While in a social environment, Frigo is on the look out for free associations. For example, if he sees a grille in a park that is “like” a stroller, he annotates on his smartphone using his native language: “Carrozzina bambino e´ grill barbecue” (“Stroller for kid is a grille”). He would then draw a mother or a father grilling sausages using the child's stroller as a grille. Every month he collects a whole list of these ideas and every evening, unless he is traveling or he has guests to entertain, he draws at least three of them on A4 paper. It is a relaxing moment resulting in 90 drawings a month and 38,800 in his overall, 36-year production. In this respect Frigo attempts, as with his dream project, to imagine over time all that is imaginable.

Twelve selected drawings 1 year worth of drawings as exhibithed at the uppsala art museum in 2009 Drawing on t-shirt (see more <a href=here)"> 43 selected drawings Location of the screens within the museum

A drawing is first executed in pencil and later with a 4 mm black pen tracing over the pencil drawing before it is erased. Approximately every month, Frigo manually scans the resulting pile of drawings in black and white, 150 DPI resolution. The resulting digital images are batch processed for resizing and cropping. Ultimately a slide-shown animation of 12 minutes is made from 90 drawings displayed for eight seconds each. In an exhibition context each animation is shown in a small screen. The screens are displayed in a row at eye level.

In the ultimate installation, the 432 resulting screens are to be shown inside 12 dark corridors each 5.5 meters in length. In this respect the screens alone become the lighting for the environment. In future a screen's backlight will fully light up only as a visitor approaches. Visitors will be able to sweep through the drawings with their fingers. The project started while Frigo was babysitting his young child in a Swedish playground. Many of his written ideas are in fact generated in a boring situation, while in line at a cashier or in general waiting for a societal thing to occur.

While this work is the most enjoyed by the audience, it is most critical of the social environment in which Frigo lives. In this respect Frigo's drawings show the absurd excess in which the contemporary future-thinking human projects himself. Each drawing works as a black-circuit of the social and perfectly functioning enterprise. Frigo then relates his creative input to Charlie Chaplin, Walter Lantz and graffiti artist Blu.

Essay on this work:
2009: Davide di Saró, An innocent transfusion of a blinding chrysalis SE-EN Translated by Richard Griffith Carlsson, Hans Olsson, Jason Waite and Aria Spinelli