Frigo annotates on his mobile all the songs he hears. The interludes of these songs are later transcribed on a musical sheet of 225 by 1200 millimeters. Recognizing on average 240 songs a month, it is estimated that, at the end of his project in 2040, Frigo will have transcribed over 100,000 songs. Currently, Frigo has recomposed the interlude of over 2000 songs. Based on the list of the songs he hears, he copies and pastes them onto a musical sheet using composer software.

Month 72 of the songs of the notations heard by Frigo Organ concert with Frigo's notations played by Staffan Bjorklund at the Uppsala Art Museum in 2009 Frigo's notations of the songs heard exhibited at the Uppsala Art Museum in 2009 Detail of Frigo's notations of the songs heard exhibited at the Uppsala Art Museum in 2009 Frigo recomposing songs using family piano sweden 2005 Location of the organ inside the final museum_thumb

After establishing both a record of his awaken life and that of his sleeping life, at the beginning of his 36-year project Frigo began thinking of a third project, this time to record an aspect of his life that was more related to emotions and was not visual or textual like the first two projects, but musical. He thus commenced to keep track of the songs he hears as a way to describe his emotions.

He has limited himself to keep track of and transcribe only those songs which he has heard and recognized. He thus began to keep a record of the songs heard in public and private spaces. Initially, the title of each song was written on a piece of paper and later transcribed using a family piano. Later Frigo began annotating the songs he hears on his mobile to then find the melody using a melodica.

Essay on this work:
2009: Björn Norberg, Music as a marker SE-EN Translated by Jason Waite and Aria Spinelli