Every evening, after a day of walking, Frigo uses pen and paper to trace his movements. Every morning he manually retraces the resulting sketches on a vector graphic program using a computer mouse. The digitization occurs on a 520 by 520 millimeters layout. The top, right, bottom and left of the layout are respectively the north, east, south and west of where the walks occurs mostly in different cities or different areas of a city, or again in nature. The result is a layout with small drawings. The more scattered they are, the more Frigo has made of use private or public transportation and the more round they are. The more Frigo has been walking in a natural setting.

Hand traced movements of walks in the alps from month 80 Detail of windows with engraved walks Rendering of glass of walks overimposed on ideal landscape Location of the windows in the back of the museum

In an exhibition setting, the resulting trajectories are engraved on transparent glass allowing the viewer to superimposed these trajectories on the outside landscape. By looking through the various month layouts, an attentive viewer will also detect similar patterns or sudden changing in patterns or gradual increase of decrease of these patterns based on seasons and other conditions which more or less facilitate walking. Among these conditions are not only the ones set by nature like the snowy weather or by the city itself like the Shanghai traffic, but also my physical conditions which often forces Frigo indoor, like having to work in an office or being in physical pain.

While Mikael Lundberg, Jacek Smolicki and many other media artists have used GPS to trace their daily movements, Frigo is doing so manually, as Tehching Hsieh but without any geographical indication. Generally Frigo easily remembers his movements in well known environments but the manual tracing becomes more complicated in more complex cities environments like Venice. For Frigo walking has not only being a transcendentalist practice but also a means to survive in times of economic difficulties, having for example to walk to a cheap food market. Walking is also in his blood considering how his alpine ancestors had to walk in order to escape war conflicts.