Every morning Frigo registers the emotional level of the previous day using a scale of 8 values. Every month, the result is a panel of 360 by 750 mm with perforations ranging from 10 to 80 millimeters representing respectively a very dreadful and a very cheerful state experienced during a day. This project has not only made Frigo highly aware of his emotions but also, in turn, very emotional. In this respect, he has learned to moderate the rise of excessive emotions.

Emotional states of month number 80 Location of the perforated panels in the final museum

The measuring for this work as in other works does not occur “scientifically” but it is Frigo, who assigns a grade like the reading of chakras. This subjective grading might be criticized, but in the long run it does provide accurate patterns since Frigo starts retaining this grading system in his subconscious without thinking about what might other people think about his grading. As in other parts of the project then the documenting subject becomes a sensing actuator.

In an exhibition setting the resulting panels make up an hexagonal cupola through which not only the light, but also the wind filtrates inside generating different sounds. The resulting cupola partitions the 432 resulting month panels in three hexagonal collars, the bottom one containing 192 panels and with each side thus containing 32 panels and being 11,52 meters long, the second collar containing a total of 144 panels with 24 panels per side and a length of 8,64 meters, while the top collar contains the remaining 96 panels with 16 panels on each side and a length of 5,76 meters.