low profile towards his contemporaries who, on the other hand, exaults in bringing forward their own profiles more as a facade than an authentic account of themselves.

DERIVE Considering life itself like the predifined structure of a city, the documenting subject adopts to it a sort of flaunerism a wandering away from the predifined social itinerary but rather an exploring a revaluing of a path with an immaginable aim such as the end point of a pilgrimage.

REPORT The entire project can be seen as a mere report of a lifetime, an account which is nit meant to substitute life itself but only display its prolificacy.

SANE The documenting subject attempt to maintain his sanitu in the dislectic overflow of information pervading him. He does so by still maintaining his focus on one of his fragmented tasks st the time. This super sanity might in fact be exchanged for total insanity.

POSTPONING With all his new entries and expansion of his project the documenting subject seems to postpone any social recogniction which wants a work to be crystallized and chategorizable, in other words not in progress.

ACTIVE Even in the most passive circumstances like reading, waiting or sleeping, the documenting subject finds a way to be active for the sake of his project.

UNFLATTERED The documenting subject, contrary to the many around him, does not take any pride nor seek for any status, mainting exclusively his project which in fact necessesitates him to keep a very low profile.

TO-THE-LIMITS The documenting subject is always conducting his practice to the limits of both personal acceptability. He always treis in different circumstances to test the limit and stick to that in order to conduct his practice to the possible maximum.

FEARLESS Avoiding any social responsability, the documenting subject is not afraid of loosing his position andhaving ti starve for some time. He has rather a subtle yet present passion to carry on his project which his in a away an authentic account of his esistential surviving.

UNRECOGNIZED Despite of his constant work and perseverence, much of the documenting subject's work lays unrecognized as work even by the smaller social communities that label themselves as cultural.

MAXIMIZED The documenting subject really adopts most of the possible technologies at hand but those that would automate the process of creation and thus replace him as the creator.

SELF-SUFFICIENT The documenting subject has a tendency to never ask for anyone's help and go the harder way in order to avoid it. This has also made possible his attachment to all the Virtual mecchanism he has created, from scratch himself thus fully mastering every of its components and making his own diagnosis without the need of doctors.

RELATING The documenting subject cannot but relate beyond the small canonic references imposed by the small niches of society. He, in other words, creates a constellation that his universal.

DISOBIDIENT As soon as the documenting subject is instucted to comply to certain social norms, he immediately obeys to then go much harder into respecting his own conventions and pursue the intution rose with his own project.

SWITCHING If while nomadic the documenting subject contributes more to the Archive, sedentary he spends his time curating the Website part of it which is a reflection of the Archive, a dream or viceversa.

PRIRITIZING The documenting subject tries always to prioritize is archival practices and thus never go to astray with for instance the more theoretical and mannieristic parts of the meta parts of his project.

ABUSED The people whom the documenting subject might try to familiarize with in order to expand his views and his project, like the with the portraiting of new acquaintances might in fact oblige the documenting subject to keep up longer relatioships dictated only by the social etiquette.

INTERNATIONAL The many different parts of the project has started in many different places worldwide, involuntary inheriting some characteristic of these different cultures such as the verical stripe of faces of acquaintances in China, the transfigurations of clouds in Japan, the running and walking in the States, the allegorical photographing of objects in Italy, the descriptive video recording in the Netherlands and so forth.

BALANCED The documenting subject never exagerates in hhis ideals but always try to move between what the surrounding output on him and what he can putput on himself to compensate.

NATURL If he can the documenting subject always chooses to stay close to nature and never go to much for artificial events unless he sees them as bridges onto a natural expedition, a purifying one. Anything that is artificially conjested he might leave without hesitation.

PRETEXT The whole enterprise coud be conceived as just an excuse to find more intrigument in the otherwise plain reality but also an excuse to carry out different modes of artistic practice which would be otherwise conceived as ridiculous if they weren't applied within the framework established by the documenting subject.

AUTHORING The documenting subject, like a modern version of a patriarch decides how to set up the framwork which however affects only himself.

LIGHT The documenting subject has made his passion his main work, a work which requires a certain sensibility and thus cannot be overwhelmed by anyother work which is taken much lightly.

CHALENGED The documenting subject enjoys the chalenges and discover how the structure he has created respond to it.

REGULATED Despite a tendency towards mad work, the documenting subject always manages to alternate and stress other aparatuses resting previously stressed ones.

PERFECTING While the conditions of the documenting subject are not perfect, he constantly strive for perfection which seems only to be gathered over time after several small interventions.

FRAMED Not only for those parts of the project but in general, much of the documenting subject effort is that of framing reality from the multitude of pespectives and with the multitude of media he constantly captures it.

MINIMAL So much is contained by the project yet so little it appears from the actual interface where everything is carefully packaged as the traveling chart of a nomad with the most essentail yet various things to be carried on a trip, life.

ANONYMOUS While having allot of acquaintances around the world, the documentting subject decides to live rather anonymously in his neighbour which function as some kind of hermitage.

Desireless By having quicly exploredboth the natural and artificial word the documenting subject is not captured by any desire for anything better that the present condition he establishes with himself and the surroundings.

Corrupted In order to pursue his sensitivity which inevitably expands onto the social relam, is inevitably affected by the pervertion of the latter, his sensitivity being very open then to absorb.

Allegoric The non-informative nature of the project makes all its elements interpretable and cannot releate to any direct proof about the documenting subject. In this respect the objectife is literally turned subjective.

REIMAGINING The act of re-evaluating accidentally yet systematically the theory coming from the documenting subject and that imposed on him, is an act of reactivate it from the immaginative black out it creates.

ANGRY Many instances of the project, particularly those revealing the thining of the documenting subject, are actually his lamentation of being in a world, not like those of a kid coming to life in nature, but the wise lamentation of whom has to deal with society.

PROGRAMMED The documenting subjects is set to perform certain documentation without too much thinking about it but just unconsciously responding to the situations he encounters, like finding a public square with an interesting vanishing point where to seat and film.

DREAMER The documenting subject keeps pursuing his dream without puting it in the drawer but setting a method that induces him to pursue it. The methodic approach is then here the key to maintain the dream which the envolvement in the social life tends to erase.

PSEUDO As the work of the documenting subject cannot be conceived as fully artistic, it can't be conceived scientific in that he does not make full aknowledgment to the material adopted. This manupulation can be conceived as a way to get over the block caused by much correctness in respecting the rights of such material.

SPLITED The documenting subject seems to be splited by his willing of fully endorsing new media to reconstitute himself and all the old media practices he has to undertake in order for the conservative society to be able to assess him.

COMBINING The documenting subject attempts to combine an high experience of technology with an equally high experience of nature.

REDUCTED As the social education takes the individual away from nature, the system adopted by the documenting subject can be seen as rather taking himself back to a even deeper nature, a nature which is yet to be invaded by society, that of the inner self.

TWEAKING As the circumstances around the documenting subject, or the documenting subject himself might change, certain instances of the project can be tweak like for instance, recording the speed biking instead of running after a permanent back injury.

GROUNDED The documenting subject does not wish to go beyond the intellectual stimuluses he experiences, pushing into high and abstract grounds but utilizes his practice also as an anchor not to go astray.

WORTH Experiences and the project itself becomes worth accomplishing only just because of the documentation tasks se forth by the documenting subject through the project.

PHYSICAL Every instance of the project often requires a variety of physical labour which in a way still inspires the documenting subject maintaining him in a more human dimension avoiding the automation of Computer environments.

FILMIC The life itself of the documenting subject has become a work of art in itself, this out of the total poetry he has endorsed on himself to avoid its total dissolution.

MAXIMIZING The documenting subject makes the most of every experience for allthe related parts of its project like a nomadic tribe would do of a captured animal.

INCOMPLETE Instances of the project are not complete but have to be contrieved together with other instances in order to get a broader and more complete and close to authentic perception of the represented reality.

TOTAL The life duration of the project gives it the possibility to cover all possibilities, this whether the documenting subject actively explores or is even passive.

EXITING The documenting subject is always on his way out of a framework knowing that it can never last too long and that situations might easily turn around. In this reapect he always tries to have a food ready onto another situation which also allows him not to get enslaved of a former and maintain his independence.

CERTAIN In a time stroke by much insecurity and psychoanalysis, the documening subject builds his security out of his very discipline which in a way dictates what chocies are to be made.

REMEMBERING With particular instances characteristic of the meta part of his project, the documenting subject is able to go back and resignify his past, highlighting recovering a pathos by coreographing these fragments of a still life with motion and music, giving them and the project in general a poetic soul.

IN-CONTROL Via his practice, the documenting subject has got capable to open and close certain psychological valves, immediatelly switching to one or the other as the real situation demands as if he became a perfect mimesis of the media of his time.

SANE By alternating his time by himself and with others, the documenting subject can mantain his human sanity, not loosing himself too far in either, thus neither becoming an independent machine nor a dependent social animal.

PAINFUL Although the documenting subject has trained himself to gradually take up the work load required by the life project, just like an athlete who has to keep competing he has to suffer certain pain and can only decrease momentaraly his performance.

NON-CRITICAL By fully embracing the execution of the system generating his project, the documenting subject avoids any critical approach but of those who could undermine it. Only then his critical sense set to motion but otherwisehe puts allot of care not to be critical and rather immerse himself in his own production till afain it gets threatened which however is unlikely due to his living in the shadow and not seeking any credits.

FILTERED Each part of the project does not require a filter as the medium it utilizes to capture reality is already in itself a filter.

INDIGENOUS While the contemporary colonialists whine over the dead indians, they keep unawarely killing the indian among them with the establishment of artificial comodities.

CORAGIOUS The main courage of the documenting subject consist in getting out of the frameworks imposed more or less directly by others, considering them ultimately unworthy or less worthy than that he can set to himself.

LOCAL As local cultures can no longer rise suffocated by globality, the documenting subject himself manifests the possibility for a new micro culture, as an isolated tribe maturing its own culture but also setting up within it filters to survive outer influences.

IN-FRAME The content of the project is kept within the frame within which it was developed and it is not let migrate under different frames to suit their willing of power and establishment.

ERECTED In principle the project has been conceived by the documenting subject to break loose from the seated posture to which each social individual is subjected, going thus for an education by nomadic experiencing than the sedentary one of learning through books. A reaction then to a passive state through a computational technology that got us even more passive.

SENSITIVE To the signs that fortune brings forward the documenting subject is most sensitive to tweak is destiny.

NON-VIOLENT The project could be seen as a non-violent search for identity which has been befittted to contemporary media.

REPRESENTING The documentinng subject hasbased his macro representation from the micro of himself thus legitimizing a representatio which would be otherwise highly criticizable, being himself the only form of nature left to set a boundary.

MIXED The documenting subject has established a broad platform in which he can operate making use of a broad palette of realities withim which he is allowed, taking a moderate and in depth advantage of the potential, in this case operating in the full continent.

CRUXIFIED The projeect might represent the attempt of the documenting subject of bringing his passion to life, an attempt later broight to death by society, a death which the documenting subject has somewhat also incorporated in the project in the middle of the path of his life.

SELF-CRITICAL The actual documentation and the documentation of the documentation allows the documenting subject not only to be critical with himself and the surrounding, but also with his own practice and the media utilized to acconplisj it.

METAMORPHIC The fable part of the project have all animals going through a continuois metamorphosis, constantly upsetting the fixed roles of nature affected by the artificial cancer.

ANCHORED The documenting subject is always sucked in in other frameworks from which he naturally disasociate from and from which is never absorbed having always his own framework to coma back almost ritualistically.

LOCKED All the back-ups of the life project are physically or virtually locked but the one the documenting subject carries on himself which he is ready to defend with his life.

UNWILLING While the documenting subject is very willing to pursue what he finds beneficial for his project, he can turns completely unwilling once these benefits expires.

UNCOMPROMISED Being the documenting subject hazardous enough to drop out from the social frameworks, his willing keeps uncorrupted and without the compromises which would create an unnatural outcome.

SOLITARY Rather then havingthen being stimulated by the game with others, the documenting subject, like a solitary insect, finds his main stimulus in playing by himself.

MAXIMIZED The project makes progressive use of the potential capacity that gets available to a documenting subjec who progressively learns to master more until the game starts to be over.

ECLECTIC The documenting subject derives by nature from all sources that stimulates him, an eclecticism that cuts really well with the digital media he utilizes and is characteristic of its southern appeal and nomadic style.

ENGULFING All the operations that the documenting subject starts outside the project are soon engulfed within

PROVOCKED The critical ouputs of the project are elaborations of the provocative feelings the documenting subject has by being in society with his genuine intentions.

GRADUAL The documenting subject does not attempt to achieve everything at once but sets himself in long processes where results are only gathered with time and care.

CHEATING The documenting subject attempts to reach a goal independently from any external aid, no matter how tougher this could be.

ASCETIC The documenting subject is constantly in pursuew for a noble end, being then in a constant conflict with the steps he thinks he needs to take in society in order to achieve it.

EXPOSED Having decided to report on the human condition by placing himself in a multitude of perspectives, the documenting subject is unevitably exposed to the causes ofhuman mortality despite his caution and slow approach on the technical acceleration.

EXPERIMENTAL The whole project can be seen as a big experiment despite its apperant, conservative nature which is however required to generata e consistent body of data.

COMPLETE The project tends towards a completness which is both achieved with time but also with the constraints set around ut which pushes the documenting subject to come out with new possibilities of expressions within it.

SELECTED Out of the already selected data picked from the various selected everyday flows, the documenting subject selects further data to be processed now as raw data turned into actual products.

RICH The documenting subject lives a rather poor existence yet feels really rich within of the kingdom he has been able to cultivatw, almost from scratch.

BUILDING While society is building itself by perverting the human will, the documenting subject attempts to maintain his will uncorrupted avoiding to subdue to the social mentality and keeping up the building of his own independent spirituality.

FELT By adding the burden of documentation the documenting subject have a further possibility the otherwise to light and artificially conforted experience, thus keeping a thinking and feeling human rather than a social animal.

VISIONARY The documenting subject's main strives are the visions he can achieve or the ones he thinks he can achieve by reaching his main goal, the spiritual elevation where he is aiming to arrive.

RESTED Having gradually enlarged his comitme t, the documenting subject is now more aware about the necessity to rest and releasing his large pressure of work.

SELF-DEPORTED As soon as the documenting subject perceives that the climax is changing around him, he does not hesitate to make preparations for departure without waiting to be deported by others.

PRECARIOUS Following up on his project, the documenting subject has absolutely no securities coming from society, securitues that he could have but yet for the coast of compromise he cannot endure for too long.

ON-TOP At every change affecting him, the documenting subject makes sure thathe is on top os such change mostly adopting a strategy of inclusion of the new social paradigm into his old personak one.

PLANNING Based on the new circumstances at hand, the documenting subject,as a general in a battle, has to quickly come up with a documenting strategy based on the possible kinds of documentation he has made at his disposal.

SLOW Amist the frantic crowd agitated by the electronic media,the documenting subject takes his time to process all information via his manual take on the same media.

LOOKING The documenting subject, like a primitive trying to survive in an environment, has his eyes wide open to try to detect all that his intellect can nourish from, thus varying from things he feels he would need more than others, balancing his intellectual diet.

SELF-EXPLENATORY The documenting subject invests much in fully developing a complete strategy to communicate his life project from many perespectives and platforms, thus preventing and predicting the work which the establishment would operate on it. In this respect he shows a possibility to turn them obsolete and thus inevitably become his rival.

EMERGING While the media imposed from above already projects to the mass an image of the end, the personal media coming from below brings forwars the emergence, the life to come rather than the final death.

PENITENCE The life project can be seen as a form of penitence conducted by the documenting subject to augment his pathos on an otherwise too light existence via the very technology that turns it light.

QUASUI-INFINITE The mastering of his proliferation has resulted in a quasi infinite generation of well framed and selected flows with a readable syntax which might be however not approached due to the laziness of an audience always fully attcked by submersive media content.

ESSENTIAL The documenting subject reduces all his comfort to the most essential in order to be freer.

DISCONNECTING The documenting subject gas a tendency to disconnect particularly with these artificial realities not supporting his investigation for a more real reality.

LEARNING Through out the circumstances the documenting subject encounters by accomplishing his willing, he learns most of all about himself, the monster behind his character which he come to know how to dominate and can turn again monstrous if captivated by society.

COMPASSIONATE In his living the world like a pilgrim rather than o tourist, the documenting subject develops a full compassion for all humanity and their landscapes identifying the evil in only those who hinder this process of migration for the sake of power control.

FATHERLESS The documenting subject is characterized by the lack of a father which gives him free ground to evolvewithout really embracing any form of patriarchism.

ANARCHIST While the documenting subject despise any form of governance, he truly believes in strong forms of self-governance and thus not really a state of anarchy.

DEPENDENT Allot of the documenting subject's mood largely depend on his project, mostly based on his work but also coming to exhuberance the few times society facilitates it which only happens when it thinks it can facilitates itself through it, which is always unlikely the case.

SANS-SOUCI The documenting subject can easily get into a state where his only care goes to his project and nature disregarding anything mundane, even what he has once himself put energies into.

HYPOCRITIC For his martyr-like nature, the documenting subject gets trapped in social situations and often break loose from them only when the reason of his life, his official martydom, gets affected.

SERIOUS The documenting subject cannot engage into anything unless he perceives a serious engagement, like the climbing of an important mountain. As this is often impossible in a contemporary context prevailed by superficiality, he takes up these superficialities as only steps of his serious ascension.

SWITCHING The documenting subject switch from one paradigm to another yet going quite deep in each of them and at last having as a goal to map out his existential practice. This scheme allows him to maintain a balance between being too flexible and too rigid.

SEXY Allot of the more immaginative parts of the project may reveal the sexuality of the documenting subject which may in fact change based on his sexual repression or sattisfaction and based on his partner, as visible in the women he draws.

DECIDED The whole of the documenting subject undertaking is based on rigid decisions on which other rigid decisions are added thus allowing a throurough construction where he becomes both the master and the slave.

ALLOCATING Via his project, the documenting subject has allocated a virtual place for every of his manifestations. In this respect, when a sensation emerges, mostly facing the natural and artificial surrounding, the documenting subject exactly knows how to process it and where to place it.

HARVESTING The documenting subject is undertaking a sort of extensive harvesting of the crop he daily cultivates and store in different comaprtments to later experiment to further process them.

POTENT The Documenting subject seems very much careful to mantain his potential without exhausting it. In this respect he dwells outside of social systems which are in fact meant to enact such complete exploitation of natural potencies.

BIZARRE The documenting subject always manages to identify a fuzzy zone and from this develop a whole new paradigm from which again to develop.

ESCAPING The documenting subject manages always to find a state of harmony in nature as well as a state of disharmony in socities from which he at last always escapes.

POOR The documenting subject gets rich only when society allows him to. He then returns to his poor and sober sonditions as soon as the health is taken away from him inevitably after his non societal scopes are revealed.

UNOBSESSED By definig in advance what he means to do, the documenting subject avoids any further obsession on his work but rather knows when and how it is the time to act.

POSITIONING Adopting a strategy of inclusion, the documenting subject positions himself above even those that think they dictate to him their own specializations.

ELIPTIC The writings of the documenting subject and more particularly the writings of his dreams, are eliptic in that they start with something, move on to something else to then return to the previous thing.

ADAPTING The documenting subject slowly adapt his psyche and body to the new weight which the gradual enlargement of the project to completiton, brings about. The same goes for the people close to him, slowly getting used to his documenting behaviors.

CARTOGRAPHING The documenting subject is really aware through his docunenting practice, of the small changes occurring to himself and to the social environment he so much scavenges, being in this manner fully aware, like a God from above, yet being a small human acting from below but gathering this macro understanfing, this comprehensive map of humanity.

HAPPY Aside from all the difficulties and obstacles imposed on his way by the guardians of the establishment, the documenting subject is very happy about the achievements of his own work.

RESISTING The documenting practice, with his life project, makes an act of resistance to the tendency of dehumanization enacted by the technical society. In this respect, his project becomes the manifesto through which he stands up to his being a prolific human, rather than a socially repressed one. He here demonstrates how to cop with technology by setting his own parameters which inevitably comes from it, avoiding to take direct part to the social machine.

AUTHENTIC As all the technology accelerated creations gets somewhat arbitrary, by carrying his practice over an extended period of time without acceleration, the documenting subject shapes if not an authentic product, his life itself to be authentic.

UNDER-THE-SUN The documenting subject avoids closed artificial environments and allows attempts to carry out his philosophy outdoor and particularly when and where the weather consents making himself really willing to go back to his native village where such conditions can be perfectly met.

SACRALIZING With the filing of public spaces, for instance, the documenting subject finds in the profane places of commerece and power the absolute perspective point typical instead of the holly like churches, restructuring then based on his perspective the blaspheme back into the spiritual.

ACCULTURATED Particular instances of the project, particularly the meta parts of the project shows the documenting subject interplay of absorbing culture and processing it thrrough a variety of media practices.

SAINT As much as there is a tendency for the documenting subject to pervert himself, there is an equal counter tendency to let all go and get purified by attemting something elevated.

BROAD Avoiding any specialization, the documenting subject starts from a complee mapping of thr possibility to then carry them out all together under a long process in which the map also enlarges with new possibilities added at separate layers of separete levels.

EXPLPOITING The documenting subject is certainly basing his operation on an explotitation of himself which however does boast the proliferation of hus possible manifestations, renewing itself without drying up the resources of others. On the contrary others might be encouraged and boast on their turn to proliferate creatively.

ALTERED By chosing to expose himself to society as well, the documenting subject cannot but be altered by it, resisting however in his integrity through his personal discipline which is at the base of every social exposure.

LIVE The documenting subject has opted to experience in first person raher than form himself via the mediated knowledge provided to him by society.

EXPANDING The documenting subject aknowledges that one ought to feel a growth in order to be optmisitc. Through his project he attempts to demonstrate how this can be done naturally via the artificial technology he has at hand.

DOMESTIC The documenting subject attempts to be sattisfied within his own domain and can manage that succesfully despite all the social interferences which wants him out.

CRUCIFIED Rather than a short and violent death, the documenting subject is experiencing a very slow martydom inflicted on him by a society whose main drives are control and power and whose main enemies are those like the documenting subject, seeking a poetic autonomy in harmony with nature.

FIRST-PERSON The documenting subject seek to experience the processes of living and creating in first person, withstanding also the fact that allot of the contemporary living involves mediated experiences but to this respect he creates his own mediation to become more of an active producer than a passive consumer.

SURVEYING The documenting subject with his documenting practice provides a thourough suirvelliance of himself and the surrounding, getting a bigger understanding of the bigger picture in which he lives.

REFERENCE The project and particularly its Interface are, for the documenting subject likeplaces to mentally and psychologically refer to.Dwelling in unfamiliar environment and with neither a father or a father-land, these Virtual places becomes for him essential and they should be changed but stay the same and in the same position.

HARD-WORKING The docu÷enting subject always attempt to find a new exsuse to build on his life project and has to fight the idleness emerging fromthe social dues he has to pay.

ACTIVE The documenting subject keeps active not only as a choice of life out of the social and technical vegetation but also becausof the rising of sickness he senses when being too passive.

PERFECTIONIST Far from being a maniac, the documenting subject seeks however some perfect shape to devote himself to ashis mission to complete a square grid. This drive would not be there if there was not a plan to achieve such perfection, such a perfect shape.

FILLED A sense of panic pervades the documenting subject if parts of the project are not fully meant to be filled and there are empty spots. Emptiness, in certain instances respect is treated as a filler.

UNVALUED The fact that the documenting subject is not valued nor considered by the main-stream is actually a good feature which allows him to grow, sensitive to his intuition and without getting stuck because of vanity and pride following recognition.

ENCYCLOPAEDIC The documenting subject is really meticulous tmap out the possibilities, this with the support of time which can overcome any collaborative and consumptive approach, thus showing an alternative, non-social utilization digital media.

CARING By taking care of himself and the intimate surroundin, the documenting subject can guarantee his mental and corporal health, avoiding the social gatherings unless needed to maintain his wealth again for the sake of his health.

ABSORBING The critic the documenting subject sets up against the surrounding is based on his high level of absorbtion and his willing to filter out the negative elements projected on him, in his humble poetical living which has however decided tp dwell among humans and not indipendently from them.

DRIVEN While the main-stream artist seems to be driven by cosmopolitan trends, the documenting subject lives in the margins of these trnds and rather has an inne sort of drive cultivated beyond the fashionable yet also taking it into account.

MIRRORING The life project becomes a sort of mirror where the documenting subject can, not so much contemplate his inner beauty out of vanity, but rather put it in order, take care of it as much as hecombs his hairs in front of the mirror.

UPDATED The documenting subject make regular revisions based on the update that his practices goes through with time, both maturing and better adapting to the circumstances.

MELODIC The documenting subject does not seek up to the modern trend of creating noise through the electric medium but to in fact create a meningful understanding out of this noise.

TRANSCENDINGThe project can be seen as an attempt to transcend the dogmatic stagnation of a too technically controlled society, a transcension that bases itself on a full embracement of the technical procedures to an extreme that turns them beyon dogma into poetry, an original approach than the usual criticism towards the technical society.

CULT The documenting subject is thouroughlycultivating his life project in all directions also expecting to become a cult because of this very perseverance.

FACILITATING Tyhe documenting subject often facilitates others, particularly in their social pursues, taking over their natural duty where he can be most at easy to cultivate his project.

ENCOURAGED The plan he has laid out does not put the documenting subject in doubts and discouraged about a particular instance of his life project. All is pursued with most faith for what he has conceive as an absolute perfection to aspire for.

ON-TIME The documenting subject is always most prepared to act in most of the circumstances which might befall on him and most always prepared fr whne the time comes. In this respect the life project can be also seen as a preparation for the ultimate circumstance, death.

NARRATIVE Like an altar the interface of the life project narrates the life of a documenting subjct devoted to self sacrifice for the sake of a sublime absolute.

DISOBIDIENCE It is a recurrent social disobidience ans obedience to himself that fills the documenting subject with new spirit.

EXCITED The same excitement felt by the social consumer prior purchasing his feticist desires his felt by the documenting subject after having renewed his project, a passion in this respect, which he keeps renewing with meanings rather than disregard for another as in the case of the consumer.

DIGESTING Instances of the project can be seen as a trace of the documenting subject's digestion of what he must consume to survive both naturally and socially, with a social consumption which somewhat interfers with his natural production and is somewhat turned into a production by aknowledging it.

RESISTING The life project can be conceived as a way for the documenting subject to keep his humanity alive in an highly dehuminizing environment driven by the technical society.

CONCERNED The documenting subject is concerned about utilizing any technology before the night time, before dreaming and in a way before dying so not to affect his dreams and afterlife at large. This particularly as consumptive technology starts being more and more pervasive. He would rather then concentrate the beginning of his days to produce through technology and leave the main part of the day intact, to then reflect the rest analogicaly at the very end.

MIMETIC As culture seems to mimic the source of its sustainment which in contemporary culture seems to be in fact politics, the documenting subject, going for a more self-sustainable approach ends up in fact creatibg a culture mimicing the self, the last source of authentic nature now on its way to extinction.

UNDATED By making his own partirion of time based on the natural outcome of his project, the documenting subject has escaped the rythm of the mecchanical clock and is now free to manage his production following the natural ryhtm of life.

HYPER-AWARE As it might seen that the documenting subject is absorbed into another reality like other users of technology, he in fact utilizing it to have an hyper awareness of it.

UNIFYING The documenting subject main attempt is that of unifying in one project his entire love for life, his gratitude of being alive and prolific. In this respect he connects to a christian faith underground surviving in persecution such a spiritual passion.

BOHEME The documenting subject despises any sort of arificial formality and particularly those people acting within these formalities. On the other hand he highly respects those who have conceived or have struggled to conceive their own natural formalities but not those who neglect both and live under a state of anarchism.

EMBODIED The life project already matures throughout its development all that it can be possibly post produced out of it and or relating to it, preparing somewhat of a plan that only time will be able to accomplish.

OVERVIEW In the more and more analytic technical work focusing on details, the documenting subject attempts to recover a more broader and panoramic overview by collecting systematically and patching all these details

ACCIDENTAL The systematic work of the documenting subject makes him more appreciative of accidental encounters with other cultural and theoretical forms rather than systematic ones like his and in particular exploring reality as such and the authentic and still organic outputs of humanity.

REGENERATING As human socieities struggle to regenerate themselves beyond the past which technology allows them to conserve, the documenting subject starts from scratch to create a new culture of himself which slowly addresses these stagnating human cultures at last, injecting a new perspective and yet being very much alted by these very society numbed by their conservativity.

DOMESTIC As human labor becomes immaterial, thr documenting subject retreats in the last shore of possible materiality, that of the house wife, thus, in this sense, not willing to turn feminized but really attempting to maintain a last possibility for being active and thus masculine. This domesticity becomes his new hunting ground.

FLEXIBLE At times the documenting subject is required to be too flesxible in order to reach the others who not seem to reach him in their rigidity.

CONTAINED The documenting subject is aware of the risk to expand and suddenly require the help of others outside of his personal sphere, an expansion that might be the origin of his collapse.

HUMBLE Just the living as an immigrant in foreign countries guarantees that the documenting subjcet does not grow arrogant and too vane about his project as well as his keeping in the shadow of society, avoiding recogniction while being able to enjoy the natural sun.

OUT-OF-CONTROL The documenting subject only pretends to be normalized but keeps maturing his genius on the side and completely out of the social control possibly as he does not seek any social recognition and thus can go beyond the state of social stagnation.

RAPID The documenting subject is particularly now fast to edit through the parts of the project he saily updates. A more pedant approach, as required by the cultural establishment, would hinder his prolifency.

OLD-FASHION As contemporary work are tediously plan and fastly executed, the plan of the life project has been quickly envisioned and has taken a life time to realize.

CRITICAL While the documenting subject agrees that it is impossible to be critical of oneself in a narcisitic state of vanity, he sees his practice as looking beyond the mirror into the processes of the Self and the way it processes the surrounding and thus it is in fact per se a great distantiation which provides a critical view point which cannot be reached otherwise within the specilized compartments of today's establishment.

LOOKING The documenting subject always puts ahead of him something to seek and thus can be greatful of providence once he finds it.

SUPER-CONSCIOUS With his project the documenting subject has realized how the extremization of his consciousness through the technology he engages, connect to deepest movements of his subconscious to the point that they come interconnected, affecting one another, becoming a whole without distinction.

PROGRESSIVE The documenting subject has matured through different stages, mastering many a levels and becoming, in a way, a complete spiritual organism, a process hat is often hindered and blocked by a society which does not support individual maturation.

SELF-ANALYZING The documenting subject believes that the process of distantiation from the self has become too big since technology has become more and more invasive and only the self by himself with the axilium of technology can recuperate such integrity by analysing these processes.

DUELLING If on one hand the documenting subject wants to avoid any technology seen how it affects nature, he incorporates technical behaviours in order to recover his nature.

ORIGINAL The documenting subject does not imitate those manners celebrated by the establishments but follows up to a natural language based on the very medium he adopts and its potential to capture what is worth remembering, as an extended poetical recollection intermixing with reality.

EXPERIENCED The documenting subject has made himself the carrier of many a human dimensions, fully adapting and absorbing and thus filteirng humanity through his poetic.

CREATIVE The documenting subject is not obsessed about the way power shapes the human content but about the ways certain creative humans deals with the constraints rose by such inevitable power to manifest their being.

TRANQUILE The documenting subject only seeks serenity in order to cultivate the possible outcomes of his existence. In this respect he could be everywhere and mostly where it is most peaceful to be, this to recollect his production prior exposing himself where is more riskful.

PIGGIFYING As an older farmer with the pig he slaughters, the documenting subject also attempts to make the most out of his production, inventing new ways and perspectives to remix the content.

PROJECTED At times, by pursuing his project, the documenting subject is draw to believe that it is not him reflecting the world outside but that the world outside is a projection of his explorations which has in fact augmented the spectrum of his consciousness and thus of being able to recognize and know elements in realiy whicj he first ignored. While enlarging his panorama with a drammatic picture of reality, the documenting subject attempts to bring back such reality to again the subliminal unconscious.

IN-LOVE The documenting subject seems to procrastinate via his project his period of feeling in love, arching from the love experienced by the young to the love experience by the old and thus attempting to by pass the feeling of disillusion and hater experienced by the adult man. In this respect the documenting subject maintains the ambivalent position of both a young and an old man but never that of a mature adult.

UNCLOSED The docimenting subject has learned to keep everything he matures on the side, even if it temporaly loose meaning he does not get rid of it as technology might allow him to. He rather keeps it on-hold knowing that a meaning related to something might suddenly re-emerge.

SPREAD-OUT The documenting subject juggles with several realities and attempts to bridge with them all in a constant negotiation mode in which no strong decisions are taken.

TECHNICAL As every attempt to resort to natureeither nomadically and sedentary, intellectually and physically has failed, the documenting subject has opted to follow up to his technical destiny.

GIVING-UP In order to pursue his intuition, the documenting subject has given up repetidely many of his socila states, loosing material fortunes but gaining spiritula ones yet never falling in a state of misery but finding a maximum contentment in the minimun essential.

MONSTROUS The life project, as a creature with its own life, keeps growing its organs and creating new organs as a mean to relate itself to the environment and be stronger to confront it or simply endure it.

EXPERIMENTAL As a camera and tools for documentation are needed as proves of an experiment, these tools become the actual experiment of the life project, thus becoming a documentation of a life long experiment about documenting.

IMPETUOUS The documenting subject ejaculates out new concepts to then dedicate the rest of his life to refine such quick conceivements rather than just ejaculating for the masturbation sake as it is a tendency today.

UNREPRESSED The documenting subject's operation can be seen as a way to liberate creatively all the repression which may otherwise come from the environment, reducing him into a specialized subject.

TRAINING If one half of the project, the Archive, can be considered as training, the outcomes can be seens as the execution coming from such a training but not strictly correlated, just as a martial art put to practice in case of war.

GESUIT From a rather Franciscian beginning, having left all his material belongings, the documenting subject has turned more into a Gesuit, cultivating his own sciences and making sure that he has the tools to conduct them, living like some Gesuits in a foreign country, at the shadow of a much protected court treating his work more as a curiosity.

DICTATING As a dictator might govern a land, the documenting subject has realized that he is governing the production and post-production of his own content, resulting also to govern his own life and affecting that of his closest ones. In this sense he acts more as a liberal patriarch seconding the willing of the most near surrounding.

FATIGUING The project can be seen as a way to fatiguing in the non-physical environement taking place with not even an intellectual weight.

COMPACTING The life project can be seen as a way to fit a most minimal space the most of content yet however maintaning an aesthetycal and syntactical coherency.

ACTIVE The documenting subject ought to keep active also as any pause to passive reflection may cause all his documented undertaking to reverse on him, making him of regret and a nauseating nostalgia.

CHINESE In many ways the documenting subjectoperates as a traditional Chinese sage who does not seek for recognition and cultivates his culture in many levels without specializing in one but rather trying to moderatly but constantly master them all, as the different plants of his compact garden, main metaphor of the documenting subject's life project.

DOGMATIC After technology has come to bring much freedom, turning much of thepublic and personal world upside down, the documenting subject's undertaking can be seen as an attempt to establish a new set of dogmas to regulate such liberalism, a dogma which however give rise to other sort of liberties, legitimized by such constraints.

NEED All the life undertaking of the documenting subject can be seen as a need for discipline, or an obsession to reactivate the self in the view of the technical numbness and social narcisism.

ENDURING The documenting subject attempts to keep as long out in a nature that can be at first site an outer reallm but it is only in reality a nature he seeks to reflect his inner one. In this respect the documenting subject has learned not to go too remote, but reflect his nature also through his very practice.

FUZZY The documenting subject realizes that development rises from the one small concession that is allowed out of a broader establishment dictated by a certain discipline. Said thei the documenting subject has anyway to confront his personal discipline with those of the establishment.

AUTODIDACT The documenting subject keeps developing his work yet not depending on any others' help, but attempting the development within his possibilities. This strategy, although slowehis guarantee for the project to keep developing and for the documenting subject to accept this development having gone through the process.

IMPOSING After having seconded for a time the social environement, and having decided to secondhis nature, now, after ha has begin to master it, the dcoumenting subject is ready to impose his saying to the social environment he had abandoned.

DISTANTIATING Rather than immersing himself in his social profession, the documenting subject takes a big distance, both physical and also intellectual, allowing conceptsand resolutions to come in his head without any force.

MEASURING With all his devices the documenting subject seems to explore the surrounding and measure it, not really to gather scientific data by humanly meaningfuk data, thus addressing a new path for the humanist to come, the humanist of the future bwing, in this respect the scientist of the past.

VISCERAL Rather than exploring the main sites, as some kind of psychoanalyst, the documenting subject explores with his intuition alone the less prominent and more underground aspects of reality, really deeping in.

CULTURAL The documenting subject is neither interested in high culture nor in low subcultures but at the very culture he can reflect out of a non pretentious and non fanatic but genuine look into reality.

READY The documenting subject is most ready to face changes always meditating in case of relative economic stability a eriod of relative struggle in which he ought to think resposibly about his practice as a child.

ANCHORED All intimate comitments the documenting subject entertains with a son, a father and a fiance from different realities, not only provides him different perspectives but also provide with a bit of a break to his otherwise too intensive comitment of total documentation.

CHEATING For the sake of documenting his documentation to better explain it to others, the documenting subject has to take also at times the role of the actor, however finding also in this fictioning as sort of interesting dimension to explore for the sake of revealing reality.

SUBTRACTING The documenting subject subtly attempts to subtract himself to the extended destiny the bigger and bigger societies extends on their members of which one must take part to survive. He thus do that, compling but not getting obsessed being most careless but of his own undertaking.

NAVIGATING As the documenting suject has learned to navigate and fish out of natural water, he has learned to do so at more artificial level, being thus able to orient himself and fish meaning out of more artificial and culturally pretentious oceans.

VIGILANT The documenting subject is most vigilant that all the parts of the project carries on, sensing when they are not and he should get more acitve.

UNTOUCHABLE The fact that the documenting subject stipulate through his project his own dogmatic undertaking helps him to take a distance and not be affected by the dogma of conservative establishments, which might cause him to add up more dogma to his discipline as both a shield and a weapon against it.

INESTIMABLE Both the fact that the life project is far from being completed and the fact that it requires time to read it as a old novel, it is hard for outsider to esteem its real value.

BREAKING As new generations tends to accept more certain exuberant manifestations of humanity, the documenting subject takes a stand out of the general acceptance by demonstrating a more self disciplined way of being within the new technical paradigm.

IN-CONTROL As our subconscious gets more and more directed by the social system, the documentic subject alone makes these processes conscious and thus is able to restore the human directness in his being.

EXCEPTIONAL As everyone at last seems to comply to a system, ths documenting subject attempts the exception by devicing his own system which both takes him above the social system and engulfs it.

DEVELOPED As a physical discipline would train the agility and the fortitude of an athlete, equally we can not disregard that the life project is a discipline training the mental facultied of the documenting subject. Where such a mental faculty however burns out, is in the attempt of communicating such a positive fact. The burning out is however overcome by including within the discipline a continuous renewing such a communication.

PONDERING While told to specialize to one language, the documenting subject is rather concerned to let all languages have an equal space to manifest itself.

WILLING As the main intellectual discourse seems to get obsessed with how the frame shapes the content, the documenting subject advocates via the framework he has himself deviced, that a predominance of the self crafted framework is in fact possible if the willing of the subject is sufficently strong. Such a strength of the willing is a result of a perserverant cultivation of the framework he can slowly set for himself.

VISIONER As a mountaneer ended in a civilization of sailor men, the main struggle of the documenting subject is to prove that one can have a vision of the direction to take far in advance, as a montanious panorama prior the comencement of its investigation.

COMPOSED As the world around him turns more and more insane out of a dictating liberalism encompassing both the macro and micro scale of humanity, the documenting subject behold on the discipline he has device to regulate such liberty, enslaving him on one hand, and liberating him on another.

TRANSITING The documenting subject creates constant situations of transitions in order to overcome any artificial crystallazation and keep prolific, not being out of a social system then but shifting constantly among them.

UNSEIZABLE rather than being a super human the documenting subject, not opposing but learning to master the potential of the new medium has become a super humanist whose work cannot be contained by any of the specilized disciplines framed from above.

SIGNIFING Via his life project the documenting subject attempts to give a meaning to the reality at large and also to situations in which he comes to live. He thus can endure all environments as long as these environments don't start to directly act against his project which is at the base of his endurance. At that point he would leave it as soon as the opportunity arises.

TIMING The documenting subject has understood that the best results are often those following a long process. In this respect, whether cooking or taking decisions, he always lets time to decide.

DOMESTIC The ultimate factory of the documenting subject is in fact his home, where all production and maintanance is executed, both working to survivr and making work out of the work on surviving.

OBSESSED The documenting subject is irremediably obsessed of his technical domain, as all others, with the only difference that the substance of his creation is life itself, bringing irremidiably back to life rather than astraied in an fictional domain.

PIONEERING Up to a certain poin and repetitively, the documenting subject has pushed forward in unexplored terrains both in nature as well as that in the social terrain.

CARELESS The documenting subject, while caring much for his soul and that of others, is completely careless about promoting an image of himself rather than what he is. In this respect he despises the most the vanity of others.

DARING While the documenting subject attempts to utilize the new medium for its potential of reaching and beholding higher altitudes, he is forced by the social conventions to utilize his willing to construct in the lowest terrains.

IGNORANT The documenting subject is aware that every construction begins out of a very questionable principle but that this is however necessrary to overcome the apathy of his too educated and questioning generation. His life construction becomes in fact the stronghold from which he can question their questioning and mostly their vegetating and arrogant apathy.

COMMUNICATIVE All the expansions and steps forward of the documenting subject has been taken after both positive and negative response of his operation, creating respectively a more aestetical or a more critical side of his life project, with the later more prevailing when outputing his work to the larger crowd. Possibly this process reflects that of art creation at large.

EXPERIENCING With all the shifts of paradigms he has undergone, the documenting subject experience on himself what society experiences at large, particularly in a time that these shifts are more recurrent.

WORKING Contrary to immaterial workers, the work of the docuenting subject, even though more increasingly intellectual, requires quite a physical effort to keep up, despite only the great mental one combined to allot of time spent crafting the digital media with a computer mouse for instance.

FILLED Possibly due to his complicates background and his willing to create something beautiful on top of it, the documenting subject has now a story to be told, a drama that keeps reactualizing with the struggle he faces to pursue his poetry.

CONCEDING The documenting subject is always ready ti make concessions out of his discipline this mostly for the sake of the most intimate people around him, however he also knows when it is time o set back to work.

GENERATIVE The content generated by the documenting subject is the result of a scheme which dictates what should be inserted, thus pondering various perspectives and bringing in new ones.

STRONG Thank to the constant immersion and remersion from his practice, the documenting subject is tempering himself and gets able to stand up for his rights or at least the rights to pursue his discipline.

STRUCTURING The structure of the project structures the every day life of the documenting subject who ans his upcoming future in order to fullfill different aspects of his project.

EXILERANT The documenting subject is most exilerant taking forward is project other than the social formalities to output which hinders is willig. In this respec he devices ways to work around it and recuperate his exuberance.

RENEWING Despite the fact that the documenting subject maintains his paradigm, he anyway manages to renew within without any revolutionaries changes.

DIVERSIFYING Rather than choosing different people to fulfill his willing for social establishment, the documenting subject chooses to diversify himself to fulfill his spiritual willing.

EXPLOITING While the social worker is locked in his office and kill his boredome by consuming social media, the documenting subject make use of this time to produce his own private media.

GENEROUS Despite the fact that the documenting subject has initiated a commercialization of his life production, most products are likely to be given away for free. This commerce like production is in reality then a way to infiltrate in people's mindset.

CAPABLE As the documenting subject slowly master the various parts of his projects, new ones are added also in accordance to the increasing capacity of technology which has also allowed him to look back at his former developments he had to pose in order to master it.

CHEATED As the documenting subject has previously and extensively devoted himself to work for other people's domain, hoping to establish his domain and being at last disregarded, he now directly makes sure of his independence to elaborate his own work with the difference that he self sustaing his domain and do not inflict it upon others.

COHERENT The documenting subject is highly coherent in that he keeps half of his operation coherent and half not, making purposely certain discrepancies.

SELF-SACRIFINZ As a man carrying a cross up a mountain the be sacrifized, the documenting subject carries his own cross to conduct a sacrifice of which society however might not care of.

MENTAL All the documenting subject's knoweledge is well assimilated within himself and does not require any referrencial support to be delivered.

REFUSING The documenting subject refuses to engage in any intellectual activity unless he has accompishes his physical duty first. In a way then his physical duty lacking the possibility to have a garden becomes the taking care of his life project beginning with his proactive archiving.

THEORIZING The documenting subject has realized that the more media is present in his practice, the more theory he can construct out of it. He thus neglect all the passive referencing of traditional and lazy environments.

DISENGAGED While being completely engaged and devoted to his natural doamin he has created around him, the documenting subject is completely disengaged with society rejecting in the long run any form of social comitment.

STOIC The documenting subject purposely mainatains a rather stoic life not to end up in the excesses of typical of too much abbundance.

DISCRET Other than in a few occasions, the documenting subject does not let go to certain exagerated tendencies as cultivating a vice or a evilish imagination.

VISIONARY As the documenting subject with a background as a mountaneer is used to behokd panorama, having been forced to look at details, he makes of these details a new panorama.

RHIZOMATIC Rather than keep on pruning the complexity, the documenting subjechas learned to mainatin every new branch as a tree of its own, pruning it until a new branchifications attempts to make its way from within.

ENGULFING Having started from a humble and minor perspective reflecting the self, the documenting subject has progressivelly being able to engulf larger matters.

NEGOTIATING The documenting subject, possibly influenced by his experience with Chinese culture,is constantly in negotiating his willing with society. What allows him to do so is the fact that he has been able to frame such a willing and in this sense it can confront the social frames.

RETRACING Amost as guided by his sensitive intuition, in his moving around the documenting subject might have traced the moving around of his anchestors in his genes, thus rediscovering the roots.

PROLIFIC Once the documenting subject allows an opening of te framework he sets around him, he becommes too prolific and have to soon set a new framework.

HIGH-QUALITY Despite using mostly low quality ways of documenting, the documenting subject achieves high quality by both systematically document and sort such components and also by placing a coherent frame around them all.

STORING As the documenting subject becomes more like the system he has deviced to store its production, the system itself becomes like the brain.

SILENT The documenting subject silently diasappear without any tumult and yet his memory still remains as an unberable ghost who was once there willong to bring much life.

PERSECUTED As social tollerance has increased and the older minorities are now prominent majorities, the documenting subject becomes part of thw new persecuted minority of the few ones trying to pursue a stoic and ascetic life badly associated with immoral pedofiles.

ODISSEY With its moving back and forth nearing his domain and being again taken away from it, with the girls he has had and theprophecies he has received, the life of the documenting subject is much that of an Ulysses who will only succeed his return when old and yet might still hace to endure more figthing once finally settled.

SOLITARY It is either alone, or in the close intimancy of few others with whom the docimentinmg subject has and share the est of his whole existence.

SERIOUS The documenting subject is unable to entertain anything unless he is serious about it, even if ironic like his drawing of ideas project.

IN-NEED As most people are in need to communicate to others, the documenting subject is in need to communicate to himself and only later theough others via this kind of first internal communication.

WOMANIZED All the different parts of the projects has been growing with the support of a woman who has somewhat related to the construction and advancement particularly of new or larger frameworks in which to operate as if these frameworks where lands where to farm.

BLIND The documenting subject can only really commit himself to something perfect and in this respect complete of a palette of the most representative perspectives. So on one side the design has to be perfect like a square and on the other overarching.

REGULATING As is passion gets boasted by new media, the documenting subject set forth not to avoid it or throw himself into it but to regulate a possible living with it.

OVERFLOWING Rather than dealing with an overflow coming from outside, the documenting subject deals with an overflow coming from within yet set to be inspired in many manifestations from the surrounding.

MECHANIC Without his mechanic approach of going through the parts of his project one by one, allocating particularly events of his everyday to particular task, the documenting subject would not be able to achieve any consistent result.

CONSTRAINED Via his practice, the documenting subject does not advocate total freedom and tollarance but attempts to re-establish a way for individuals to establish a set of manners meaningful to themselves after the total liberalism provoked by technology.

OUTSIDER As the wordly human ambitions prevails, real art emrges in the unofficial margins where spirituality can still be dwelled upon as in the case of the domestic intimate environment the documenting subject sets up.

RECORD-BREAKING By continuosly conducting sevrral project using different media, the docimenting subject could beat several world records, which however needs to be based on consistently, as for instance tha man who has most consistently and systematically photographed or videorecorded certain elements over a certin time.

CLEANING The acticity of the documenting subject can ba seen as that of collecting allot of mass and then sorting it out in specific drawers. In addition he also needs to add drawers if he finds new kind of stuff and thus also reconfigure the previous drawers.

RAW With his project the docimenting subject migjt demostrate how inventive one can get with raw data rather than bored as with the processed data and it is how the rehumanization of the process of living itself that he can gather such primary source.

BRANCHING Via his overarching practice, the documenting subject is ready to speak with passion with all people of specific sectors who could not talk of anything else, thus bringing a union throughout all the fractured specializations.

CLONING While the documenting subject also produces physical outputs, all of them are either way digitized and the resulting copy cloned into few several others, thus replicating an original which does not have to be taken too much care of.

KEEPING While from the beginning the documenting subject got rid of the material he had processed, in later instances some of the uselected material has been selected also as a new component to represent the project.

SEASONING The documenting subject attempts to bring quality to his primary resources by experimenting with a process of digital seasoning, resulting in long lasting and eadible cheeses which he however has to further process in order to stimulate the appetite of others.

ON-THE-GROUND The base of the life process works like an anchor which never allows the documenting subject to go too much astray but holds him to dwell with reality, this also when going theoretical.

PROOF The life project works as a proof of not only the documenting subject's existence but of his overall work he has put to manifest it.

UNSUPPORTIVE The documenting subject does not support any cause, particularly if social or political, but his own cause which actually makes him supportive of the people around him as it is focus of a loveful taking care of nature rather than a detached taking care of the other as society wants.

NERD Other than hanging out in the social mingle fullfilling his wordly ambitions, the documenting subject mantains his intimate solitude to developan anti environment or simply an elevation of the ordinary into a paradisiacal perfection.

FORTUNATE Also in the misfortune the documenting subject can consider himself fortunate to be able to document a new dimension like being without a job. This mostly apply only to social misfortune while natural misfortune can set a hard impact on the project.

FRESH The documenting subject is always alert if anything is stagnating and tries to avoid it as he would try not to have any rotten food in his fridge. He would then rather drink frwsh juice than the fermented wine with which society forces him to live with reaulting in his criticism.

EXPANSIVE Rather than creating something meaningless out of an existing world, the documenting subject attempts to create a whole new world out of the little he can gather from the former.

DEVIATING The operation of the documenting subject can be also seen in terms of deviating his psychological and physical paing building a constructive activity which do engage as well as do not such pains.

AWARE As the documenting subject is forced to absorb a content redundantly, he becomes tracking this redundance not to fell its victim but rather being able to instead become fully aware of himself.

LIVING Until the end of his project the documenting subject is motivated to take on new life experiences, theu creating new dimensions for his om-going documentation and a very intriguing narrative.

INCLUSIVE While from the beginning the project tended to exclude meanings, as it matured it has tended to re-include all meanings, even the past ones that were excluded and found and become important once more like the booklet writing.

NEGOTIATING While the proactive part of the peoject is set, the retroactive part undergoes constant negotiation mostly based on what the particular social framework in which the documenting subject is in, allows him to undertake.

SHIFTING Having his project to develop, the documenting subject shifts from one paradigm to another, or at least he has this tendency which is much provoking to the philantric beholders of a paradigm, like the priests of a temple unsettled by his willing to erect something more authentic.

VERSATILE The documenting subject easily fluctuates from one ontology to another despite the fact that the social priests who attempts to keep order and control by specializing their members, do not allow it.

SPIRITUAL The documenting subject aknowledges that only by elevating himself to the spiritual he as those who have such sensibility can obtain sublime results which intensively communicate love.

DETERMINED The documenting subject's operation can be also seen as a deterministic approach to comfront to the determinism of human's technological destiny. In this respect it can be seen as an anticipation of such destiny.

SACRIFICING As technology becomes the primary human source, the documenting subject shows how to make a sacrifice out of it for the sake of our spirituality.

UNSTABLE The explorative nature of the project have the documenting subject entertaining most unstable relationships within the social platforms in which the very work can be output, turning every social engagement of the kind into an adventure completely in the hands of providence.

SUPERHUMANIST While traditional humanists still exist with the aid of society, the documenting subject is a humanist on a completely other end having embedded technology and not reject it.

AWARE The documenting subject is well awar whether a part of his project gets slightly neglected ans suconsciously take a first opportunity to get back to it.

ISTITUTIONALIZED While the documenting subject dislike any institution operating on the people, he believes thatpeople should constitute their institution individually and thar main institutions should be aimed to favor the talent of people which, once expressed, will automatically provide solidariety and esteem among them.

GUIDANCE No toher philosophy, nor theory but his practice itself guides the documenting subject in his decisions particularly oriented to keep it alive and growing.

POST The documenting subject has grown beyond himself mostly as a compromise to be able to integrate to the ever changing behaviours that potmodernity innagurate into the close others around him.

INTUITIVE Rather than applying methods predefeined by society, the documenting subject uses his intuition of a primitive to proceed in his investigation.

TOLLERANT The documenting subject tollerates all sort of experiencesas they always benefit to his project unless they dictate a direction to reflect about it.

NORTHERN As the technology for representation is now enanched bt artificial lighting, the documenting subject, with his drive for representation coming from the South has moved to the gloomy and more suitable for digital representatio, North.

TECHNICAL The technical effort of the documenting subject is all aimed to obtain an ethernal natural peace from which he was subtracted.

SOLAR Rather than being the moderen philospher of the dark, the documenting subject relates to the ancient philosphy cultivated in the sun and mighty weathers of the south, closer to a more natural understanding of phenomena.

AGITATING The documenting subject seems to enact a propaganda of agitation everytime he is not left in peace with his project. The project, in this respect, is like a baby or a plant he has to safe guard.

PILGRIM The documenting subject explores as a pilgrim attempting to reach all the spiritual heights of the places he visits.

CHANGING As the typographic intellectual requires much stability and conventions, the documenting subject digital conventions rather requires changes and renewal of the surrounding atmosphere.

IN-CONTROL Via his life undertaking the documenting subject is able to regulate himself and his emotions rather than relaying on imposed regulations or the total social irregularity that electronic media has provoked.

REACTIONARY The entire undertaking can be also seen as the documenting subject reaction to the physical and mental idleness procured by the social institutions. In this respect he advocates for personal media for an active and engaging autonomy.

SPARING The documenting subject's operation can be seen as that of sparing potential for a future to come rather than exhausting it, leaving thus a living resource to others. In this sense his drive is that of renewal.

IN-ORDER The documenting subject attempts to mainatins order and balance even if the excalation of events tends to always have him to reorganize. In this reapect he is like a warrior not only expecting a battle and placing his pieces in order but ostly expecting death to come to pick him and find him ready with his suitcases to leave the wordly land.

HEALTHY The documenting subject is always aware to have a healthy life, in this respect also balancing between actual living with others and recollecting alone.

PROVIDENTIAL The documenting subject, as an ancient man, follows up to his destiny, however he realizes that this destiny is really bound to a constant technological development he ought to keep up mastering, as a monster with more and more heads.

SUBTRACTING The more the social members request fro the documenting subject to fullfill their wordly ambitions, the more the documenting subject gets deeper in his practice of merely spiritual matters

SELF-AFFECTIVE And while previously the willing of the Self amplified by technology invaded others, presently, with all the regulation to prevent this, the willing implodes within an individual who his hindered to manifest himself but virtually and intimatly.

CREATIVE And rather than becoming a prophet like Jesus and criticing the world, the documenting subject has mainterined the status of his father or the Father, meaning that of the creator. As long as he can create he is thus at peace and this is one of his main revalations also to be applied to all humanity, as a mean also to avoid conflicts.

SHARING Rather than colonizing different theoretical concepts, the documenting subject delivers a potential on which others can dwell.

MISSIONARY The documenting subject is like a missionary, however he is not out to impose his faith but to expose to the different cultures of the world.

WORKING The project shows how intellectual work can become actual labour while traditional labour no longer consists of working but has become more of an intellectual speculation.

IN-PROGRESS The project keeps constantly evolving into something bigger and yet more coherent and complete.

SCENOGRAPHER The documenting subject keeps up his production as if he is only creating the scenography for his final work, a grand finake which might be never performed.

ALGORITHMIC The algorithm is really present in the project but is a human one both enhanced by the documenting subject's production and the visitors' interpretation.

INDIVIDUALIZED While new media bring the great opportunity back to individuals to produce individually it also provides the terrible opportunity to consume alone like alcholists drinking by themselves. The documenting subject attemps to examplify the former.

RESCUING The documenting subject goes back to rescue the content he has found out to have lost, if he finds it possible to retrieve it.

RESEARCHING Not like a frivolous artist but like a virtual architect the documenting subject has some meaningful reflections to share based on his constant and illuminating experience.

FAITHFUL The documenting subject can embrace for long no other faith but that about is own project which makes him completely careless about any engagement with any human society but that interested about it. Ultimately he finds the natural sublime the only thing worth dying for.

ENLARGING From the perspective of the small fish, the documenting subject has been able to expand enough to now be able to eat the big fish.

ALIVE The documenting subject can either bring full life to fossilized environments or complete death as soon as these environments display obstinancy towards his game, the formula that keeps him so full of energy and regenerating.

RISKY The documenting subject has created all the preconditions to be able to take the risks needed to push forward his project without it being engulfed in a social frame.

GROUND-UP The framework that the documenting subject has created in order to produce his project has not being imposed from above but has rather slowly emerged along his necessities to organically expand. Thr framework then thus only guarantees that this is done coherently with the whole.

SURE Far from being sure to suceed within the predefined social frames, th documenting subject is however sure to suceed within the frame he has given himself, this at least until he is able to move from one social frame to another.

RULING The life project has provided thw documenting subject a new clock ticking its own tempo based on his natural necessities and not the social ones dictated from above.

SHAPED The challenges that the documenting subject has to undertake in order to pursue his project are what shapes him and mature his very undertaking.

UP-TO-DATE By attempting to inuitively follow up to his utopic willing, the documenting subject is constantly updated with the technological evolution which otherwise swallow up any attempt of social crystallization without utopia.

TRACKING As all modern constructions are like sand castles eaten by the voracious ocean of technology, the documenting subject, rather than be pessimistic and stop constructing, make a super construction by documenting wiht the very technology, all the sand castles he embarks to construct.

EXPLORATIVE The willing of the documenting subject has brought everywhere both in space and in time, going even back to previous instances of his life.

OUTSIDER Only by positioning himself outside, the documenting subject is able to confront relevant issues without worring of the formalities which every society embeds to itself.

SQUARED As in a Roman military formation, the documenting subject ought to mantain a compact structure in order to advance his exploration in unknown territories.

UNFORCED All the knowledge the documenting subject has gained, comes to him naturally through his pactice rather than being focedly acquired.

MEASURED Based on a metric of himself, the documenting subject can now apply a metric to everything else, including societal matters.

SELECTIVE The documenting subject promptly makes the selections required to move forward in his production, as much as a film maker chooses his actors for a film.

REINTEGRATING While the archival parts of the project help the documenting subject to get closer to his private reality, the elaborations of the archive help him immerse himself away from all the destructions caused by the social reality which maintains wordly ambitions as its drive.

ENCUBATING The documenting subject experiments for a long time with various formats and awaits that what he so cheasefully encubates, naturally comes to life.

TO-THE-LIMITS No matter the constant expansion of technology, the documenting subject himsel always expands to its limits.

COUNTERCURING While humanity turns more critical with media, the documenting subject has devised ways to defend himself from the virus and rather still explore the potential of the media on the self.

CURATED As big complains rises around the incomprehansable data generated by computers as a big babel tower, the documenting subject shows the different approach of curating with love is data as an ark ready to navigate over a big flood to come.

QUALIFYING The quantification of the documenting subject actually improves the quality of his life while a seek for quality would deteriorate it.

HIDDEN The documenting subject only speculates with his work if he is really forced by the circumstances to do so. He would otherwise dedicate himself completely to it with the prospect of delivering it to casual passe by and the future.

PERFORMING Like a perform the documenting subject has to set up his rules and frames in order to justify any of his undertaking which he woul otherwise consider too banal, such as those that contemporary life enforce on him.

STANDING The documenting subject seems to refuse the human destiny confined to seat and even when he is meant to seat he rather stay up and active.

BOTTOM-UP The documenting subject is intollerable of any top down approaches imposed on himself and he devices his own top down approach on himself alone and slowly making it emerge from the bottom.

ENDING In a time in which humans have the prospect to extend their lives through technology preventing renewal, the documenting subject plans, like in a game, plans his game-over, his death and retirement to let others emerge.

COLORIST Like a colorist painter from the reinassence the documenting subject applies colors on his canvas without mixing them but presenting them separeted and allowing the mix inside the viewer's head.

REGULATING The documenting subject's project can be seen as an attempt to regulate the otherwise infinite possibility of productions brought forth by new technologies.

INDISCRIMINATING The broad approach applied by the documenitng subject allows him to apply his perspectives from all fields without any discrimination, not even for the discriminating fields.

COMPLYING The documenting subject has come up with a way to comply with the increasing potential of technology by no longer addressing what he can capture but now by addressing what he can deliver, this ambitiously on always utilizing cutting edge technologies creating always new and better versions.

LEARNING The documenting subject commenced is documentation as an act of coming to the world, becoming a man who enthusiastly learned to explore. The documentation became important to document his heroic and at the same time poetic exposure while serving food to homeless in Canada, making painting rituals on a beach or crossing unexplored mountains willing to record his thoughts and the spiritual elevation of the moment.

INSTINCTIVE The documenting subject's project is like a way to regulate his strong instict which would be to invasive in a highly stimulating environment.

ANCIENT The documenting subject has always conceived the more interesting culture the artefacts from the past, telling him how things were and thus projecting himself in that direction rather than being nostalgic or reminescing.

MUSICAL The documenting subject uses music as a manner to better convey his documented reality to strangers.

IN-CONTROL The documenting subject always like being in control and never loose it like drinking and so forth. However, at times and in the few social gatherings he joins, the documenting subject is the most out of control, swiftly putting up all sorts of crazy acts and jokes in a complete thoughtles and fluent state of mind.

MILITARIZED Like a country that had to go to war, the documenting subject has embraced technology to proceed into his expkoration of the unfamiliar and overcome its alienation.

PROCEEDING The documenting subject is eager to ove on and avoid to get stuck in artificial environments which would inevitably turn his recording redundant.

ANTAGONIST The documenting subject goal is to communicate his undertaking to the future and deposit it in a remote nature however, when communicating his work to his contemporaries it is always through antagonism as he does not belong to any ambitious scheme to immortalize human superiority. He rather adopts these schemes to positon himself out and for a more poetic and mortal undertaking.

BEATEN By pursuing his willing represented by his project, the documenting subject has been several times beaten down by the circu÷stances and will be able to content himself when better circumstances arises to get settled.

INTERFACING The project can be also seen as a big excuse for the documenting subject to amke legitimate his poetic being. In this respect the project can be seen as an facade or a shield from which however its inner poetry can be detected.

SPORTY The project requires quite some physical effort to be accomplished such as carrying the actual equipment but also managing all the material outcome that inevitably comes out of it.

RATIONAL The new entries of the project are not the result of esuberance but of a rational expansion which attempts to be coherent with its core.

BYPASSING The documenting subhect attepts to bypass any domains of power in which society wishes him to linger in order to communicate his project.

UNRECOGNIZED The framework erected by the documenting subject through his project is kept unrecognized and as such the documenting subject has to keep on acting as an outsider, mimicing social frameworks only to capture them within his own personal framework.

DIMINISHING And while the documenting subject main focus is that of erecting something spiritual, his main official task is that of diminishing the societal attempts of wordly enpowerment.

PRESENTIST The documenting subject position himself suspended form the tension of the futurists wanting change and the pastists wanting no change. In this respect he lingers in a position where everything confluatesin his being at once like a river aware of his tale in a mountain and head in the sea.

PASTURING Like a shepherd with his right flock of sheep, the documenting subject moves back and forth from the norther to the southern pastures he has established.

INTERFERENCELESS While completely absorbing the reality around him, the documenting subject shut himself from any input regarding the mecchanism he has deviced to capture it, keeping it in a strong square formation like that of Roman soldiers exploring the unknown.

RESETTING The documenting subject has to constantly resume its order after the constant changes provoked by the social environment around him.

CONTAINING The documenting subject not only attempts to contain his project but also the effects that technology have on our lives particularly in regards to our separation from our nature which is really what he tries to regulate.

SORTING All the waste the documemting subject has generated through the years with his project has also taken an embedded function within it as recycled material.

RESPONSIBLE Like a dog, intuitively the documenting subject not only makes the shit but also think of a hole where to return it to the natural cycle.

FLOWING The documenting subject establishes flows in which his technologized self can naturally operate along with the flow of his everyday life. He thus attempt to merge the two flows. Rather than letting himself being split into the mainstream alone, he becomes the mainstream.

HUMILIATED The documenting subject has had a tendency to commit and sacrifice more than everyone elses, placing himself under and adapt completely to a situation. As his project fully grew however, he now starts setting certain demands which are either embraced by others or he prefers to keep alone.

OFFICIAL Despite being a partisan of all official gatherings, the documenting subject is very official in his autonomy and do not tollerate so much informalities when it comes to what he wants to become spiritually.

PROFESSIONAL In a time where primary necessaries are taken care by machines, rather than suffocating in their mecchanisms, the documenting subject demostrates with his project the possibility of making formative leisure a profession.

CLASSICAL The project is like a classic music composition with the same articulation and profoundness but rather than reaching the audience ears, the audience has to go and reach it mostly with his eyes.

COMPASSIONATE Tge documenting subject feels pity for other creatures and most of all for a solar nature that is left behind and his project can be seen as a poetic attempt to become that nature by being able to leave it although the documenting subject has had to go through the darkest of artifacts to learn how to do so while also envisioning to others a way out.

EXPLORATIVE While at the beginning the motif has been a pure exploration of potential interaction between media and the documenting suject's mind, only latter then project has become an act of resistance particularly against a society unable to pursue such a potential.

EUROPEAN With relatives in the south and his girlfriend in the center, his best friend from the east and his son from the north the documenting subject has also made full use of the potential provided by a newly unified Europe, later having to however deal with such complexity and having to get used to it.

RELATIVE The documenting subject aknowledges that the whole outcome of our artificial living is fullt relative. He thus do not comply with any of that but rather sees as the only truth his experience and what he gatheres chronologically out of it.

FUTURIST The project explores the potential of new media and experiments with it to the extreme however without leaving its human dimensions and let the machine prevails. It is thus a full media exploration enhancing rather than substituting the human authorship.

SEPARATED The main realization of the documenting subject is that the inevitable multiple realities brought together by technology have to live side by side but cannot be integrated. What happens in this close separation os what the documenting subject is interested about.

HOLISTIC The documenting subject makes sure that all the parts of his project are being well kept. In this respect he is ready to adjust his life ste in order to take care of them and focus more on the primary source than its refinement which is often a cause of less care.

LIGHT The documenting subject takes it easy on his work not as it is fully dependent on him and an excess might make him unable to undartake it. In this respect he is careful to put too much work in his elaborations and rather focuses on the primary inputs, like a shepherd ti his flock avoiding cheese making.

PURIFYING All the technological documentqtion of natural events like walking, could act as a purifying media to the viewer who might be instead captivated in the artificial through technology.

COLORFUL Aside from the white background framing the project, the documenting dubject tends to apply a variety of colours, turning his project more into a large in a frescos like depiction.

COLONIZED The documenting subject strives to explore what has not been explored before but aknowledges that he will be the first to arrive but the last to be remembered afyer a wave of others will fully colonized what he has explored so precariously and coragioulsy.

UNRESPONSIBLE While very responsible towards his own nature, the documenting subject turns very unresponsible with any articial responsibity he gets outside of his discipline.

COMPULSIVE The documenting subject is like an obsrinate man wanting to climb a mountain or cross a sea, as for the Virtual environment he wants to create at first at any coast and later pondering with the possibilities.

ELEVATING The documenting subject has a tendency to give a meaning to every little details he allows in his domain, without letting it die meaningless but always bringing new life to his creations also in respect to one another.

DISTRESSED The documenting subject is highly distressed when an element of his project is altered and he intensively work to harmonize such element with the whole, getting however obsessed until he needs to take a break and only after the break he can accept such a change.

FREE The documenting subject main preoccupation is to be locek in a situation and unable to get out of it which has caused much of his rebeelion particularly again socual infrastructures dictating him how to act. In his genes he is still an independent character as his anchestors autonomous in the harsh environment of the alps opting for natural authority rather than societal.

MAVERIK style="margin-bottom:-10px"> Having no illusion but his own project, the documenting subject keeps his athletic walk thourgh all the social stations, thus simulating the ascension of a spiritual height and his spiritual accomplishment.

AVAILANBLE The documenting subject makes himself at the disposal of everyone within the limits that his project allows and prioritizing his intimate relationships first along with benefitial exchanges for his project.

INTENSE The documenting subject lives his life intensively making the lives of others he lives with momenatraly very memorable, despite the fact that he often has to move on in the pursue of his willing which often however brings him back to these people but not with the same intensity.

BRICOLAGING The documentig subject has repetidly failed to start with a master plan but the master plan was achieved by simply starting with small elements and with time assembling new elements to it also aiming to compensate and complete his perspectives and media he could utilize.

CHALLENGED As the documenting subject keeps changing enviroments and the paradigms acting abovr him, he in this respect challenges his own project, really having to adjusted and operated according to all the differences he encounters.

SUCEEDING The documenting subject utilizes his very project in order to find for himself a drive to suceed in an otherwise nihilist reality. His reasons to exist and play within society are actually provided by him from his very project.

ROMAN The square discipline adopted by the documenting subject prevent from following idle as it did keep the southern Europeans operative in the classic times.

BARING The documenting subject, in all his different configuration is always baring the weight of his undertaking however always mostly relaying on himself and what he can manage to carry.

CRAZY The documenting subject as a fundamental crazy way of thinking pushing him to attempt the impossible such as doing manually what could be easily doing automatically. This however might make him feel demotivated at times particularly under the threats of automation speeding next to him.

PENETRATING The documenting subject has gone far into getting involved and absorbed into other cultures while strongly maintaining his own discipline of self integration.

MEANING-MAKING Like a bee tha documenting subjects tries picking from different flowers which he has to hover also constitute to himself refusing to take part to the new regime of wasps but still attempting to create his own bee hive out of what he is offered.

UNAMPLIFIED The documenting subject not only escapes ant technological amplification but he himself attempt to develop a poetic utilizing media that is not amplified.

ACRITICAL Despite having opened up several way to be critical, the documenting subject uses them as yet another constructive manner where he mostly criticizes the state of criticisms of other societies that are too conservative and passive.

NOSTALGIC All the documenting subject's attempt could be also seen through his willing to create aurea using the contemporary technologies to him available, the very technology preventing any aurea as well as destroying or worst, freezing its organic process.

DISCRIMINATED As society cannot differentiate between coorporatins who uses machines to clear cut entire forests and woodmen who manually select from it, leaving more naturally within it, also the documenting subject belonging to the later group becomes discriminated. A look at the maintainence of the actual forest would however prove the contrary despite the fact that it is getting more and more affected by the automated surroundings.

FRAGILE Like a butterfly the documenting subject needs sun and open air and turns quite abnocious when kept captivated in artificial environments.

IMPLOSIVE Starting from an exploration of himself the documenting subject is slowly imploding the entire world in his own representation and at time ejects some outcomes to that very world as some sort of explosive.

PROVIDENTIAL The documenting subject cannot take on an action if this action is not benefitial to his willing which is primary the creation of a realm of ultimate hope, a drive for something to reach at the end of his journey.

SOLID The documenting subject has built his project like a boat meant to cross the ocean of life and thus compact and solidat its core while ready to host new and less solid prothesis at its periphery for a journey with several ephemeral stops.

FOREIGN The documenting subject has always grew up in a foreign situation far from his fatherland and his father and to some respect seeking through his project as its testimony to rediscover it.

INHERITING Having being denied a father and a fatherland, the documenting subject's attempt can be seen also as an early aquisition of a natural inheritance that others normally attempt to gather at the end of their lives.

MARKED The documenting subject has established such a system to capture his life that every little details is filtered and emerges in multiple ways.

ORDERED While all the public media presents a mass to which many humans get desparate of, the personal media deviced by the docu÷enting subject puts report on the inputs and outputs of himself in atidy manner bringing back a feeling of integrity.

LIMITED The documenting subject's operatio is limited by what technology makes portable such as the amount of memory he can carry as well as other documenting media he needs to feed his framework. In this respect, all other media designed to feed other frameworks are avoided.

DICTATING Beyond the catastrophic effects of popistic types of dictatorships, the documenting subject keeps up a tradition of self autonomous control of himself, performing thus control over the events he exposed himself to.

ROMAN The documenting subject has slowly come to terms with his southern being requiring a squared discipline in order to proliferate without ending the corruption followed by inhertia. To this the documenting subject has eredted his own temple in which he can retreat and contemplate with joy the principles he is pursuing in his day to day life.

INTIMATE The documenting subject establishes a very intimate relationship with his devices almost as if they are the media to allow to confess his deepest self from a multiplicity of angles, also those that seems more superficial and less personal.

BYPASSING Aware of the many possibilities at his dispossl, the documenting subject bypass from one to another as soon as the first gets miserably saturated.

FAILING Having established a system to second his proliferation, the documenting subject might fail in the impossibility to communicate it to either too vulgar or too conservative social memebers. In this respect he has learne to come down to both ways of comunication.

STOIC The documenting subject attempts to go beyond the bourgheise concepption that our sensitive psychology originates from traumas, and sees the necessity to provoke traumas in order to mature, expeccialy within a technological realm .

SURVIVING The documenting subject is governed by a strong instinct to let his expanding project to be practiced. His decisions are thus based on this instinct which at first traps him into paradigms from whicb he later liberates himself from.

OPEN The documenting subject has finally made the decision to keep all possibolities open and deal with the complexity that this decision arises rather than staying unexposed in a simplified sterility.

ANTI-KAFKIAN The documeting subject is in principle against any frustrated view of life but always believe in micro redemption occurring.

CONNECTED subject utilizes the same devices other people use to connect with other people and realities to connect with himself and his own reality.

EXPLORING The documenting subject is in the first place an explorer a d needs to be engaged exploring to keep jis vitality alive and his providential sense high.

UNSAFE While exposing himself to take care of others, the documenting subject proceeds in his adventure of a hero leaving home, reaching his goal which is the gaining of the method to realize this project but also as a last part having to make it back home with such an intellectual bounty and spoiled of everything else.

ANONYMOUS Based on the various circumstances the documenting subject transform his asset to keep up undisturbed with his practice.

INTERMITTENT Like a Zarathustra the documenting subject enters with a strong characters social environments but only briefly, tonlater go back to his own formative intimancy and perhaps reappear only out of his silence, like a Zarathustra descending and ascending his constantly higher mountain.

REGULATED The entire project can be seen like a wind mill that the documenting subject has established to make use of the wind of his passion which always being very obsessed about containing.

DISCIPLINED The documenting subject woild also prefer a real life adventure but in the technologic stagnation he has established a discipline to at least keep his willing alive.

NATURE-LOVING Being often disilluded by other hunans, the documenting subject ends up putting his love in nature, and particularly in trees that he can take care of and allow his fruits to grow and stay with him.

HOPEFUL The documenting practice like a monk keeps hopefull by keeping constant with his labour, achieving the sublime through the poetry of time.

SEARCHING The main part of the life of the documenting subject has been a continuous search for a site where to deposit his undertaking. This very search has brought him to experience move beyond with something at the same time poetic and challenging.

SACRIFICING The documenting subject doesn't try to solve each and every problem caused by human progress but he embraces it for a later offer of it all.

OCCUPIED The documenting subject embarks his project as a way to transcend all the waiting imposed by society.

IMPOSSIBLE The documenting subject previous experiences the otherwise dull existence of many and in particular those who are about to enter their lives and seek for a model and inspiration.

FARMING The documenting subject avoid the states of boredom and mental enfatuation generated by our technological society finding a way to farm and be thus emplyed through the very technology, as some sort of a can at least bring virtue in his soul.

MULTIPLE While the proactive parts of his project keep the documenting subject one, the retroactibe parts make him shift from one role to another like the research, the merchant, the architect or the artist. The later shifts cannot occur within a day but ober broader amount of time.

IMMATERIAL The documenting subject only develops an immaterial framework that is later adapted to material ones. To this respect on one hand he does not refuse materiality but also he does not attempt to change it drastically according to his immateriality that has been actually shaped by it over time.

ELEVATED No matter how high in society other people around him aim to, the documenting subject aims for a able to observe them.

SUSPENDED Having no clear future ahead, the documenting subject keeps all the options negotiable without really going for anyone in particular but assigning to each one of them a different role.

INTIMATE The documenting subject operates intimately respecting others sensibility and only including them within it at their will.

SURPRISE The documenting subject always manages to bring an element of unspected surprise in his life to his project, a tweest bringing happy feelings to others.

MANAGING The documenting subject has learned how to slowly take care of a bigger domain, resulting at last in an ideal which is however very precarious and dependent on his well being which in turns makes him respectful of himself and his surroundings.

FIXED The documenting subject creates a fixed record however this record represents a life he allows to change and mutate contrary to today tendency of creating something flexible for a most static life.

RESELECCTING The documenting subject's project works at times as a reselection of what the mainstream has already selected for him. To this extent however, while the maknstream keep readjusting its perspectives, he mantwins them over time creating a time long entity.

IDEALIST The project is in the first place an act of independence from society and an attempt to live life to the most, away from its social rules but rather adopting the rules created for oneself in relation to others.

WILD The documenting subject attempts to go back to a wild that has shifted back from a now to civilized North in the now uncivilized South wbere he has originated and from where he bas departed to learn the technology of self reliance.