For each accomplished month production of the 18 Inputs of the project, Frigo writes a short account providing some contextual information about the particular context around such production. These accounts are both self-analysis anf also summaries for viewers to better interpret the eighteen records of the project. Each account is labeled with a two digit number representing the part of the project going from 01 to 18, an underscore and a three digit number representing the month production going from 001 to 432. The accounts are presented chronologically both for each particular input of the project as well as in combinations with one another, thus revealing Frigo's working flow.

Accounts of each month production up to June 2018 (265 pages)

Following is an extract of Frigo's chronological account of each of his month productions: "...04_042: "in stockholm mostly breathing the air of the truck factory with the wind blowing towards my apartment having the windows open still because of the heat and also the busses driving in the road below and generally all the traffic found going by bike but mostly being in the city center or traveling to myrthe in the netherlands and breathing the airplane fuel prior taking off to get much nicer air in maastricht and during our bike rides in belgium"; 15_042: "a very emotionally stable period spent mostly in sweden and really helped by the late summer sunny weather and by allot of biking alone but also in the weekend reaching very high feelings of well being particularly during a bike ride with myrthe in belgium and another with august and åsmund all of them promoted by the easiness of the late summer with little frustration mostly due to technical difficulties like setting up my own server"" In this respect, this record of descriptions also reveals the chronological production of the various month productions Frigo accomplishes. As a matter of fact, while the only time indicator is provided by the photographing of the objects (work 01), which is linked to actual months, the productions of all the other parts of the project are based on an initial estimate of how much the documenting subject would be able to accomplish in a month using a particular medium and perspective. The 100 dreams that have been estimated to be remembered every month, for example, might take a longer or shorter time to be remember based on the social and psychological factors experienced by the documenting subject. It is these factors that these small accounts try to highlight.