Whenever Frigo walks alone, he formulates each of his thoughts in up to 12 seconds audio recording. The recording are done on his mobile and at the end of each month, an average of 60 recordings are made amounting to 12 minutes. On average, Frigo records a thought every 500 meters of walking meaning that he walks alone at least 30 kilometers a month. At the end of the project in 2040 there will a total of 25.920 audio audio recordings of his thoughts. In an exhibition context, Frigo presents these recordings in three square panels with 12 by 12 slots. Each of the slot contains a digital audio player corresponding to a month recording. These players works as museum guides to also view the other parts of the project.

Left hand photographing right hand recording thoughts in 2012 Twelve months of recordings exhibithed at the Uppsala Art Museum in 2009 Month 73 of the thoughts recorded walking alone number Short cut showing Frigo recording his thoughts while walking alone In the museum an audio guide per month is placed within one of three large shelves at the entrance

Frigo begun recording his thoughts at an early age using booklets and later experimenting with the first digital dictaphones. Here is the transcription of a randomly chosen thought from the recording of month 12: "and if among strangers we need to mimic in order not to be spotted among equals we need to stand out in order to prevail"

The work has been often paused when Frigo lived in a busy city like Shanghai and could only seldom walk in solitude. This work emerged from Frigo's dissatisfaction with the social environment and was originally intended to be combined with videos of the social surrounding. Most of Frigo's recording express his negative consideration on the technology driven social apparatus and the necessity to get back to nature and follow a more spiritual ideal. Frigo's consideration are in line with Stoicism, Transcendentalism, Tolstoyanism, Daoism and other philosophies stressing the need for humans to act according to nature.

Essay on this work:
2009: Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Listening through the mirror or Alberto Frigo's heterotopia of sound SE-EN Translated by Richard Griffith Carlsson